Saturday, March 17, 2012

Video: Interpreting Viking Runes

by Milky Way Maid

Hi, I just had a brainstorm and decided to make a brief introductory video (made up of pictures of rune symbols and placards) about the Viking runes, aka Futhark. Futhark comes from the initial letters of the first few letters of the Viking alphabet.

I had thought that I could upload a video clip, but I this site does not have that capacity. So what I am going to have to do is upload it to YouTube and just give you the link here. I had to go pretty fast thru this, and I apologize. But you can freeze-frame thru it, and take notes.

It’s up — the YouTube link is: here


Yuri Romanov said...

I love your blog. Reminds me of how astrology is often connected to tarot reading symbols as well. Some of the psychic readings that result from the two processes are strikingly similar.

psychicjim said...

Runes can be a good way of psychic reading & divination.

A tarot reader can also be a good way too.