Friday, July 4, 2008

Your Milky Way Horoscope July 6-12 2008

By Milky Way Maid

This is a fairly eventful week astrologically. On Sunday, Venus trines Uranus in water signs -- you will meet people outside your usual circle, tho the relationship may be short-lived. Good for creative expression in music especially…The Sun opposes Jupiter on the 9th -- We tend to be far too overconfident and may promise more than we can deliver. A bad day for a job interview unless you are able to temper your speech to avoid sounding like a braggart…And Mars is conjunct Saturn on the tenth of the month -- a frustrating day for a lot of people but especially Virgo; energies may run low, too, so stick to cleaning out the closet to vent your frustrations.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop

ARIES - March 20-April 19 - Pallas and Vesta in your second house bode well for getting consulting jobs (especially because they are both getting some major boosts from transits). I see you sticking close to home, possibly just because you have painting and other beautification projects. I could be wrong tho if your career is in the home improvement field -- you will be too busy to work on your own house. Even so, you need to keep your spouse happy and if she has been begging for a walk-in closet or whatever, you will just have to squeeze the time to do it. After all, she is the love of your life, isn’t she?

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 - The asteroid Pallas in your sign squares the nodes, and the asteroid Vesta early in Taurus trines Mars-Saturn in Virgo, and trines Jupiter in Capricorn; you may get a break if looking for an employer, sponsor, or agent -- what you need is finally given. Those looking for opportunities in the consulting or counseling fields, whether financial or otherwise, may find their best outlet for their talents, so keep an eye peeled for listings. Keep an eagle on finances of your own, tho, because it could be a tough week or month for everyone’s investments.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 - Your writing takes on another quality this week -- it looks favorable for creative projects with a bit of atmosphere, like a murder mystery, a romance, or an even just a travelogue where you want to capture the sense of place. You might have frustrating times at home this week, with the Mars-Saturn conjunction squaring your sign -- maybe the master plan for your new garden doesn’t allow room for all those vines to spread out, or the rabbits are getting at your food. There’s plenty of tricks to scare off rabbits, including spreading dried blood, and nets will keep the birds from robbing your berries or fruit.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 - Are you still looking for ideas for summer vacation? Uranus is in your solar ninth house of long trips and education, so let me brainstorm a bit. This might take a bit of planning, but visiting the taping of a TV show can be very exciting. While the big network shows tickets have to be requested months in advance, your local stations may also have shows that call for a studio audience or offer tours. Uranus also rules electricity, hmm. What city has the highest voltage? Both Vegas and New York’s Broadway/Times Square come to mind, so see if there’s any cheap tour groups with openings available. Another possibility is music, because Uranus rules rock music especially but also anything of foreign origin. The average concert ticket has become unaffordable for a family, but there are plenty of ethnic festivals with free music, or your kids may know peers who have a combo -- ask to sit in on a jam session.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 - Venus enters your sign on Sat. afternoon, and boy you just can’t wait to try a new hairdo for your crowning glory. Take care of your hair while soaking up the sun or playing on the beach, because a washed-out Leo is a sad kitty indeed. You may overspend on beautiful things while Venus visits your sign, but hey, ‘what’s money for’ is your motto. But you’re such a creative sign yourself, that you could easily make some jewelry that knocks the socks off anyone who see it. You might be tempted, too, by the new day spas that have been springing up all over. Check out the library’s books on spa, massage, and cosmetology to see what tricks you can do at home to brighten your glow.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 - The Moon is in Virgo from early Sunday thru late Tuesday. You will probably feel pretty emotional mid Sun.; baby yourself with a bubble bath, sauna or go swim laps. Later that afternoon, go somewhere you’ve never been before. Monday is a mixed bag but confidence does not waver and you’ll sail right thru. Early Tues. you get a thank you, possibly from helping out on Sunday. Most of that day has you buckling down to meet some deadlines or overcome an obstacle. Thursday is when Mars conjuncts Saturn in your sign and saps your energy; call in extra help to get work done and don’t feel guilty about it.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 - The Moon is in your sign from late Tuesday thru very late Thursday. Wed. is a challenge day; maybe you feel conflicted over what to do or everyone is demanding your time. Also you may just need time to investigate religion or philosophy, or just talk things over with someone you trust. Thursday may finally bring the aha! moment, when a flash of insight tells you how to resolve a problem. Thurs. eve you feel very sociable; call or drop by friends, or even call up some people for an impromptu party.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 - The Moon is in your sign from very late Thurs. thru Sun. morn. Friday morn is busy with messages and mail, probably carrying some good news. You’ll check off lots from your to-do list, too, if you just make that list for yourself. You wake up Sat. feeling just marvelous about everything; later the day features a grand trine in water signs, made up of the Moon, Sun and Uranus. It’s OK to just lay by the pool or beach, or go to a film festival. If you’re involved with a local music or theatre group, it’s an auspicious day for auditioning or performing.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 - Mercury opposes Pluto in your sign on Thursday. Wrestling with a puzzle or riddles may be on your mind, or serious research for work or school. Another possibility is creative confrontation with a troubled relationship; put all your cards on the table and really clear the air once and for all. Venus inconjunct Pluto in your sign on Friday night brings the real solution: all you need is love. This could mean either staying together or letting go, but the key is to accept each other’s right to live by their own values.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 - It gives you pleasure to make your significant other happy, and these halcyon days of summer seem to make it so easy to do so. Asteroids Pallas and Vesta in your solar fifth house of children and creativity suggests that your kids may teach you a few tricks on how to use your computer or other gadgets to improve productivity at work (and home). Mars and Saturn in your solar ninth house nixed the summer vacation plans, but don’t worry, there is plenty to do and see in your own locale. Uranus in the third house means that your will be sending emails and keeping in touch with relatives just fine regardless.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 - Aquarians who are in the creative arts, particularly music, poetry, film, photography, or dance, may find their studies or career continue to grow. Mercury trines Neptune in your sign, meaning that you will be busy writing (stories, music, etc.). The ideas may gush so fast you have trouble keeping up. Tagging along with a spouse to his or her club meeting for a lecture can be an introduction to a fascinating evening or even a lifetime hobby. My only caution for the month is to avoid overdoing anything, especially around the 9th.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 - The asteroid Juno in your solar tenth house roughly squares Uranus in your sign. Your spouse may upset you from time to time this month; not sure what is bothering your significant other but it could be money or health worries. Try to get a medical diagnosis so you can have some peace at home! Benefits flow from membership in clubs or other groups; some offer discounts on shopping or insurance, plus learning experiences from lectures or field trips. (Just like grade school, only without Mickey pulling your hair.)

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