Friday, March 6, 2009

Dream about Obama: “If he is not spared...”

by Milky Way Maid

Have you had a dream about our new president? Apparently lots of people feel so connected to Barack Obama, and/or to his wife Michelle, that they have invited him into their dream lives. I had NO idea this phenomenon was going on, till I happened upon a website where someone is collecting all these stories to put together as a book.
Yes, go check out It carries this notice:
I'm editing a book of dreams about Barack Obama, to be published in 2009, co-edited by Irene Webb. If you have had a dream in which Barack appeared, please visit our new website to submit it.
So anyway one of the more notable dreams featured there is Obama on an elevator with a woman who happens to be a new mom in real life. She dreams that Obama fills two bottles with breast milk on their quick ride to the tenth floor. (No, she does not see breasts, just the pumping machine with the hose and bottles.)
I will get to the dream referred to in the title in a moment but I first want to do a short take on the symbols in this potent dream.
Milk: nourishment, of course, but also “milk of human kindness”.
Elevator: Literally being lifted up.
Ten: New start with expectation of success. A traditional amount of increase; example, what you give away will return tenfold.
So it is interesting that these symbols come together to signify, approximately: Obama lifts up the country with his example of kindness. What he gives away to us will return the country to abundance (tenfold increase).

Another dreamer in North Carolina dreamed that she saw him speak during the summer campaign. “I saw Obama standing in a large crowd. He had a brilliant silver band that goes around the waist that sort of resembles a cummerbund. But larger than a cummerbund, more like armor that covered his chest, too. He was speaking to the crowd, which was very close to him. Then I heard: If this man is spared, the whole nation will be spared. If this man is not spared, the whole nation will not be spared. She says she woke up crying, and from then on started praying for the protection of Obama and his family.”

The metallic cummerbund/shield could represent the body armor that he began wearing; in fact, we now know that he wore a special suit on suit inauguration day. Silver also symbolizes spiritual light, justice, purity.
The closeness to the crowd represents the closeness that many people feel to him personally (and also to his family); they identify with him, and they believe he understands what they are dealing with.
The message coming from an unidentified voice: wow. I don't want to sound too new-agey nor too skeptical. But a voice is often an intuitive message from your subconscious, or your Higher Self or guide (whichever term you are comfortable with).
The specific message refers all too obviously to those who have tried to plan assassination attempts. More than one plot has been broken up already. And almost daily we read of hate groups attracting followers.
It would do well for all of us to pray for the safety of the first family, because the fate of a country and of its leaders is inextricably intertwined not just materially, but spiritually too. Even though the dream is from last summer, the threats to Obama and family are a continual thing. So keep mentioning them in your prayers or keeping them in your thoughts. Thank you.

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