Friday, August 22, 2008

Now Offering Horary Answers to Your Questions

Hello, Readers --
Starting this month, readers may write in with questions such as should I go into this career or that, or should I buy this car or wait, etc, etc. I will attempt to answer these horary-type questions for you. There is a charge - a dirt-cheap $20 a pop. I will give you a snapshot of what the situation looks like to me. Sometimes I will tell you to wait till a given time when there is a much better transiting aspect, although I realize sometimes you have to make a decision now and not three months from now.
Questions go to a new dedicated email address just for this service. Turnaround should be within 48 hours at most.
Just use the new contact form at right. Do NOT include any links because any questions with links will be assumed to be spam, and will be deleted.
Payment will be thru PayPal. Just give the Milky Way Maid email address I give you, make your payment (labeled as a ‘gift‘ or ‘donation‘), then I will provide your reply either on this blog (no identifying info will be used) or, if it is a very personal matter, I will email you with a response.
Thanks -- Milky Way Maid

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