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Your Milky Way Horoscope June 14-20, 2009

By Milky Way Maid

Jupiter stations retrograde on Monday, June 15 at 3:50 am Eastern, at 27 degrees Aquarius. Those with natal planets in late fixed signs are likely to be most affected. Stationary planets are quite strong and Jupiter is hugely influential anyhow, so I would expect the events of the day to be magnified in every way. The sign of Aquarius may indicate advances in technological matters, such as artificial intelligence. Jupiter rules law, higher education, religion, publishing and national politics; its conjunction with Neptune may be a factor in the recent low ebb in the fortunes of major newspapers.

Venus and Mars move toward their rendezvous on Sunday (Father's Day). It is in the fertile sign of Taurus; Venus will want comfortable surroundings, so Dad better take Mom to a nice restaurant. Readers may use this positive blend of male and female energies by making a ceremony of planting seeds in the veggie patch. Other options are of course balancing energies in the home with the addition of a pet of the appropriate gender.
COMING SOON: Articles and stuff on the coming 2012 solstice. What does 12-21-2012 mean for all of us?

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect.

ARIES - March 20-April 19 – The Moon is in Aries from very early Tuesday till Thursday morn. Aries will be revved up to sweep out the old on Tuesday; gear up for some heavy spring cleaning or garden work. A sextile to Mercury the same morning give you good manual dexterity; also you will be able to put youngsters to work helping out. On Wednesday morn, your momentum may extend into moving walls or dividers (Moon inconjunct Saturn). Thursday has easy sextiles all over from Moon to Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius and also to the Sun in Gemini. You may be the facilitator or axis that allows air-sign-types to meet and exchange ideas.

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 – On Wednesday, Mars in Taurus trines Ceres in Virgo; you can make great progress in planting your veggie garden today. The Moon is in Taurus from Thursday morn till midday Saturday. On Thursday the Moon trines Pluto again; put on your detective cap and do research or dig for some metaphorical treasure. On Friday, Venus' day, the Moon is conjunct Venus at 9 am Eastern; you may be treated to brunch or receive some small gift or tip. The Moon conjuncts Mars an hour later; strong emotions wash over you so you may need to take a break to journal or otherwise process your feelings.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 – On Wednesday, the Sun in Gemini trines first Neptune then Jupiter in Aquarius and also squares Uranus in Pisces; look for opportunities and insights. You can make discoveries (possibly online) and implement almost immediately for benefits to raise your profile locally or nationally. The Moon is in Gemini from midday Saturday till the following Monday. The Moon is inconjunct Pluto and conjunct Mercury; your interviewing techniques turn up interesting findings. This is a good time for any research or investigation.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 – The Moon-Venus-Mars conjunctions on Friday in your solar eleventh house of friends and groups gifts you with great times with friends. Don't pass up club meetings or other groups, as meetings can have an extra sparkle and energy. Even run-of-the-mill meetings can be fired up with the idealism of the Jupiter station even tho they do not make an exact aspect. You may discuss ways your group can be part of the new economy as we shed the old ways.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 – The Jupiter station opposite some natal Leo planets can be very positive, putting you in the public eye again. Don't expect immediate results as far as your agent being inundated with offers, because it could be that results are delayed till Jupiter goes direct again. But just do your thing and good opportunities will come. The Moon's passage over the upper, public side of your chart also tends to put you in the the public eye. The Moon, Venus and Mars conjunctions on Friday in your solar tenth house are especially good for your career.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Your least productive days this week are likely to be Sun. night/Mon. Morn, as you are drawn to playing mom to your family. You are open to creative adjustments on Wed. morning, and a female may be the one to suggest successful tweaks to your system. Wednesday is also apt to be both stressful while gifting you with an opportunity to use your analytical and practical skills to make a sale. You are most productive on Friday, with a Moon-Venus-Mars trine to transiting Saturn and Ceres in Virgo.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – Jupiter's station in your solar fifth house can indicate a reversal in your creative forces and a loss of commercial outlets for your creative products, altho the actual station may be quite good for sales. You can use this period productively by retreating to your studio or painting in plein air. Aquarius may indicate a high level of technical expertise in producing your works, whether or not you use digital or other electronic assistance.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – You of all signs may finally run into “the one” this week, especially on Friday when the Moon, Venus and Mars all gather in your solar seventh house of partners. Someone may catch your eye and be shrouded in a hazy glow. Jupiter retrograde in your solar fourth house of home and family may alter your plans regarding housing; look around for a better situation if your lease is up for renewal; perhaps a foreclosure situation will be averted, too.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – The Jupiter station sextiles your natal Sun this week. You are quite the bon vivant this week as you do the town and visit all your old haunts. The Moon-Venus-Mars in your solar sixth house of health bring good health and well-being; you might work off a favor (Venus) with some physical labor (Mars). Taurus there also suggests that working in the garden is very good for your health, even aside from the benefits of eating fresh food. Music can also sooth and boost your well-being.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – The Moon, Venus, Mars conjunctions in Taurus on Friday are in your solar ninth house of law-publishing-college-religion. Possibilities: You may meet a very desirable person at a college function; sales of your latest book could go extremely well; a legal case may come to a harmonious agreement. Jupiter's station in your solar second house can bring a spurt of income tho this may taper off rather quickly.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – Jupiter stations in your solar first house; you might be thrust in the public spotlight this week. Jupiter in the first also tends to make one gain weight rather quickly so if you fall off your diet regimen, just get right back on it. The Moon-Venus-Mars conjunctions on Friday fall in your solar fourth house of home and family; this sounds like an ideal week or weekend to schedule a family reunion. You may also have guests in the home, and since you are quite an open-minded host, your guest may be from a different culture.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 – The Moon is in Pisces from Sunday till very early Tuesday. Sunday morning is fine for a brunch with friends as the Moon sextiles Mars and Venus in your solar eleventh house of Taurus. You will also find the need for discipline (Saturn) in regard to health (Ceres), this may mean you have doctor's orders for the near term. Monday evening you will probably want to run and hide from Uranus conjunct your transiting Moon and square the Sun in Gemini. Avoid upsets, repeat your mantra or affirmation to yourself, have a cuppa tea.

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