Sunday, June 20, 2010

Your Milky Way Horoscope June 27-July 3, 2010

By Milky Way Maid

Mercury opposes Pluto at 3:15 am Sunday, at 3 degrees Cancer-Capricorn. It is far too easy to become angry, and explode, when others do your share your strongly-held beliefs. It may be not only wise but necessary to avoid controversial topics at meetings and parties. By the same token it is a very poor day to launch any campaign of ideas, whether that means advertising, proselytizing, canvassing, or propagandizing. It may favor amusing yourself with mental puzzles, delving into your own motivations, getting to the heart of a problem, or doing research, since your concentration is good. The news may be dominated by the passing of a major public figure, since Pluto rules passages from one level of existence to another.

The Sun is conjunct a direct Mercury Monday at 8:07 am, at 5 degrees Cancer. This conjunction offers a key indicator of stock market turns up or down. Sales can be brisk on this conjunction, by the way, with buyers and sellers agreeing on a price - usually a good one for the seller.

Mercury at 12 degrees Cancer sextiles Mars at 12 degrees Virgo at 8:19 am Thursday. Words carry an extra emotional punch today, a much better day for making sales calls or doing political canvassing than Sunday, that's for sure. By the same token, you can use this time to re-program yourself with a new affirmation, destroy negative self-talk, even intone a chant, blessing or ritual in order to shift your fortunes.

Incidentally, Mercury is also conjunct Juno, and Mars is conjunct Vesta! This adds a double serving of asteroid or goddess energy to these planets. Vesta asks where is the sense of the sacred (Vesta) in what you do (Mars), and Juno would like to see equal partnerships. You might try casting a love spell, not a controlling spell but one where both parties can express (Mercury) themselves freely and safely with each other. A third layer of energy is in the Mercury conjunction to the South Node at 11 degrees Cancer. You may meet or deal with a person from a past life, over issues that are important to your spiritual development.

Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

ARIES - March 20-April 19 – The Moon enters Aries at 9:44 am Saturday and stays thru the holiday weekend. Aries is the perfect sign for the explosive, gaudy fireworks displays scheduled for the holiday weekend. You like to make a splash, and you certainly let others know you are around with your stomping footsteps and banging doors. You may want more, more, more fireworks, etc this weekend but keep safety uppermost. You may be tempted to overdo everything in general, but please keep a lid on it.

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 – If you are a political junkie, you will revel in the public controversy that is sure to rage on Sunday. It may seem like a strange date to enjoy some verbal banter or jousting, but Tuesday's rays energize Mercury and Mars. At least show the courage of your convictions; passion in that regard can spark um, something more. Venus has been transiting Leo, your solar fourth house, and I bet you have been bringing in lots of warm colors like yellow flowers or orange accent pillows.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 – Your ruler Mercury is very active this week. On Sunday it opposes Pluto in Capricorn, a difficult sign for you. You might enjoy watching a debate, but will prefer to creatively reconcile opposites in some artistic pursuit. On Thursday, Mercury sextiles Mars, a far easier aspect to deal with and use. You may hash out some kind of financial agreement with a family member, possibly over a child's allowance or borrowing money from a parent. You will enjoy viewing the holiday fireworks more with friends than any other option. But please do me a favor and talk them into some safety awareness.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 – Cancer natives would do well to think before speaking, under Sunday's Mercury-Pluto opposition. Don't try to convince others of your cause; best to do research or fact-gathering. Thursday favors putting a well-written and reasoned position paper out on the internet or in a letter to the editor. Jupiter and Uranus now ensconced in your solar tenth house of career favors going into business for yourself. Uranus denotes short jobs, one with a defined endpoint like remodeling houses.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 – The first part of the week may feel awkward with the Moon in your opposite sign; let your spouse have his/her moment in the spotlight. You may have to use some of that transiting Venus energy to referee a verbal joust Thursday between friends. The weekend looks fine, with the Moon in compatible fire-sign Aries setting off sparklers all over your life. Looking ahead to Independence Day, Venus in Leo is trined by Ceres in Sag; you soothe children or your romantic partner, giving all what they need. With Jupiter-Uranus in Aries energizing the other fire sign, I expect big things will happen that day or that weekend.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Sunday's Mercury-Pluto opposition may put you in the uncomfortable position of witnessing friends bogged down in a fruitless argument. Maybe you can suggest they each have good points, and the right to their opinions. You are energetic in your speech on Thursday, under the Mercury-Mars sextile. You may enjoy some verbal jousting with a friend, perhaps ending in a friendly bet. The holiday may just another workday for you, but keep up the great level of service you always give and grace all with your million-dollar smile.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – Sunday's Mercury-Pluto opposition affects your solar home and career sectors. Trying to convert others will not go over well, even tho you really, really want to get something said. Thursday is far better for such things; try to keep in mind your ideals of fairness and equality. Ask someone for a private, neutral meeting, where no one has any turf to defend. The fact that Jupiter and Uranus are now in your solar seventh house may help you make an impact in any public appearances, especially if you have a public-type career.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – On Sunday, the political scene may be a battle royal with both sides failing to convert the other; your role might be as moderator. The Moon in your solar fourth house early in the week can spark some creative urges, like moving furniture or creating an office space. You may shine in a formal or informal debate put on by a club you belong to on Thursday, when Mercury sextiles Mars. Jupiter and Uranus in your solar sixth house of health could turn an avocation into a profitable career. Uranus keeps all assignments short so you don't get bored silly.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – Your sales career is favored on Thursday when Mars sextiles Mercury; you might broker some kind of group or pooled fund to cover insurance or liability. Jupiter and Uranus transiting your solar fifth house of Aries is very lucky for your romantic and financial affairs. In fact you may have too many romantic partners to choose from. Alas, they may all be brief flings. Married Sags might try to bring the spark back into the marriage with great success.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – Sunday's Mercury-Pluto opposition can fuel a battle of wills; usually both lose in such situations. The Moon is in Capricorn as the week begins, till Monday morn. The Moon is inconjunct Venus early Sunday, inducing a change in your affections, but just temporarily. Make note of your dreams Sunday, because they may hold keys to understanding changes in your feelings and motivations. The Moon-Saturn trine on Monday morn produces good quality, serious work, especially if you are in a scientific field.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – The Moon is in Aquarius from 8:52 am Monday till Wednesday night. The Moon sextiles the powerful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries midday Monday; a local event strikes a deep emotional chord within you. That evening favors creativity in processing that emotion. A Moon-Venus opposition on Tuesday morn makes you yearn for emotional or at least physical closeness to others, but try to accept that you cannot possess anyone. Wednesday's evening commute can be muddled by a wrong turn or getting lost under a Neptune aspect. For gosh sakes don't do errands without a list.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 – The Moon is in Pisces from 9:10 pm Wednesday till Saturday morn. Thursday night features a Sun-Moon trine, favoring dates, presentations, and interviews. Also your spouse or partner may be quite persuasive on Thursday but you rather enjoy that. Friday morning the phone rings off the hook under a Mercury trine. Venus rules the evening especially for artistic creativity. Saturday morning may hold frustrations due to a Saturn opposition so have a plan B if rain cancels planned yard work, for example.


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