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Venus to Cross Sun During 2012, Too

by Milky Way Maid

The year 2012 is not only the culmination of the Mayan calendar's Long Count, it is not only marked by the Neptune-Pluto square (discussed in a previous entry on this column), it is also the year that Venus makes another trip across the Sun. AND we will also see a solar eclipse within weeks of that Venus transit, one that aligns with the Pleiades star cluster in the sign Taurus.

The ancient Mayans (not to mention astrologer Barbara Hand Clow) believe that the Pleiades was a gateway for the ancients to come to earth or conversely, for shamans of several cultures to expand their minds.

Venus does not cross the Sun but rarely. She makes her visits in pairs, spaced eight years apart. But these paired visits may occur 105-130 years apart. So we are rather privileged to be able to view her transits in this decade with all the high-power telescopes trained on her progress across the Sun.

Venus made a transit of the Sun in June 8, 2004, at 17 degrees Gemini. Venus will make her return trip on June 6, 2012 at 15 degrees Gemini. Astrologer Susan Custer interprets the Gemini transits as presaging advances in communications and shrinking the 'global village.' For example, the 1631 and 1639 transit was the year that mail service was first instituted, in Denmark and Sweden. In 1874, the Atlantic telegraph cable was completed. Magellan sailed around the globe during the Venus transits in the 1600s. You may read her article on the topic on her website, The Astrology Page dot com, at

The Mayans revered Venus, some might say they feared her even more. But they built temples and other observatories aligned to key phases in her cycle. Kukulkan was deemed a manifestation of Venus. Kukulkan, according to some, symbolized the return of the Christ energy, a time to rebalance the spiritual and material values we hold.

Some transits of Venus have been accompanied by the most dreadful events. The 2004 transit marked the year of the gigantic tsunami that killed 275,000 people. Yet this event triggered a spontaneous outpouring of concern and donations for the relief of the survivors rendered homeless and jobless. A previous transit marked the year that the Spanish conquistadores subjugated Mexico.

The fact that this second leg of the series occurs in Gemini may hold out some hope that we may see an advance in communications or internet capability, similar to the Sagittarius transits in the 1600s.

Let's look at what else happened in 2004 for more clues. On Jan. 4, 2004, Spirit, a NASA Mars Rover, lands on that planet. (It ceased communicating all too soon but was fixed remotely and resumed its chatter on Feb. 6.) The Queen Mary 2 is christened on Jan. 8. (She embarks on her first Trans-Atlantic crossing on April 16.)

On Feb. 12, the city of San Francisco began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples who wished to wed. Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage on May 17.
On March 15, the discovery of the farthest natural object in the solar system (so far) was announced with the naming of Sedna. On March 29, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia join NATO.

On April 1, Google introduced gmail.

On May 24, North Korea bans mobile phones. On May 26, the New York Times publishes a list of its journalistic failings, including flawed reporting about the buildup to the 2003 launch of the war in Iraq.

On June 11, the probe Cassini-Huygens makes its closest flyby of Phoebe.
On June 21 and Sept. 29, the first privately funded space plane achieves space flight, SpaceShipOne. On June 24, New York state declares capital punishment to be unconstitutional.
On Dec. 8, the Cuzco Declaration is signed in Cuzco, Peru, establishing the South American Community of Nations. On Dec. 25, Cassini orbiter releases Huygens probe which successfully landed on Saturn's moon Titan on January 14, 2005.
(Events listed above are from the webpages.)

So we can see that 2004 was not just about gloom and doom and disaster, although some terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, and of course the Dec. 26 tsunami occurred. The year was also marked by private space travel, solar system discoveries and exploration, gmail, gay marriage rights, and the expansion of international working groups (NATO, the South American Community of Nations).

In 2012, we may see more ordinary people embark on space flights, the scientific conclusions of some of the 2004 landings may be released, gay marriage may once again go forward, and greater international cooperation.

Let us hope so, anyway.
RE the solar eclipse of 2012, let me look in the ephemeris... NASA shows an Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 – actually May 21 in Asia. Its path skirts the edges of the East China Sea, Japan, the Aleutian Islands, then to California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Texas. It is at zero degrees Gemini, reinforcing the Venus transit later in the same sign. BTW there is a conjunction of Saturn with the star Spica on May 11, the second of a series of contacts between them.

A chart cast for Washington D.C. on May 20, at 7 pm shows Mars high and conjunct the MC at 10 degrees Virgo. The Ascendant is 27 degrees Scorpio. Venus is setting and the Sun and Moon are just above the horizon in the West. Jupiter and Mercury are just below the horizon. Pluto is in the second house, Neptune in the third near the IC, Uranus in the fourth, Saturn in the eleventh. The MC and Mars trine Pluto. Venus is trine Saturn. Mercury is semisquare Uranus. Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Pluto.

NASA reference page on 2004 and 2012 Transits of Venus:

NASA world map showing where we may view some or all of Venus' 2012 transit across the Sun:

NASA map of May 2012 track of Annular Solar Eclipse,

My prior article on the Neptune-Pluto square in 2011 and 2012 is at:

That Big Fat Royal Wedding, and Whether William will Ever be King

by Milky Way Maid

By now everyone's probably got their royal tea towels with the faces of the lovely bride and groom printed on it, so now we can all sit down at our respective couches and discuss the royal wedding, the succession, and whether our favorite prince will ever reign. In the paragraphs that follow, I will not be referring to any other articles than the ones from AstroAmerica; I did not want my interpretation to be colored by that of other astrologers. I respect the work of many other astrologers, but I just did not want my thoughts to get muddled and confused by those of others.

The impetus for this article is the two-parter that appeared in Dave Roell's AstroAmerica newsletter on May 3 and May 10 of 2011. To read those, just go to his newsletter page at, and when the newsletter page comes up, click on 'Archives' to pull the desired past issues. I recommend printing out the articles to make it easier to refer to key passages and to the charts themselves.

The Data: The royal wedding was final at 11:30 am BST, April 29, 2011 in Westminster. Prince William was born at 9:03 pm BST on June 21, 1982, in Paddington. The new bride was born at 11:33 pm GMT on Jan. 9, 1982 in Reading.
One of the main contentions of the article by Mr. Roell is that no astrologer would have chosen that day for an important wedding. For one thing, the Moon at 26 degrees Pisces is void-of-course. (making no more aspects until it changes signs)
Second, Saturn at 12 degrees Libra opposes Venus almost exactly, and opposes Jupiter by sign. Venus also squares Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn.

I am not concerned by the Saturn-Jupiter opposition, which is very wide anyway. The two planets are SEPARATING, meaning that the influence of the aspect will tend to fade away over time. I AM more concerned about the Saturn-Venus opposition, which is APPLYING and will intensify for the first two years of the marriage (as progressed Venus reaches the exact opposition). This is the more troubling aspect. More problematic is that the wedding Saturn is conjunct Kate's Mars, making her feel very constrained inside the royal goldfish bowl, where her schedule (another Saturn word) is tightly controlled with hardly a minute to herself. Venus-Saturn aspects often come into play when a relationship is formalized (another Saturn word). Duty and affection can combine into a happy blend. Be happy in your work, to coin a phrase.

Venus is well past the square to Pluto and as with the Saturn-Jupiter opposition, as far as I am concerned it's history.

OK, on to the issue of the voc Moon. I have some personal experience with a voc Moon, having starting a job with that aspect. I held that position for six years until I left of my own volition. The job formally began on May 15, 2000 although I had begun performing that job a couple months earlier while still in the training phase. (I think the start time was 6 pm, if you are interested in trying to run a chart for this thing --- in Milwaukee, WI.) Six years is an eternity this day and age, and this job was the longest I've held any one position, second only to one that lasted about five years. So I think this assumption that this marriage is doomed solely because of the voc Moon is a mistaken one. They may elect to end it or not, but if so, it will be strictly because they choose to do so and not because of any complaints about third parties. Another key factor in evaluating voc Moons is whether the last aspect it made before going voc was positive or adverse. The last aspect to an actual planet was a semi-sextile to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction --- so they are out of the woods on that one. The Moon did square the nodes, also at 26 degrees, and it squared the Part of Fortune before that, at 24 degrees Gemini in the eleventh house (hopes and wishes). That may reflect all the good wishes tossed their way from the moment they announced their intention to marry.

Dave mentioned that the couple rushed through their vows. Well, with so much cardinal energy in the chart, it's a wonder they didn't finish before they started. Five planets in Aries, one in Libra, and one in Capricorn. Wow. They may be very rash to careen into this wedding, despite the fact they have lived together for some time. Cardinal energy jumps the gun in the rush to be first, or whatever it is. Besides living together, haven't they also jumped the gun in starting their family? I thought I read that Kate was pregnant when they made the engagement announcement. Or was that only a rumor? Only time will tell.
As least the succession will be secure.

So let us look again at the wedding chart and see what is good and strong about it. Mars is strong in Aries and conjunct Jupiter, near the midheaven. Yes, William dressed like a toy soldier in red. It also says to me that the rashness of Aries will be protected by Jupiter --- and it may be that William really needs it.
The Sun is at 8 degrees Taurus in the tenth house. (BTW Grandma is a Taurus, as is England supposedly.) This is significant because 8 degrees of a fixed sign is a critical degree. Much is riding on this wedding and the crucial Sun is very strong at 8 of Taurus. Taurus is a fertile sign, again, crucial to a royal marriage. The moon is in a fertile sign, Pisces. Well and good.

The North Node is in the fifth house of children, crucial to a royal wedding where the succession is the overriding concern. However, it squares the Moon at 26 Pisces. The fact that the Moon is voc is to me secondary to the fact that it squares the Nodes. Having children will be an issue that tries them within an inch of their sanity. Assuming that the bride is already pregnant, it could be that she loses this first pregnancy. Hoping I am wrong about such a trying event, but it could happen. We already suspect that the first two years are going to be difficult, because Venus is applying to that opposition to Saturn.
Once they get that behind them, they should be alright.

The wedding ascendant is two degrees off of the critical degree at 8 degrees of fixed signs. It may be activated, or it may be out of orb. We shall see. Likewise with the Midheaven of 15 Aries, which is also 2 degrees off the exact critical degree of 13 cardinal. Possibly progressions will contact these points, so keep these in mind for future reference. Critical degrees do work in progressed charts.
So in conclusion, with regard to the wedding or marriage, I see a difficult first two years or so. Other than that, I think the couple can survive and prosper.
Moving into the topic of synastry, Mr. Roell laments that there is so little resonance between the charts of the bride and groom. They were both born hours after eclipses (she after a lunar eclipse and he after a solar eclipse). That is extraordinary. It suggests to me that they are part of a new cycle, a new dynasty perhaps.

But there is something else about these charts that I notice. According to the Magi Society people, Chiron is often activated in the charts of married couples. In fact I believe that they used the charts of Diana and Charles as an example of Chiron aspects. (I don't know where to begin looking for that article, folks, but I swear that I read it.)

Charles' Chiron would be about 26 degrees Scorpio, near his Sun. Diana's Chiron would be about 6 degrees Pisces. Diana's Chiron opposes Charles' royal Saturn at 5 Virgo, trines his Mercury exactly, and is inconjunct his Neptune. Only Mercury is neutral, Saturn and Neptune are traditional malefics --- and look what happened. His infidelity (Neptune) was disclosed (Mercury) and led to the termination (Saturn) of the marriage.

Now here is where it gets a bit spooky. William's Chiron is about 24 Taurus; it is inconjunct Kate's Pluto at 26 Libra, and inconjunct Kate's Neptune at 25 Sag. That forms a Yod, suggesting that their alliance has a fated quality. We don't know yet what the saga of William and Kate will sound like or what twists and turns they will have to walk, but it may be a soul-growth experience that they signed on for before their births.

The next step I wanted to cover was critical degrees in the charts of William and Kate. The critical degrees are zero, 13, and 26 of cardinal signs; 8 and 22 of fixed signs, and 4 and 17 of the mutable signs. Planets at these degrees will be strong, and house cusps activated by progressions, for instance, will see more eventful years. For example, Diana had Neptune at the critical degree of 8 Scorpio. She will forever be famed not only for her glamor and charisma, for her charitable work, but also for being the victim (of a deceptive husband as well as of a car wreck), and even more importantly for her great compassion for victims of AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses.

So now let's see what critical degrees William has. His Sun is at zero Cancer, exactly on a critical degree. He has been in the public eye since the moment he was born not only because he is a royal, but because of his great resemblance to his mother. I think that he will become a key figure in British life, that he will institute changes through his efforts in public as well as behind the scenes. His views and his suggestions will be taken up. He will initiate (that's a key cardinal word) all kinds of programs or policies. Recall how he suggested to his mum that she auction off her dresses for charity, a venture that was quite successful.

Next is his North Node which is at 14 degrees Cancer, one degree off the exact but I'll take it. Again, we have a cardinal energy. The North Node suggests that his own spiritual growth will have a great effect on others around him. Then there is Saturn, two degrees off the critical degree of 13, at 15 degrees Libra. I am not sure if I can stretch these critical degrees this far, but certainly the issues of marriage and partnership are going to be key matters to him, coming from a broken home like he does. Even if the marriage went kaput, the manner in which he conducts the relationship is key to him.

Next up is Kate. Her Pluto at 26 degrees Libra is right on a critical degree. I feel that Pluto has to do with the generative powers. Queen Elizabeth's Pluto is at 12 degrees, 42 minutes of Cancer, on a critical degree, too. I think that Kate will succeed in producing not just one but several heirs to the throne, just like her mother-in-law.

Kate has Jupiter at 7 degrees Scorpio, exactly square Venus at 7 Aquarius. They are both just one degree off of the exact critical degree of 8 degrees of fixed signs. Venus is not necessarily weak just because it is retrograde, it just means that she has some lesson to learn about Venus as a result of past life experiences. Granted, the Venuses are not very strong; wedding Venus is not at home in Aries, and her natal Venus is weakened by being retrograde. BUT her natal Venus is strengthened by being at or near a critical degree. The square to Jupiter is troubling; perhaps she will prove to be a spendthrift.

Then she has Uranus at 3 degrees of Sag, just a degree off from the critical degree of 4 mutable. A strong Uranus finds one's own way of doing things, honors one's own uniqueness. She may be a bit of a rebel and with all the palace protocols to follow, she will find plenty to rebel against. The fact that she is a commoner married to the heir to the throne is unique enough.

Is Kate's Sun weak due to the conjunction to the South Node? I have read that this aspect means that the men who are attracted to you tend to reject you as 'not good enough' for them. So that is the most astonishing thing about Kate. IN ANY OTHER CENTURY, an heir to the throne would have rejected her for being a commoner. She would have been used and tossed away with the trash, like Anne Boleyn's sister.

Lastly the issue of whether Charles or William will reign. Mr. Roell thinks that neither one will reign. But I am going to look at their Saturns for a hint about that. Just as when we evaluate presidential candidates in this country to see if they have an elevated Saturn, I am going to take that as a cue to check the Saturns of both. Charles has Saturn in his second house (5 degrees Virgo), well below the horizon. By contrast, William has his Saturn at 15 degrees Libra in the ninth house. Fifteen degrees of cardinal signs is the world point, isn't it? And the ninth house is suitable for global politics. The bad part is that his Saturn squares his nodes at 14 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. Saturn rules kings and kingdoms, royalty and the tremendous responsibilities that come with a crown.

When might he reign? If we take Mars as the ruler of his tenth house representing the father, then Mars progresses to his natal midheaven at age 46 or 47. But if we take Jupiter as the ruler of his grandma the queen (Sag being the fourth from the tenth), then it might come a couple years earlier. I am looking at the transits from his birthdate and counting a day for a year. Only time will tell if this interpretation comes through.

Mr. Roell's May 10 issue has some interesting notes on the contacts between Kate's chart and that of Diana. Of course it is a truism that men marry their mothers, but this is a bit spooky. Example: Diana's Sun is conjunct Kate's Midheaven. Read the whole article by Dave to learn more.

Well, I have rambled on enough about this. One could write whole books but let's wait a bit till we see how things are going for them. Wishing them the best,

Yours Truly,
Milky Way Maid

Notes on a Wedding Horoscope with Children's Charts

by Milky Way Maid

While reading (or re-reading) astrology books on synastry and general astrology subjects, I suddenly decided to look up the planetary placements for my parents' first wedding. I say their first wedding because this was a civil ceremony, which was followed a few years later by a church wedding. They were from different faiths and could not get married in a Catholic church until some things were ironed out.
We do know as astrologers that often the same aspects, involving the same planets, repeat themselves from generation to generation. However, I had not read or heard anything before about there being any contacts between the charts of a wedding, with the charts of the children of that marriage. It makes sense of course. Perhaps you readers might like to try it out with your own parents' wedding dates and the birth charts of siblings.

So anyway, the first wedding, the civil ceremony and the one that they always observed as their 'real' anniversary date, was on Sept. 6, 1947, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I do not know the actual time so I just took the moon sign without trying to figure out what degree. I might go back and try to dig up the actual marriage document. But for now, this is enough to work with for my purposes.
I am astonished to note the close conjunctions between some planets and my natal placements. And here I am the youngest child of theirs, with supposedly no link to the event which took place years before my birth. The aspects given are within two degrees of orb, which is being quite generous. Normally I want aspects to be closer than that.

Sun was conjunct Venus in practical, down-to-earth Virgo --- and yes, it worked out. They stayed married for 50 years till my father died.

The Sun at twelve degrees Virgo, and Venus at 13 degrees Virgo, are trine my Mercury. The Moon is in Taurus, (the sign where it is exalted) --- same as my sun sign. Mercury at 19 degrees Virgo is trine my Sun, and also aspects my nodes. Jupiter at 21 degrees Scorpio is conjunct both my dad's and my North Nodes. Neptune at 9 degrees Libra is conjunct my Moon. And Pluto at 13 degrees Leo squares my Mercury and is conjunct my Midheaven. And to top everything off, the North Node AND the Moon in Taurus are conjunct my Venus.

The only hard aspect is the one with Pluto. It squares my Mercury. I associate this with my hearing loss, the end result of an incompatibility between my parents' blood factors. (In fact I needed a blood infusion at birth, plus medication for the first three months of my life, in order to recover.) Mercury rules the senses, in this case hearing. Pluto rules inter-generational matters such as heredity (and also evolution itself, which is enabled by the fact that the genes of each parent mix and match in an endless shuffle of genes).

Now what are we to make of the fact that several planets make such close aspects to the placements in the birth chart of one of the children? Does it seem almost as if the ultimate, spiritual purpose of the marriage was to produce this youngest child?

The bride and groom have some contacts with the wedding chart, of course. [GROOM: 1-25-1920 in Milwaukee, WI. BRIDE: 2-13-1921 in Manitowoc, WI.] Wedding Sun is 2 degrees past the groom's natal Saturn, signifying that he is ready to settle down to marriage and family responsibilities. Wedding Neptune is trine his Neptune (no idea what to make of that although it could represent ideals and spiritual growth). Wedding Uranus is opposite his Venus, reflecting the fact that he was in love with his bride for the whole fifty years that they lived together. Wedding Moon (and North Mode) sextile his Moon and trine his Mercury.

As for the bride, we see that wedding Sun is square her Mercury and inconjunct her Venus. She was not really ready financially to embark on married life, and maybe she needed some time to mentally prepare herself for a whole new way of life. Wedding Saturn is semi-sextile her Jupiter. Wedding Uranus is square her Saturn (perhaps she rebelled inside at getting tied down now). Wedding Pluto is conjunct her Neptune. Wedding Sun is semi-sextile her Neptune. She seems to be conflicted over getting married, maybe feeling like she had no other options in life, really. Some of that conflict may simply reflect the problems they were having getting married in the groom's Catholic church, since the Catholic church did not accept the bride's Lutheran background as adequate preparation for a Catholic ceremony. Eventually that problem was resolved, and the couple had a church ceremony at that time.

As for the older brother (oldest child of the couple), there are very few contacts to this wedding chart. Other than some semi-sextiles, the only major aspect is that the wedding Jupiter is square his Saturn. Also his Moon oppises wedding Neptune, and is inconjunct the wedding's Sun-Mercury conjunction. The older sister has wedding Neptune trine her Mercury, and inconjunct her Mars. Wedding Jupiter is square her Venus, and sextile her Jupiter. Wedding Moon is inconjunct her Ascendant. Even though this is a civil ceremony, I feel that Jupiter and Neptune may reflect some of her attitudes about religion. She wound up later repudiating the father's religion completely (and all mainstream religion as well), and had only a civil ceremony for her own marriage (which later ended up in divorce). Meanwhile the brother wound up marrying a woman who was very committed to the Catholic church and they raised their kids Catholic. They even sent their kids to a parochial school.

[SON: 11-24-1947 in Milwaukee, WI. DAUGHTER: 2-23-1949 in Milwaukee, WI.]
I will open the comments function on this article, hoping that I don't get overwhelmed with spam attempts. PLEASE do not put any links in your comments because I have no choice but to assume that the link is a spam attempt or a malicious attack. I am so sorry, but there have been so many innocent-looking comments that turn out to be spam or malicious content that I have no choice on this.

And if I come across the the actual times of any of the births or of the wedding, I will update this article with that info. As I recall most of the birth times were in the early morning hours, like 1:30 to 5:30 am. A great deal of material has been lost or misplaced due to several moves in the last decade. Thank you for your patience.