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Your Milky Way Horoscope Jan. 1-7, 2012

By Milky Way Maid

Sunday, New Year's Day
, looks rather contentious – not a relaxing day at all. Start off with a Mercury square Mars at 20 degrees Virgo at 1:06 am for those party-goers from NY's Eve; the Moon is square the Sun shortly after that. Words will excite you, for good or ill. Very prone to heated argument, but then there is some chance that a speech or job offer will excite you tremendously. So if you are going to propose marriage, be rather certain that the other party will accept, then rest assured she will be deliriously happy about your proposal.

However, at 10:03 am on NY's Day, the Moon sextiles agreeable Venus at 13 degrees Aquarius, when things calm down into a pleasant brunch, hugs, house-sitting or baby-sitting, exchanging favors of any kind. A good time to ask a favor or do a favor.

Mercury in Sag sextiles Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius 10:15 am Saturday. Nice for saying those sweet nothings to your beloved, but not great for signing contracts or stuff like that. People may have the best of intentions but not be able to fulfill promises for whatever reason, so that is why you prefer not to do personal business at this hour. On the other hand, it supports constructive dreaming-- what would you ideally like to do, what kind of atmosphere would you like to have at your place of employment. Dream up a castle in the air, then figure out how to put a foundation under it. You might also use a chant, affirmation, or other little mental trick to help you achieve your goals or overcome personal mental blocks.

Mercury enters businesslike Capricorn at 1:34 am Sunday, Dec. 8 ( or at 10:34 pm Saturday, Pacific Time). Yes, I am jumping the gun, because there are so few outer planets aspects this week. What is Mercury in Capricorn like? A negative expression is the desire to be an authority on a given subject; that sounds admirable until one does not know the answer to something and then declares he doesn't want to be confused by the facts. But giving up a need for authority, and dropping pretense, lets this Mercury concentrate on filling the informational needs of others – and thereby becoming a true resource for all. Must guard against being too pessimistic or dour; Edgar Allan Poe is one example of someone who used this Mercury well. Others with Mercury in Capricorn are Barry Goldwater, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and Richard Nixon.

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Readers can follow not only their Sun sign horoscope but also the sign of their Ascendant for further clues to how your week will develop. Also note: some aspects are exact on a weekend but may find opportunity for expression on the Friday or Monday nearest the exact aspect. Times given are in Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time depending on the season.

ARIES - March 20-April 19 – The Moon is in self-starting Aries as the New Year and the week begins, till Monday afternoon. Avoid going to bed mad on New Year's Eve; don't blow things out of proportion. You are inclined to accept a friend's invite (to watch the games together?) or request for a favor Sunday morning. Monday afternoon is a downer, though temporary; you are not seeing things clearly. Catch these other opportunities: Thursday about 7 am, nice Uranus aspect lets you laugh. Late Friday's Moon-Venus trine offers a short trip with a friend, possibly for sporting purposes. You can get a lot of work done Saturday afternoon.

TAURUS - April 20-May 20 – The Moon is in Taurus from 5:16 pm Monday till Thursday morn. Most likely to overdo at supper on Monday; remember those worthy resolutions! Best day of the week may be Tuesday, both am and pm. You take the ahem, bull by the horns and talk with people in the know about what your status and prospects are. Also, others may have you in mind for other projects and may ask you if you are available. You may awake Wednesday feeling unappreciated, but that just isn't so. Your energy is very good midday, but a caution flag for Wednesday night. Early pm on Saturday offers prime prospects for improving your finances thru work for a non-profit.

GEMINI - May 21-June 20 – You are inclined to spend New Year's Day with dear friends, possibly for brunch. Moon is in Gemini from 5:44 am Thursday till Saturday afternoon. A friend makes you laugh Thursday morning. That night offers time to analyze yourself and what mental blocks you need to move. Friday night may be the best time of the week, offering mental stimulation, possibly with a free class or webinar online. You might benefit from a heart-to-heart talk about 2 pm Saturday, altho a bit of a guilt trip might come with it.

CANCER - June 21-July 22 – New Year's Day Or eve, rather) may be way too stressful for you; better to stay in and amuse yourself. You may discover a job opening Sunday morning. A good friend invites you to dinner Monday pm. Midday Wednesday favors introducing a friend to a relative, or vice versa. The Moon is in Cancer from 4:05 pm Saturday till late next Monday. Saturday pm favors having friends over for dinner to share your bountiful table. Just remember to do as much as possible ahead of time, also some invitees may have to cancel so try not to get in a tizzy over it.

LEO - July 23-Aug. 22 – On New Year's, you learn something from your spouse's class that interests you. Late Sunday, you may find the right college for one of your children. Career matters progress splendidly Monday afternoon. A blast from the past brightens your Thursday morning. A late Friday date with your spouse at your club might be memorable. Artistic expression is favored Saturday morning; you might run your latest project by a friend for their reactions.

VIRGO - Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Most likely to end your New Year's eve partying with argument rather than glee; give up the need to be right about some piffling detail or other. Peace in the home is more important, isn't it? Tuesday may be best day of the week, when you hobnob with the nabobs. Creative pursuits are also favored that day. Next best day of the week may be Friday, especially if you work in the health field. You may get a bonus or other reward on Friday or Saturday.

LIBRA - Sept. 23-Oct. 22 – A New Year's Day brunch with the kids will be a pleasant delight. You probably won't be feeling warm n fuzzy Monday afternoon. By Thursday, at least, you probably decide that you've had enough of the dour mood and decide to chase it away. “Lark” types can get a lot done early Saturday; your powers of analysis are keen. You may have a heart-to-heart talk with someone that afternoon, altho he/she may not like everything you say. Try to be as diplomatic as your vast skills can make it.

SCORPIO - Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – You may enjoy a healthy brunch New Year's Day in spite of yourself; let moderation be your watchword for 2012. Your spouse may be extra lucky Monday pm; be happy for him/her. On Tuesday you could be in the public eye with some heavy hitters. Midday Wednesday favors luncheon at the club or actively networking. Chatting about joint finances is favored for Friday night. You might move to the larger question of providing for your family by Saturday.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov. 22-Dec. 21 – You will enjoy having the kids over Sunday for brunch and general catching-up-with. Consider your options for a healthy buffet to start the year off right. Work or health matters get a boost under Monday's Moon-Jupiter conjunction – and finances could feel the effect as early as the following day. Late Friday looks stressful, not favoring a pleasant night out. You may seriously consider signing a contract Saturday, perhaps for office supplies or office support, but think it over for a day or two first. Knowing you, though, you will leap before you look.

CAPRICORN - Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – You may celebrate New Year's Day with a family brunch where you, like a Chinese elder, hand out red envelopes of cash gifts. Anyway, some tradition is likely to be observed that day. Your heart is really at home Monday, which may distract you from work. Take extra care in regards to figures on checks and ledgers. Tuesday may be your best day when you can act as mentor to fine young people. Midday Wednesday favors any legal disputes, or contests. Mercury moves into your sign by next week.

AQUARIUS - Jan. 20-Feb. 17 – Call up friends on New Year's day to extend best wishes or trade favors. Invite people over for a NY brunch. Bet not to bet against friends Sunday, tho, regarding the outcome of the ball games. Tuesday you are inclined to just cocoon with family, possibly at a vacation home. You may be more productive with Moon in Gemini (Thur-Sat) although try to keep emotional decision-making at bay. You are most prone to that on Saturday.

PISCES - Feb. 18-March 19 – Your thoughts on New Year's Day tend toward your financial prospects rather than personal goals, and you are feeling stressed and frustrated. Relatives may hold a key to opening some doors, and Tuesday may be a good day to discuss things with them. Be prepared to give as much as you take. Thursday is a day of making adjustments, possibly tapping your creative talents in making things for friends. A club luncheon on Friday may be moved so check your messages. Saturday pm you just want to cocoon with family.

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