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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 27-Aug. 2

The Solar Eclipse Week by Milky Way Maid

Happy Solar Eclipse to the lucky Leos! A Solar Eclipse is on the docket, you might say, for Friday Aug. 2 at 6:12 am Eastern Time, at 9 degrees Leo. It’s right on the Ascendant in Washington, DC, by the way., so it has a special importance to the presidential race all the way to November. You may wonder whose chart benefits more from this eclipse, John McCain or Barack Obama? Look at the eclipse chart first. In Washington, it has 9 degrees Leo rising and 28 degrees Aries at the Midheaven. Saturn (Democrats) is in the second house at 7 degrees Virgo and Jupiter (Republicans) in the sixth house at 14 degrees Capricorn. The GOP will seize on health care reforms as an issue, but because they are beholden to the insurance companies (Capricorn) they are really for the status quo. The Dems will work the economic issues and emphasize how people are hurting in this recession.
Obama is affected by this eclipse because his Sun is very close to the eclipse degree, at 11 Leo. However, McCain’s Mars is close, too, at 12 degrees Leo, but because the eclipse Mercury is at 12 Leo, I suspect that McCain will go on the offensive and attack Obama and the Dem platform -- take note, tho, that McCain has been known for outrageous outbursts and this eclipse is goading him into another such outburst. (BTW it could be Hillary Clinton who goads him into this outburst; she knows how to push a guy’s buttons.) He could really shoot himself in the foot this fall or even in August. Personally I would think twice about putting such a man in charge of the red phone or the ‘football’. See also my recent article on the Obama birth chart.
Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop

ARIES - March 20-April 19 - The Solar Eclipse falls in your solar fifth house -- woohoo!. It’s a great boon if you like to play the lottery now and then, or other games and sports. It is also a good one for just enjoying your children’s accomplishments and getting them on a positive path in life. Your home could get a boost in some way from the trine between Uranus and Ceres; maybe you can pay off a loan early. Groups such as professional organizations, charities, community and fraternal entities can all be sources of personal growth for you. Maybe you complain that they spend too much time in meetings or just pick your pocket for dues/donations, but working in unity for a common benefit is something that you need for your own personal growth.

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 - The Solar Eclipse in Leo activates your solar fourth house of home and family. Maybe you were not actively looking for a house, but you may get one anyway. There always one offered on a drawing at state fairs or charity fundraisers. Another possibility is gaining a family, whether the usual way or by adoption or fostering. Those who have relocated may assemble a ‘found’ family, or find a virtual home online. In other matters, speculation is not favored right now whether in gambling or in the stock market. You might be better off in the money markets. The Aquarius career sector is very active as the North Node, Chiron and Neptune huddle close. If you have a conventional job it may come to an end, but a futuristic career could open up or expand. Examples: alternative health, acupuncture, massage or even music therapy.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 - The Moon enters flirtatious Gemini Sunday morn and stays thru midday Tues. You may want to assure friends you have not cloned yourself; they will swear you have because they see you everywhere this week. Sunday you feel like fun and games -- an amusement park, maybe? Make sure to get home before your parents’ curfew tho. You’ll be juggling all day at work and ready for a funny movie that evening. Serious matters or research are on the work tab Tues. The Solar Eclipse falls in your solar third house of communications, neighborhood, relatives. I would suggest getting involved in local issues like school board meetings or traffic control. You can certainly get a petition filled without even trying.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 - The Moon enters Cancer Midday Tues., and stays thru midday Thurs. You may have to discipline your feelings, or bite your tongue Tues. afternoon when someone else monopolizes the discussion. But Wed. afternoon your ideas find a better reception. Be prepared to move quickly to implement your suggestions. That evening relax with a comedy -- your funny bone is ready to be tickled. You could have your sleep interrupted Thurs. morn; hope it doesn’t ruin your day. Some serious news could come in later that morning or midday. All in all, it sounds like this week has several changes of direction but you manage to keep everything together.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 - The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Leo Tues. about 4 pm Eastern Time -- try not to dominate the conversation (don’t you hear your wife sigh?). The Moon enters Leo midday Thurs., and stays till Sat. afternoon. If you have to do an audition, presentation, or taping try to schedule it for early as possible Friday morn. Both Sun and Moon will be in Leo and you can knock them out their seats anyway. I see you up till the wee hours that night -- let’s hope you have to learn some lines for a callback. The Moon conjuncts Venus in Leo midday or early afternoon Sat. -- you look more attractive than usual, you receive a gift, your charms are irresistible, and you get the job, too. Oh, we’re all just putty in your hands when you turn it on, Leo.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 - On Tuesday you may be asked to chair a committee or undertake some duty for a group you belong to. You may not feel like you really have the energy to put more items on your agenda, but on Wed. you’ll start to get an influx of energy as you get excited about the project. After all, everyone wants the job done right, and who better to do that than a Virgo?
The Solar Eclipse falls in your twelfth house -- this is hard to interpret but I think that you could be very tempted to get involved in something that is not in keeping with your true self at all. Maybe you suddenly get an obsession with gambling or entertainment or just big spending. But whatever it is just sucks your time and resources and will never pay off for you. Steer clear. To thine own self be true, etc.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 - Associations or groups that you belong to will take on added importance with this solar eclipse in Leo on Aug. 2. Stick to talking about ideas instead of attacking anyone if you are running for an officer position. Take the high road if representing your group in media appearances. You make a GREAT official rep for any group or agency because you instinctively know what to say and how to avoid the sensitive minefields. Your children or creative projects were a worrying issue earlier in the year but I see that problem easing up a great deal -- and you may actually see your artwork’s value increase. But do make sure to keep up your insurance premiums because you never know what might happen.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 - You have had a long, long heavy problem with money issues due to Pluto in your second house, but Pluto will move along into Capricorn the end of November and this will give you a chance to breathe again. Good riddance to that pest! Creative projects (Uranus in your solar fifth house) get a boost from a trine to Ceres in Cancer, maybe as soon as Thursday! Some of those works may express your feelings about how we relate to food, how we nurture ourselves, and how we care for (or don’t care for) the earth. The Solar Eclipse this month will also square Vesta in Taurus, making your spouse/partner either stressed or under pressure with a lot of work, or put him/her in the media spotlight. Just be proud or supportive as the case may be. The Solar Eclipse activates your solar tenth house of career matters, lucky you. You finally hit on a career that will take you places; the path is clear now.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 - The Moon opposes Jupiter in your solar second house; try to resist the temptation to shop because you will probably blow the budget for all of August. There is a lot of emphasis on the solar third and ninth houses because of the eclipse on Aug. 2. Are you getting involved in the election campaigns or in the media? Or even running for an office? Whatever it is will possibly take off in a big way if have gotten good advice and support from your party. PS - A rescue loan or other break comes thru to save the mortgage on your house.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 - Jupiter has been in your sign all year and now is at the midway point. Time to make an assessment -- have you taken advantage of opportunities or just sat in front of the TV? Have you comforted yourself with chips or sweets and gained thirty pounds, or pushed yourself to take classes, gotten on a path to promotions at work, availed yourself of a mentor? You can aim higher and work harder and still have a balanced life. The Solar Eclipse falls in your solar eighth house of insurance, death, pooled resources. A strange placement but let’s see. Hmm, keep up your insurance premiums, check the provisions and riders, make sure it is updated and make a video record of your collectibles. Oh, and you could come into a legacy from your great-aunt Bertha whom you never even met.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 - This is interesting -- Chiron will soon conjunct the North Node in Aquarius; it will be exact on Aug. 11 but they have been very close all of July. Neptune is close at hand, too. Those who are seeing an alternative health practitioner, or studying to join their ranks, will find progress and a bit of enlightenment. With Neptune nearby, I would try out any form of hydrotherapy, too, from plain old ice to a whirlpool. A luxury massage with exotic music and guided reverie would also fit. The Solar Eclipse falls in your solar seventh house of partners and the public. Marriage is a possibility, as is your spouse’s career or fame suddenly taking off. Just be the loving supportive spouse and count your lucky stars.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 - The Solar Eclipse falls in your solar sixth house of health; time to get a good health checkup and read up on health matters. There are lots of good book titles in the library so avail yourself of free resources. Maybe getting a referral to a specialist is what is needed.

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Your Milky Way Horoscope July 20-26

By Milky Way Maid

Mars in Virgo trines Jupiter in Capricorn this Saturday evening. The whole week may be powered by this energetic combination, especially by Virgo and Capricorn natives. Your physical energies will be strong, your decision-making abilities accented, and a desire for risk and games of chance may lead you to the poker table or casino. It is so rare for Virgo to bet on anything, and Capricorn doesn’t believe in luck but in hard work. So I have a hard time picturing either of them at the craps table. But Virgo might be persuaded to wager a buck on a charitable drawing, and Cappy might just bet a round of drinks on the outcome of a sporting event.
Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop

ARIES - March 20-April 19 - The Moon is in Aries from the wee hours Wed. thru early Friday. Your energies are always high but with Mars in your solar sixth house of health, trining Jupiter, you could feel particularly eager for a game of touch football or other games. You could make the winning goal, but quit while you are ahead. It can also mean that something that has been your avocation could turn into your vocation. You might need the advice of a national firm to bring this dream into reality; at least check with local mentors or chamber of commerce members for advice.

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 - The Moon enters Taurus from Friday morning thru Sun. midday. The asteroid Vesta in your sign trines Saturn in Virgo -- one possibility is sticking close to home to work on projects to improve your comfort or health. Also you might read or take a class in proper diet; I recommend looking up the Glycemic Index guide to weight loss. The luxury of taking time off from work this month appeals to you a great deal. I see you eager to put up your garden produce and babysit grandkids or any number of things. Maybe if you win that Mars-Jupiter lottery this week, that dream will come true.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 - Events may happen lightning fast this week at work -- Uranus in your solar tenth house of career is being aspected by the Moon and Mercury. Everyone’s summer vacation plans have been scaled down this year, and probably yours are no exception. But I feel that a short getaway to a place you have been before will be very beneficial and fun. Your spouse or partner will be very energetic and may take the lead in planning your weekend getaway. Take the opportunity to visit relatives and neighbors; they have missed seeing you and you have so much to catch up on.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 - Mercury transiting your sign trines Uranus in Pisces Tues. afternoon. You are mentally eager to learn and meet news kinds of people. Go somewhere you haven’t been before, or enroll in a class in anything from computers, tech, science, math, or engineering to astrology. Cancerians are great students because it seems like they never forget a thing once they have learned it. Your favorite vacation idea is just lounging or swimming in your own pool, but the local park is almost as good. Being near water recharges your batteries.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 - The Sun enter Leo early Tuesday morn -- 6:55 am Eastern time. Rise and shine, Leo, the Sun came out to say happy birthday to you. No hard or stressful aspects today, so it sounds like a good day to spend at the beach or lazing around. Some Leos might find they have unusual skills this year, or meet someone who you’d swear was your twin soul separated at birth. Jupiter in your solar sixth house of health says your health and energy will be high, but take care not to overdo at the dinner table.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 - Mars in your sign trines Jupiter this week, so you might fee just a wee bit lucky. Perhaps you’ll bet someone that a quotation came from the Bible not Shakespeare, and you’d be right. But if you decide to go along to a casino night, it’s OK Virgo, really. You’ve worked hard, you deserve some time out. Jupiter is transiting your solar fifth house of fun, gambling, sports, children and ‘flings’. I can’t see you suddenly wagering thousands on a throw of the dice, but maybe the office pool on the ball game will produce a winning ticket for you.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 - The Moon-Uranus conjunction in your sixth house of health may mean that you get terribly upset about some news or personal discussion. Take the opportunity to learn how to manage stress with massage, yoga, aromatherapy, or even brushing your hair! In fact, other transits show you might benefit from visiting a day spa or consultant in the allied health fields for ideas on how to best manage your health, stress, and diet.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 - Your spouse or partner is learning more about self-care skills, possibly even studying for a license in massage or related fields. Show an interest in his or her growing skills; ask for mini-treatments and spread the word about it. You may get news of a windfall when Mercury trines Uranus Tuesday afternoon. Those planets are making an aspect from your solar fifth house of games/gambling to your ninth house of national or world events, so maybe an office pool on a league game will come up in your favor. The Sun enters your solar tenth house, and with Venus already there, you should get a slice of the spotlight this month.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 - The Mars-Saturn trine from your solar tenth house of career to your solar second house of money implies that you will take some risk in your career. Maybe you want to branch out on your own or expand the office. But I think that long-term, over the course of the next year or two, that sudden events can put the prospects for success in peril. Asteroids transiting your solar sixth house of health urge you to explore spa or related health practices.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 - You’re not really much of a gambler, but you do bet on yourself. You have invested in your own education, cultivated experienced mentors, and put yourself on the line. So now with Jupiter in your sign trining Mars, you may feel even more like taking calculated risks in putting your work or your product out there on the market. If it’s a seasonal or test item, fine, but longer term, I would say that rolling out a new item should wait till after Aug. 10. That way you avoid a killer opposition to Uranus.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 - Somehow you represent the future to a lot of people. OK, you are open-minded, eager to find new solutions to problems, and you put out the welcome mat to peaceful uses of technology. Meanwhile you still have to take care of your old-fashioned, analog body and that might mean looking into low-cost traditional practices like a sauna or whirlpool. Your spouse or partner is looking particularly lovely and vivacious this month; remember to tell her (or him) how glad you are that you met.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 - The Moon is in Pisces from late July 20 thru the wee hours Wed. On Tues. the Moon will conjunct Uranus in your sign -- PLUS it is trine Mercury in Cancer. You could get upset about some news at first, but I think you will brainstorm on how to work around it. You may even get create a new plan. If you have concerns about going into business for yourself, talk to a local mentor or chamber of commerce group. They have loads of good tips on what you need to do. Friends may be lucky this week, have you complimented them lately?

Jupiter’s Moon Io is Having Volcanic Spasm

A huge eruption on Jupiter’s moon Io has been captured in pictures taken over a period of five months. This eruption affected an area 250 miles across on the Pillan Patera, as its volcano spews out sulfurous material. The sulfur takes on different colors depending on its temperature, so this area looks like a mess of yellow, orange, red and brownish blotches.
It is also interesting to speculate if Io has an iron core, which accounts for the moon having its own magnetic field.
See full story here at

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The Mystery of the Barack Obama Horoscope -- What Time to Use?

No Matter Which It Is, It’s A Heckuva Chart

Writing about the astrological chart of presidential candidate Barack Obama is a real challenge because several birth times are being tossed about. We have the date -- August 4, 1961 -- and the place -- Honolulu, Hawaii. But because Hawaii seals birth certificates, we are unable to verify a time. Was it 9 am, just after noon, or 1:06 pm, 7:11 pm, or maybe even 7:24 pm?

Articles written earlier by astrologers were using a midday birth, usually 1:06 pm. More recently Obama’s office has released an evening time. One can only speculate on the motives of any candidate to try to control a birth time, but in this era of identity theft it is not impossible that someone might be fool enough to steal his birth data. Also it was traditional in the days of European monarchy to conceal the date and time of a monarch’s birth to keep enemies from having too much information, and knowing the king’s vulnerable times.

Mr. Obama also has some reason for embarrassment at the circumstances of his birth. His parents may not have had a legally valid marriage; his father, Barack Obama Sr. was already married to a woman named Kezia in Africa. In fact, he was married to four different women at different times but always wound up going back to Kezia. So while officially it is maintained that Obama’s mother Anna divorced Obama Sr., it could have just as likely been an annulment she obtained, on the grounds of his prior marriage. Obama Sr. seems to have had a bit of trouble absorbing our custom of marriage to just one woman at a time, and seemed to have preferred polygamy.

Anyway, I am going to print up a chart using the 7:11 pm birth time (which supposedly came from a campaign worker) and see how it works. We have a date that has not wavered, at least, and we can still derive a lot of info from a thumbnail chart.

First the natal planets: Ascendant is 14 degrees Aquarius, Midheaven is 25 degrees Scorpio. Sun is at 12 degrees Leo, accompanied by Mercury at 2 degrees (both in the sixth house of work and health) and Uranus at 25 degrees Leo in the seventh house of public image. Next is Pluto at 7 degrees Virgo, and Mars at 22 degrees Virgo, both in the eighth house. Neptune high at 8 degrees of Scorpio in the ninth house of national politics, Saturn at 25 degrees Capricorn in the twelfth house, Jupiter rising in the first degree of Aquarius, the Moon at 3 degrees Gemini in the fourth house, Venus at 2 degrees Cancer in the fifth house.

Let me say first that in some ways I think this chart is more suited to Barack Obama than the ones with a midday birth time. Those charts have Scorpio rising -- their advantage is that this puts the Sun near the top of the chart, but the disadvantage is that they put Saturn and Jupiter at the bottom of the chart and away from key houses. A guy with only a Neptune on the ascendant and a Sun high in the chart is a heck of a salesman but probably would not be interested in politics.

But this chart shown here, with an evening birth time, puts Saturn exactly sextile the Midheaven. Saturn coincidentally rules the Democratic Party (Jupiter rules the GOP). Aquarius rising also accounts for his tall slender appearance. Jupiter placed in the first house shows a sunny, uplifting personality, and also gives his interest in law and politics.
The ascendant axis is the middle of the fixed signs, or the world axis -- persons with such birth charts often wind up in the news. But even if I am wrong totally wrong about the ascendant, the planet placements alone indicate an extraordinary person, someone who gets chosen to lead others.

His Moon at 3 degrees of a Mutable sign (Gemini) is at a critical degree, showing that women and being in the public eye would both figure prominently in his life. That Moon is also exactly square Formalhaut, a fixed star that indicates someone who always is selected/chosen/Elected to high station in a life lived in the public eye. Saturn at the 26th degree of a Cardinal sign is another planet at a critical degree, showing that high office and national politics in the Democratic Party would figure largely in his life. Neptune is conjunct another critical degree in Scorpio. And finally the North Node is within orb of the important 29th degree of Leo and another fixed star, the royal Regulus. All in all, this is like the chart of royal prince, no mere product of a broken home.

This year, Obama’s progressed Venus makes a conjunction to his natal Uranus, accounting for his sudden charisma and popularity of a rock star. This combination is also perfectly aligned with the U.S. Moon, making him an American favorite -- and I might add that this point was activated by the solar eclipse (at 17 degrees Aquarius) of February 6th near Super Tuesday. Whereas we thought at the time that the eclipse was opposing his Sun and Uranus from the bottom of the chart -- what if it was really on his Ascendant and triggered the way he suddenly caught fire with the voting public? That would have been a far stronger placement for the eclipse and would have magnified the effects.

What else is going on his chart NOW? The Danish astrologer Adrian, using the Sibley U.S. chart, points out that Obama’s “Venus (at 1 degree Cancer at birth and therefore only 2 degrees from a conjunction with the US Venus) progresses to 27.03 degrees Leo – exactly opposite the US Moon at 27.10 Aquarius. This does seem to indicate that he is still figuring on the people’s radar at the time of the election. Furthermore, his progressed Sun at the time of the election is at 27.59 Virgo, trine US Pluto and trine his progressed Jupiter. So if he were to become president, the progressed Sun would travel from the trine to progressed Jupiter to trine [natal] Jupiter during the 4 year period of office. His progressed Mercury and Mars conjoin at 22 Libra at the election and trine US Mars." (I heartily recommend reading the whole of Adrian’s article on Obama. To get there, click on this link OR just go to and click on Adrian’s articles button. There are 2 articles, one in June 2008 and one in February 2007, both terrific.)

Another astrologer uses the Articles of Confederation chart, in which Obama’s Uranus and North Node are conjunct the U.S. Jupiter -- and his natal Neptune is conjunct the U.S. Saturn, plus his progressed Neptune joins the U.S. natal Mercury. One possible interpretation is that the current recession will receive a dose of positive, inspirational talk that should calm the stock market and soothe the national psyche. In addition, his progressed Jupiter at 27 Capricorn 20’ (retrograde) conjoins the U.S. Pluto, and his progressed Moon at 01 Aquarius 46’ conjoins the U.S. progressed Pluto -- I interpret this as Obama instituting progressive reforms in the law, and doing all he can to restore the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers.

Another key question is how does his chart tie in the U.S. chart (or charts)? The commonly used Sibley chart has the U.S. Moon at 25 degrees Aquarius -- and Obama’s Uranus is directly opposite PLUS his Saturn is semi-sextile that point. Also closely aspecting that Moon is his South Node (nearly conjunct) and his Mars, which is inconjunct. It is worth noting too, that the Saturn-Uranus opposition on election day this November is echoed in his natal inconjunction between those planets. Perhaps he can find a way to reconcile the future and the past, the steady course with the progressive pathfinder, represented by Saturn and Uranus.

On election day the Moon changes signs from Virgo, where Obama’s Saturn is placed, to Aquarius, to form a conjunction to Obama’s Jupiter in the first degree of that air sign. This is not a sure thing, because no election is a sure thing -- but man oh man, that is sure a powerful imagery, and it repeats the activation of his ascendant that occurred with the Super Tuesday solar eclipse in February 2008. Also Mercury moves from Libra to Scorpio, from sextiling his powerful North Node-conjunct-Formalhaut in Leo, to a trine to his Jupiter in Aquarius.

Some astrologers that I respect are troubled by the planets changing signs on election day, and while there could be some disruptions or attempted disruptions -- some folks will not be happy at all with a black person in the White House and could try to stir up a riot -- But I think that overall the day will end peacefully and optimistically about the future. Obama has shown an ability to calm and uplift the public spirit and I am reasonably confident that he will speak out effectively, with a voice of reason, if anyone attempts to deny the American people their expressed will.

In case the chart does not post too well here, try my other site --

July Astronomy Notes from Across the Universe

Volcanism forged Mercury's surface
Images provided by MESSENGER from its January 14 fly-by provide strong evidence that volcanoes played a critical role in forming Mercury's surface, according to geologist James Head of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The Caloris basin, with a diameter of 960 miles, is one of the solar system's biggest impact craters. (TWO links below -- Reuters story plus original and better article on

Speaking of Mercury -- The Last Thing They Expected to Find Was H2O!
Mercury’s exosphere (as it's normally termed) is so thin that the MESSENGER [name of Mercury mission] can fly directly through it without burning up (though if it had been worried about burning it wouldn't have flown to Mercury in the first place). On the way through its Fast Imaging Plasma Spectrometer detected an awful lot of rock elements, as you might expect, but also signals indicating water element groups. To the general reactions of "What the Hell?" "Check it AGAIN!" and eventually "Wow!" back at mission control.
One explanation for this momentous moisture is that charged hydrogen atoms from the solar wind (which constantly flays the surface) can combine with oxygen from the vaporized crust of the planet to form the essential H2O. Sun radiation combined with blasted rocks on another planet - it makes Evian look like tap water in a council flat.

Universe Sandbox -- Kinda Like “Smashing Planets” Plus Astro ‘Aquarium’
Check out this cool program: you can smash planets together, introduce rogue stars, and build new worlds from spinning discs of debris. Fire a moon into a planet or destroy everything you've created with a super massive black hole.
You can simulate and interact with:
Our solar system: the 8 planets,160+ moons, and hundereds of asteroids
Nearest 1000 stars to our Sun
Our local group of galaxies
An unlimited number of fictional scenarios

Moon Volcanoes Show Detectable Water
All previous studies on moon samples had a minimum moisture sensitivity of fifty parts per million; it turns out the precious water was hiding down at the forty-six per million mark. Analysing samples of volcanic glass beads with the new technique of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) the bashful water was finally detected.
The distribution of H20 in the samples is consistent with the original material being relatively rich in water, about as much as the Earth's upper mantle, but the volcanic processes causing 95% of it to be lost.

Are Jupiter's "Red Spots" Under Siege from Violent Climate Change?
The little red spot (LRS) was first identified by John Rogers, British Astronomical Association’s Jupiter Section director. As Rogers recounts, “This spot appeared last winter while Jupiter was hidden behind the Sun. I noticed it on March 1st in images taken by amateur astronomers Tomio Akutsu in the Philippines and Anthony Wesley in Australia. Such spots in the South Tropical Zone (STrZ) are very rare.”
Since LRS’s discovery, the currents of the STrZ have carried it inexorably toward the Great Red Spot. Jupiter watchers wondered what would happen to the small spot when it encountered the GRS and the adjacent Oval BA (Red Spot Junior). The moment of fate arrived on July 3rd, when the LRS tried to squeeze through the narrow gap between the GRS and adjacent Oval BA like dough through the rollers of a pasta machine.

As of this date, the little spot’s ultimate fate remains unclear.

Your Milky Way Horoscope July 13-19

By Milky Way Maid

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday, July 18th -- the Moon will be at 26 degrees Capricorn at 4 am Eastern time. Maybe Happy is not the word to use, as Capricorn can be a rather stern sign. But be that as it may, Capricorns might try to get their satisfaction not from running other peoples’ lives but by teaching them your life management skills. You know the old saying -- give someone a fish and they eat for a day, teach someone to fish and they eat the rest of their lives? Well Cappy is very good at managing home and career, and they can teach the rest of the world how to ‘hack life’, as they say, to garner all that life has to offer them. Just tell me how to enroll in your classes, Cappy.
Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop.

ARIES - March 20-April 19 - Pallas and Vesta in your second house of funds are a very good sign that your wallet keeps getting refilled. People do business with you because you obviously know your subject, and your services are something people need anyway. I am guessing you are in a home-related field, am I right? Whatever it is, work is booming even in a tight economy. One caution: your energies are being sapped by keeping irregular hours and working very hard. Take care of yourself, too, and eat a wholesome low-glycemic diet.

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 - - Vesta and Pallas are in your sun sign, a great boon for you if you are in any kind of consulting or problem-fixing roles. Communicate what you know; offer some tips in a personal webpage or e-newsletter, or even consider writing a book. Saturn and Mars moving into your solar fifth house of creativity really put a damper on having fun. Maybe funds for nights out have vanished; you can still find DVDs to borrow from the library, or offer to bring your luscious home-made treats along to a friend’s house on movie night.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 - Uranus in your solar tenth house of career implies that work may be sporadic or part-time, but your second house is very busy because Mercury, the Sun and Ceres are there. This suggests that you may have to work more than one job to keep things afloat this month; maybe you are babysitting or coaching on the weekends, or merchandising or secret-shopping for extra money. Make some hay now while you can. Mars and Saturn have moved into your solar fourth house of home; have you bought a bigger house than you could afford, or been forced to lose one in foreclosure? I’m sorry if you have, but rest assured you are hardly alone in that. You will be juggling a lot of jobs and bills to keep your current home, but if anyone can pull it off, a multi-tasking Gemini can.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 - The Sun in Cancer trines Uranus in Pisces on midday Monday. You’re a bit restless today and drawn by humorous, offbeat or novel studies; possibly you pick up a book on a New Age topic. Mercury in your sign opposes Jupiter in Capricorn on Saturday afternoon - business dealings should go well, altho there’s 2 caveats: avoid arrogance, and always check the fine print. You could get that hard-to-sell customer if you just relax a bit and concede that it is, in the end, the customer’s decision.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 - The Moon trines Venus in your sign Sunday morn; one of your kids might offer to take you out for brunch today, or stops in with a little gift. Saturday is really pretty fortunate. It starts off with a loving exchange with your spouse or life partner. And later that day, you could have a positive experience with a new or alternative health practitioner; not meaning to raise your expectations too high, you understand, but if you keep with this person and try to learn more about getting back in balance, you can achieve better health.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 - Mercury is sextile Mars-Saturn in Virgo the first half of the week - You may try to convert someone to your point of view; a good time to give a presentation or chair a meeting. Your energy also might be put to good use attending to details at work. The Moon trines your Mars-Saturn on Wed. afternoon - You have the energy and stamina to plow thru big projects. It is also a good time to consult with an older person (mentor, dad, grandfather, professor) about career or personal matters.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 - Venus enters your solar eleventh house of friends and groups - A new friend joins your circle, possibly a young woman with a flair for color and fashion. Ask where she got a dress or scarf, and maybe she will share her fashion secrets. Your creative fifth house shows you achieving a high point in your artistic expression, especially if can draw upon the painful experiences you have had, as well as the good times. Do take care not to overwork, and give yourself a chance to recharge your batteries.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 - Uranus in your fifth house of creativity and fun is getting a trine from the Moon on Monday - look into taking an art or crafts class, take in a comedy film, or just visit a different part of town to satisfy your need for something outside the humdrum. Jupiter in Capricorn opposes Ceres in Cancer this month - you could luck out with a great harvest in the home garden, or neighbors foist their surplus on you. That’s OK, you can always freeze chopped tomatoes for winter soups and chili. The one downer this month is that friends and groups lean on you too much and try to tell you what to do, or don‘t thank you for your help; no one needs that. You tell them that you don’t mind helping but you expect it to be a two-way street.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 - The Sun is in your sign from early Sunday thru Tuesday evening. The Moon trines Venus in Leo in your solar fifth house - take the opportunity to take pictures of your kids next to the riotous garden flowers, either in your yard or in a local park; capture the beauty of the day. Moon squares Saturn late that night; maybe you’ll finally clean out that junk drawer-closet-files. You’ll try to get an early start on work Monday morn but probably run out of steam; the afternoon is better, especially if you turn to the internet for more information. Tuesday is pretty hectic so be prepared to dash around; try not to misplace your keys.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 - The Moon is in your sign from Tuesday evening thru midday Friday. Wednesday is a great day to get a lot done; your stamina is great and you stick to the task. Thursday morn the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in your sign; generally this just produces a feeling of well-being and confidence, which you have in abundance anyway. A friend may have a pleasant surprise for you that evening. See above message about the Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday. Saturday afternoon is good for business dealings but only if you avoid sounding arrogant.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 - The Moon is in your sign from midday Friday thru the weekend. You may decide at long last to adjust your investments Friday; make sure this is a rational decision and in keeping with established goals and guidelines you made when you started the fund. Saturday is really pretty fortunate. It starts off with a loving exchange with your spouse or life partner. And later that day, you could have a positive experience with a new or alternative health practitioner; not meaning to raise your expectations too high, you understand, but if you keep with this person and try to learn more about getting back in balance, you can achieve better health.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 - The Sun trines Uranus in Pisces on Monday; possibly one of the kids treats you to a surprise or takes you out to dinner. Possibly you have been doing babysitting duties and this is your tip; don’t let on that you would do the job for free. The one bad influence is maybe you have been sleeping too late, or not getting regular sleep; set a normal schedule and get up even if you don’t feel like you got enough sleep. Check the library card catalog for good books about the subject; there are lots of good tips out there.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Scientists Discover Planet's Natural Radio Emissions

Chirps and whistles of our planet's auroral kilometric radiation (AKR) might be the first thing an extraterrestrial civilization is likely to hear from Earth. In reality, they are the sounds that accompany the aurora. The European Space Agency's Cluster mission is showing scientists how to understand this emission and, in the future, search for alien worlds by listening for their sounds.

Your Milky Way Horoscope July 6-12 2008

By Milky Way Maid

This is a fairly eventful week astrologically. On Sunday, Venus trines Uranus in water signs -- you will meet people outside your usual circle, tho the relationship may be short-lived. Good for creative expression in music especially…The Sun opposes Jupiter on the 9th -- We tend to be far too overconfident and may promise more than we can deliver. A bad day for a job interview unless you are able to temper your speech to avoid sounding like a braggart…And Mars is conjunct Saturn on the tenth of the month -- a frustrating day for a lot of people but especially Virgo; energies may run low, too, so stick to cleaning out the closet to vent your frustrations.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop

ARIES - March 20-April 19 - Pallas and Vesta in your second house bode well for getting consulting jobs (especially because they are both getting some major boosts from transits). I see you sticking close to home, possibly just because you have painting and other beautification projects. I could be wrong tho if your career is in the home improvement field -- you will be too busy to work on your own house. Even so, you need to keep your spouse happy and if she has been begging for a walk-in closet or whatever, you will just have to squeeze the time to do it. After all, she is the love of your life, isn’t she?

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 - The asteroid Pallas in your sign squares the nodes, and the asteroid Vesta early in Taurus trines Mars-Saturn in Virgo, and trines Jupiter in Capricorn; you may get a break if looking for an employer, sponsor, or agent -- what you need is finally given. Those looking for opportunities in the consulting or counseling fields, whether financial or otherwise, may find their best outlet for their talents, so keep an eye peeled for listings. Keep an eagle on finances of your own, tho, because it could be a tough week or month for everyone’s investments.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 - Your writing takes on another quality this week -- it looks favorable for creative projects with a bit of atmosphere, like a murder mystery, a romance, or an even just a travelogue where you want to capture the sense of place. You might have frustrating times at home this week, with the Mars-Saturn conjunction squaring your sign -- maybe the master plan for your new garden doesn’t allow room for all those vines to spread out, or the rabbits are getting at your food. There’s plenty of tricks to scare off rabbits, including spreading dried blood, and nets will keep the birds from robbing your berries or fruit.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 - Are you still looking for ideas for summer vacation? Uranus is in your solar ninth house of long trips and education, so let me brainstorm a bit. This might take a bit of planning, but visiting the taping of a TV show can be very exciting. While the big network shows tickets have to be requested months in advance, your local stations may also have shows that call for a studio audience or offer tours. Uranus also rules electricity, hmm. What city has the highest voltage? Both Vegas and New York’s Broadway/Times Square come to mind, so see if there’s any cheap tour groups with openings available. Another possibility is music, because Uranus rules rock music especially but also anything of foreign origin. The average concert ticket has become unaffordable for a family, but there are plenty of ethnic festivals with free music, or your kids may know peers who have a combo -- ask to sit in on a jam session.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 - Venus enters your sign on Sat. afternoon, and boy you just can’t wait to try a new hairdo for your crowning glory. Take care of your hair while soaking up the sun or playing on the beach, because a washed-out Leo is a sad kitty indeed. You may overspend on beautiful things while Venus visits your sign, but hey, ‘what’s money for’ is your motto. But you’re such a creative sign yourself, that you could easily make some jewelry that knocks the socks off anyone who see it. You might be tempted, too, by the new day spas that have been springing up all over. Check out the library’s books on spa, massage, and cosmetology to see what tricks you can do at home to brighten your glow.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 - The Moon is in Virgo from early Sunday thru late Tuesday. You will probably feel pretty emotional mid Sun.; baby yourself with a bubble bath, sauna or go swim laps. Later that afternoon, go somewhere you’ve never been before. Monday is a mixed bag but confidence does not waver and you’ll sail right thru. Early Tues. you get a thank you, possibly from helping out on Sunday. Most of that day has you buckling down to meet some deadlines or overcome an obstacle. Thursday is when Mars conjuncts Saturn in your sign and saps your energy; call in extra help to get work done and don’t feel guilty about it.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 - The Moon is in your sign from late Tuesday thru very late Thursday. Wed. is a challenge day; maybe you feel conflicted over what to do or everyone is demanding your time. Also you may just need time to investigate religion or philosophy, or just talk things over with someone you trust. Thursday may finally bring the aha! moment, when a flash of insight tells you how to resolve a problem. Thurs. eve you feel very sociable; call or drop by friends, or even call up some people for an impromptu party.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 - The Moon is in your sign from very late Thurs. thru Sun. morn. Friday morn is busy with messages and mail, probably carrying some good news. You’ll check off lots from your to-do list, too, if you just make that list for yourself. You wake up Sat. feeling just marvelous about everything; later the day features a grand trine in water signs, made up of the Moon, Sun and Uranus. It’s OK to just lay by the pool or beach, or go to a film festival. If you’re involved with a local music or theatre group, it’s an auspicious day for auditioning or performing.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 - Mercury opposes Pluto in your sign on Thursday. Wrestling with a puzzle or riddles may be on your mind, or serious research for work or school. Another possibility is creative confrontation with a troubled relationship; put all your cards on the table and really clear the air once and for all. Venus inconjunct Pluto in your sign on Friday night brings the real solution: all you need is love. This could mean either staying together or letting go, but the key is to accept each other’s right to live by their own values.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 - It gives you pleasure to make your significant other happy, and these halcyon days of summer seem to make it so easy to do so. Asteroids Pallas and Vesta in your solar fifth house of children and creativity suggests that your kids may teach you a few tricks on how to use your computer or other gadgets to improve productivity at work (and home). Mars and Saturn in your solar ninth house nixed the summer vacation plans, but don’t worry, there is plenty to do and see in your own locale. Uranus in the third house means that your will be sending emails and keeping in touch with relatives just fine regardless.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 - Aquarians who are in the creative arts, particularly music, poetry, film, photography, or dance, may find their studies or career continue to grow. Mercury trines Neptune in your sign, meaning that you will be busy writing (stories, music, etc.). The ideas may gush so fast you have trouble keeping up. Tagging along with a spouse to his or her club meeting for a lecture can be an introduction to a fascinating evening or even a lifetime hobby. My only caution for the month is to avoid overdoing anything, especially around the 9th.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 - The asteroid Juno in your solar tenth house roughly squares Uranus in your sign. Your spouse may upset you from time to time this month; not sure what is bothering your significant other but it could be money or health worries. Try to get a medical diagnosis so you can have some peace at home! Benefits flow from membership in clubs or other groups; some offer discounts on shopping or insurance, plus learning experiences from lectures or field trips. (Just like grade school, only without Mickey pulling your hair.)