Saturday, September 20, 2014

Transiting Mars and Saturn Conjunct in First House Scorpio, A Personal Narrative

By Milky Way Maid

Experiencing a Mars and Saturn conjunction this year was a first-ever event for me. My ascendant is Scorpio, which is just where the conjunction was to occur. I thought maybe there was some chance of an accident, but I did not feel particularly fearful. 

First let's get some details out of the way. 

The Mars-Saturn conjunction was on August 25, 2014, at 17 degrees Scorpio. The exact time was 3:30 pm Eastern. Coincidentally, there was a New Moon that day: 2 degrees 19' of Virgo at 10:13 am. Mars and Saturn sextiled Mercury earlier in the day. Also, four days later (Aug. 29) the Sun opposed Neptune which was at 6 degrees Pisces. 

None of these points were conjunct any natal planets, but 17 degrees Scorpio closely opposes my natal Sun and applies to my natal North Node – the latter seems to be rather auspicious. The New Moon was sextile my natal Ascendant and trine natal Mars. So the outlook seemed to be on the whole pretty positive, even if I had trouble guessing what kind of event might take place. 

ALSO- 17 degrees Scorpio is exactly square my natal Chiron in Aquarius. Chiron in Aquarius has accounted for some arthritis in the knees and other ailments and injuries in that area. This time around, the square to Chiron seems to indicate a surgical intervention of some kind, but I thought some other transiting aspects referred to a series of injections to the knees that started in August. Turns out, I was in for some other surgeries besides those injections, even though they were all quite minor. Minor, yes, but for me it was very unusual to have such a cluster of medical interventions. 

Online articles on transiting Mars conjunct Saturn said things like “go on a diet,” or “much energy spent putting out annoying brush fires.” I have been trying to lose weight, but have been stuck on a plateau for several months; we will see if this transit brings any success. But the latter stuff about brush fires is true. I have had several things happen, one of the most annoying was a package that went astray and difficulty getting anyone to look into it. 

Consulting my trusty copy of “Transits In Reverse” yields many valuable nuggets, such as: “You may run into all kinds of frustrating irritations . . . and will be doubly frustrated because you'll have little chance to vent any resulting anger,” be careful of sharp tools, “not a day for risky ventures or investments,” low energy, a lack of stamina.

But nowhere did I run into mention of what actually happened that month. I had two minor surgeries which are notable because of a near-total lack of any previous surgical interventions other than assorted biopsies.
It is also interesting to note that the areas where the surgeries were performed are those ruled by Scorpio: the reproductive organs and the colon or excretory system. In both cases the items removed were negative for cancer, so that would tie in with the positive contacts to my natal chart. 

The list of Progressions also produced some hits to the 17th degree: Progressed Sun was at 14 Cancer, Progressed Mercury was at 17 Cancer, Progressed Ceres at 18 Gemini, Progressed Vesta and Progressed Part of Fortune at 15 and 16 Aries (in the sixth house of health). That is quite a list! 

Looking ahead, transiting Mars will conjunct natal Saturn in Sagittarius about the end of September or beginning of October, so I will have to keep an eye peeled for what transpires at that time. At any rate, Mars has already moved out of my Ascendant sign Scorpio, and Saturn will follow around Christmas of this year. So YAY, I will be glad of that. A second Saturn return does not come till 2016, so I will not worry about that right now. 

I would like to note once again that regarding good aspects for diets or weight loss, one of the most remarkable in my experience was a transiting Sun-Saturn conjunction for the day that I began a rather physically-demanding job. I believe I lost about 30 pounds in the first two months on that job. Of course I regained them much later, but that's how it goes.
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