Sunday, January 17, 2010

Special Offer: Your Luck & Money Success Point

by Milky Way Maid

Dear Readers:
Late last year, I promised to offer something special to readers of the Milky Way Astrology column. I wanted to give you all something that no one else offers, and something that I hoped you could make use of for years to come. I needed some time to think of what unique, special offer I could make to my readers. Not just some birthchart or solar return reading that comes canned out of any astrology software. Not just any old reading at all would do for my readers.

So what I am offering is Your Best Luck and Success Potential report. I will calculate the degree of the chart that is key to bringing you luck, success and yes, money too. Then I explain how to use it in everyday life, in scheduling important interviews or presentations, or in games of chance.

How much should I charge for this? I am sure that lots of astrologers would charge hundreds of dollars for this kind of specialized service, but I think that $25 is fair. Is this OK with you?

Payment is by PayPal only at this time. You can use your credit card at the PayPal web site, and make the payment out to MilkyWayMaid @

I hope that all of you will find this service to be a turning point in your lives. Please let me know you are ordering as soon as possible because I will serve customers in the order received.

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