Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pet Issue -- What Kinds of Pets Do Different Signs Like?

Each of the Sun Signs has definite preferences for different kinds of pets. Of course, we realize that dogs and cats are enormously popular and appeal to many signs. But the different signs tend to choose different breeds of dog or cat -- or something much more exotic like reptiles or ocelots or ferrets.
In general, we must admit that men tend to pick larger dogs than women. Women like small pets that they can easily lift and snuggle with on their laps. The fire signs like active pets, the air signs are more likely to own birds, earth signs prefer sedate pets, and water signs -- all the water signs seem different, so I will speak of them separately.
The earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) are more likely to be in the dog training business. They may even be in the breeding business. The fire signs are more likely to be involved in the sporting breeds, either in training, breeding or judging.
Aries and Capricorn like pets who will run with them on their daily jogs. Anything in the hunting and sporting breeds, or a Doberman, will do. This includes the retrievers, setters, the vizla and weimaraner, or elkhound/wolfhound. And if the human is a marathoner, get the vizla or weimaraner; those breeds are tireless. Happy-looking animals are more important than looks to an Aries, so pick the beagle or smiling golden. One Aries man owned a nice Staffordshire terrier who accompanied him on his evening walks. An Aries woman was nuts about cats, but I think they were her substitute children.
Taurus like pets that like to be petted and snuggled with. Rabbits and cats are good. Dogs with luxuriant coats that take lots of loving brushing will sometimes suit them too -- like collies or Golden Retrievers. They also appreciate the working breeds. One Taurus woman bought a rabbit just because they have soft coats and are generally easy to care for. She said she would never get a pug, not with those rough coats they have. One major benefit of owning a dog is that it forces sedentary Taurus to get out and walk them.
Gemini like small things in general, and they are delighted with miniatures of anything. The toy breeds suit them, like Chihuahuas, Maltese, Min-Pin, and miniature daschund. Other types of pets popular with Gemini are turtles, ferrets, and birds like parakeets. A Gemini friend had a small menagerie of ferret, lizard, and fish.
Cancer likes substitute babies after their own have grown up and left the nest. These pets have big eyes and rounded, babyish faces and heads, like many breeds of cats (especially Persians), pugs, Boston terriers, bulldogs, griffons, and Pomeranians. Toy breeds suit them, as they are easy to pick up and hold in one’s arm. Poodles and bichon frise are also popular with them, as their coats have to be fussed with and this helps build the owner-pet bond.
Leo would like anything that looks royal. Even an ordinary tabby is fine if it has a sovereign air about it. Sometimes I think they enjoy being snubbed by a princess-y cat. But generally animals in a fiery shade of red are more likely to be chosen by Leo than an animal in any other color. Irish setters are ideal. The exotic chow also qualifies. And if they could figure out how to get hold of some peacocks to strut around their home, they would do it.
Virgo likes pets that clean themselves, like rabbits and cats, or that tolerate a lot of handling during washing and drying -- like poodles, chows, or other heavy-coated breeds. Or that are fun to wash like ferrets. They appreciate smart pets and enjoy training them to do tricks. A Jack Russell terrier or parrot would be a good project for them. Sometimes allergies are a problem so they need to choose a pet that produces little dander. In that case, retired greyhounds and Basenjis may be ideal.
Libra pets must be perfect physically. No torn ears or scarred skin, and nothing that would bar the animal from competing in a show. Libra has a problem with imperfections in general, altho in some cases having an imperfect pet helps them learn to accept defects in other people. So this means in general that a dog must have pedigree papers. It should have a pleasing, happy appearance and a docile, obedient personality. Spaniels suit them.
Scorpio is the most likely to have an exotic pet, especially reptiles. Lizards and snakes fascinate them when they shed old skins. The like animals that have exotic stripes or spots, or come from foreign countries. And they are drawn to breeds that are unique in some way, like the tailless Manx cat or the non-barking Basenji. They too, take in others’ pets when their owner has to move or cannot afford to feed it anymore. They also tend to like protective breeds for defense of home and person: pit bulls, Dobermans, and rottweilers.
Sagittarius is also likely to have an exotic pet -- these are people who buy big cats, ocelots, wolf-dog hybrids, or even domestic cats with spotted coats. Often Sags are very interested in American Indian culture and so they have mustang or Appaloosa horses. Dogs are active breeds who can run along as their owners ride, or accompany them on full days of hunting. (Variation: the dog that likes to tag along on car rides, as a passenger. Like the plumber who took his springer spaniel along on jobs.) One Sag boy had a pet raccoon; they like adopting wild animals altho that practice is frowned upon now.
Capricorn -- I dealt with Capricorn at the same time as Aries. However, Cappys also appreciate the working breeds. They may be involved in training them for careers in anything from the military to service for a disabled person. They like to give their own dog a job of some kind, too, even if it is only to carry some water while on a hike.
Aquarius admires many breeds of dogs and many pets. However, they often choose based on how much care they need. They will return a pet that turns out to have chronic health problems. They like self-cleaning pets, and that means rabbits, cats and gerbils. They are biased toward other humans, and so they will willingly offer a spare room to a friend but less likely to take in a stray animal. (Those get taken to the pound.) The exception is the more humanoid pets like monkeys.
Pisces is known for taking in strays, so anything that shows up at their door or is given them by friends who have to give up their pet, winds up with them. They are very forgiving of physical defects like ragged ears or missing toes. They figure it all adds to their raffish charm. They like to feed wild animals and birds, putting out bread and leftovers. They may be involved in animal breeding; one Pisces co-worker used to breed daschunds.

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