Friday, January 28, 2011

Stone circle in Morocco marked seasons

by Milky Way Maid

The United Kingdom has no monopoly on stone circles that mark the equinoxes and/or solstices. A stone circle was recently discovered in Morocco, and many of its stone markers fill the same purpose.

For example:

Stone 30 marks the summer solstice sunrise.
Stone 146 marks the summer solstice sunset.
Stones 61 and 62 mark the winter solstice sunrise.
Stone 118 marks the winter solstice sunset.
Stone 47 marks the equinoctial sunrise
Stone 132 marks the equinoctial sunset

So this is pretty remarkable. Seasonal markers may well be global phenoms because the reason that people needed them was universal.

You may join a forum discussion of the stone circle here, plus a link to the original article:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Do the Stars Say About this Weekend's Final NFL Playoffs? (2011)

by Milky Way Maid

The NFL is winding up the playoffs this weekend with two games on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011. From what I can see of the astrological signatures, there is a good chance of at least one upset this weekend. And unfortunately, the president's choice (Bears) is in danger of failing to advance to the Super Bowl.

The first game Sunday is a Central Division battle between the wild card Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears at 2 pm CT. The ascendant is at 28 Gemini; sometimes very late degrees favor an upset more than not. The ascendant is conjunct the South Node, square the Moon exactly in the fourth house, and square Uranus-Jupiter in the tenth house. Also it trines Neptune exactly in the ninth house near the midheaven. Strong squares usually help a football team to hold the line and score points. But this chart is rather weak, using non-planetary points like the nodes, and a mutable moon. The square to Jupiter and Uranus in the tenth could help the Bears put some points on the board, though. We shall see.

The Bears' ascendant ruler, Mercury at 13 Capricorn, is widely conjunct Pluto in the seventh house. Again I say that usually having your ascendant in your opponent's house is very negative, although the Bears overcame this problem last week. It also squares Saturn in the fifth house, which may spell trouble for their game plan.

The midheaven is 3 degrees Pisces, sextile Pluto in the seventh house and trine the North Node in the first house.

The descendant ruler is Jupiter, conjunct Uranus in the tenth house. It is also sextile the Sun, opposite the Moon (the public) in the fourth house, square Pluto, the nodes and the ascendant. Squares, even a T-square, is good for a football team. Football teams have to have some squares or oppositions to firm up the offensive and defensive lines. The opposition to the Moon suggests that the public will not exactly expect or welcome the outcome, or at least the way the game progresses.

Looking at the Moon aspects, we find the moon at 27 degrees Virgo inconjunct Neptune in the ninth house. The public has to adjust its assessment of the teams involved, and the team that they thought was going to be weak, a pushover (Neptune) turns out to be rather better than all the experts thought. The moon is also square the nodes and ascendant, exactly opposite Uranus (a possible upset), with Jupiter standing near Uranus.

Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers has Mercury sextile game Neptune, possibly showing an ability to fool the defense. His Mercury is also square game Uranus, again pointing to a possible surprise outcome or upset; the Bears defense may have a hard time reading him. Mercury is also square the game Moon, as we already mentioned; the public may not like or expect the outcome. His Venus is trine the ascendant (plus 3 degrees); a favorable link to the game chart. His Mars is square Pluto (plus 2 degrees); he will dig down deep for his best efforts that day. Neptune is opposite game ascendant; he may be a wily opponent, difficult to pin down (sack). His Pluto is sextile the game North Node; he will tap into his personal power. His North Node is trine game Saturn (orb 1 degree), and his North Node is also opposite game Venus (orb 1 degrees); his hard work and preparedness (Saturn) are rewarded (Venus).

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has his Mercury trine game Moon (orb 2 degrees); the public is favorably disposed to him, and is vocal in its support. His Mercury is sextile game Uranus (orb 2 degrees); his passing, play-calling, quickness are all good. His Venus is trine game Saturn (applying); hard work is rewarded. Venus is also opposite game Venus (orb 1 degree); his luck is good. His Mars is inconjunct game Saturn; he may be forced to readjust his game, or lose a favorite receiver. Mars is also inconjunct game Venus; the combination of two inconjuncts is not favorable for a high-level contest like this. Saturn is also inconjunct game Jupiter; he will have to be extra serious and diligent if he is to enjoy some luck in this outcome.
Uranus sextile game Mars (orb 2 degrees); good athletic performance in terms of having some surprises in store. Neptune opposite game ascendant; both QBs have this aspect; they may both be hard to pin down or sack. Neptune square game Uranus in Pisces; this is rather unfavorable because it often means a surprising loss, an unexpected loss. Neptune is also square game Moon; the public may desert him, or deem him a failure. His Pluto is trine game Neptune; this also suggests losses, a big loss. Generally no Pluto-Neptune aspect is favorable in a sporting contest. Pluto is also inconjunct game Uranus; almost as bad. His North Node is square Uranus, trine Neptune, and square the Moon; oh my goodness, the bad luck just piles on. Growth through losses. The public not pleased.

Oh, Mr. Cutler is not looking very good this Sunday. I gotta go with with the Packers and Mr. Rodgers, who has some powerful aspects to his North Node.

The later game features the New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers at 6:30 pm EST. The ascendant (home team Steelers) is almost 17 degrees Leo, semisquare the South Node in the eleventh house. It is also exactly trine Venus in the fifth house, as fortune smiles on their game plan. The ascendant is also sextile exactly Saturn in the third house, favoring the offense and their quarterback.

The midheaven is 7 degrees Taurus square Mars (conjunct the Sun) in the sixth house; it is also trine Pluto in the fifth house.

The ascendant ruler for the Steelers is the Sun, which is in the sixth house trine the Moon (orb 4 degrees) in the second house; the team will probably please the fans or public. Ascendant is also conjunct Mars in the sixth house, and sextile Jupiter (orb 3 degrees) in the eighth house. That seems lucky for physical efforts, sports, contests.

The descendant ruler for the Jets is Uranus. It is conjunct Jupiter in the eighth house and opposite the Moon in the second, while squaring the nodes in the fifth and eleventh houses. T-squares like that generally help in holding the line against the opponent.

The Moon is at 29 degrees Virgo in the second house, exactly opposite Jupiter (with Uranus) in the eighth house. The Moon squares the nodes in the fifth and eleventh houses. The fans or public enjoys a star performance although there may also be a hint that a rising star is about to take the stage in years to come.

The Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has his Venus opposite the midheaven (orb 2 degrees), making him the recipient of some luck. His Jupiter is inconjunct game Mercury, forcing him to change strategy or turn to different receivers. His Saturn is inconjunct the midheaven (orb 2 degrees), another sign of a change in game plan or offensive strategy. His Pluto is exactly opposite the midheaven, an aspect that could go either way; he might just demolish the other team. His Pluto is also square game Mars, and sextile fame Pluto.

The Steelers Ben Roethlisberger has his Sun sextile game Mercury, good for passing, play-calling, and quickness. His Mercury is opposite game ascendant, making him seem like a youthful, quick, and alert player. His Venus is sextile game Jupiter, a favorable aspect for luck between the two benefics. However, his Mars is applying to a conjunction to game Saturn; this is just lethal, this is just going to be a totally frustrating and unproductive game. His Uranus is sextile game Sun, an aspect that could be either positive or negative. His Neptune is sextile Neptune; I cannot see anything good coming out of that, as Neptune just helps victory slip through one's fingers. Neptune also squares game Uranus; ditto for that. So Ben will make a good effort but see it come to naught, I expect.

So let me again choose an upset in the playoffs, with the Jets pulling out a win over the normally formidable Steelers. There is less of a chance of an upset than in the Packer-Bear game, but still I gotta go with the Jets. (crossing my fingers here)

So there ya go, my picks for the two playoff games this weekend. Am doing fairly well so far. I did pick the Jets definitely for the upset last week, so I get some points for that.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sports Astrology looks at January 15-16, 2011 NFL Playoffs

by Milky Way Maid

Sports astrology often has interesting things to say in describing sports events and the performances of key players. Last week I looked at the results of the wild card playoffs of the NFL. In most cases, the key lay with the transits to the starting quarterbacks of the respective teams. So let's look at this weekend's games and see what is in store for Misters Flacco, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Ryan, Hasselbeck, Cutler, Sanchez, and Brady.

On Saturday, Jan. 15 we were treated to two playoff games. First, the Baltimore Ravens met the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, at 4:30 pm ET. The Ascendant was 16 degrees Cancer, denoting the home team Steelers. The ascendant squared Saturn in the fourth house.

The midheaven, denoting the major news of the day (usually about the winner), was 27 Pisces which sextiled the Sun-Mars conjunction in the seventh house. It was conjunct the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in the tenth house very close to the MC. Uranus was closer to the exact conjunction.

The Moon, denoting the public, is also important so let's see what clues lie there. The Moon is at 4 degrees Gemini trine Mars (out of sign) in the seventh house, and opposite Venus in Sag in the fifth house. Fifth house is the game itself, tho if we were looking at the home team it would represent the game plan. So the public is pleased with how the game is played, and gets involved with the competitive and athletic performances.

The ascendant ruler is the Moon, which we have already discussed. As ascendant ruler, it denotes the fortunes of the home team Steelers.

The descendant ruler, showing the fortunes of the visiting Ravens, is square Saturn in the fourth house. The fourth house in event or horary charts often denotes “the end of the matter” or how it all turns out. In this case it showed that the Ravens would be frustrated in their bid to progress toward the Super Bowl. Sometimes Saturn denotes honors and awards, so we have to look at what else is going on.

Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco had a very good transit chart that day. His natal Sun was near game Sun-Mars conjunction, in other words a solar return; he was doing what he loved, playing the game he loved. Game Mercury applied to his natal Mercury (keen mental processes and quickness). His Venus-Mars conjunction was inconjunct game Saturn, tho, forcing him to adjust his play in response to obstacles. His Jupiter was conjunct game Sun, tho, a very fortunate transit; he reached beyond his normal performance level. Saturn squared Neptune, a transit that often shows loss and frustration no matter what one does. Uranus sextiled game Saturn, upsetting his ambitions. Neptune was conjunct game North Node; Neptune can be glamorous but with the NN it usually shows losses. Pluto sextile Pluto. His North Node trine the Sun; it was his moment to shine. Game ascendant trine his Mars-Venus was fortunate for his athletic performance, energy was high. Game ascendant was also inconjunct his Uranus, upsetting him and upsetting his plans for the game, forcing him to adjust his play. Game Midheaven was sextile his Sun, positive but rather weak.

Pittsburgh's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had his Moon opposite Venus; the public was rooting for him. His Mercury inconjunct game ascendant showed he had to adjust his game, either his play-calling or his choice of passing receivers. Venus was sextile game Jupiter (out of sign), showing he had the benefit of some luck. Mars was conjunct game Saturn; this can be very frustrating. Neptune sextile Neptune probably added some glamor or inspiration. Pluto sextile game Neptune; finding a way to take back control of the game to overcome possibility of loss. North Node widely opposite game Sun; usually very fortunate; one falls back on one's strengths. Mercury inconjunct game ascendant; again, having to make adjustments to plays or choice of receivers. Mars square game ascendant, showing the great athletic effort he put forth to overcome obstacles. Neptune square game MC can go either way. Pluto inconjunct game MC also could have gone either way; the outcome may have been beyond his control.

At any rate, Ben was able to lead the Steelers to a win, 31-24 over Baltimore.

The second game of the day featured the Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons at 8 pm ET. The ascendant, denoting the Falcons, was at 23 Leo with no aspects. This is very strange; the Falcons would seem to not really be there, not giving it their all.

The midheaven was at 18 Taurus, sesquiquadrate Mercury in the fifth house. The emphasis would be on the quickness of the players, the play-calling, the passing game. Mercury also suggests that the result of this game would be more newsworthy than the prior game this day.

Ascendant ruler for the Falcons is the Sun at 25 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Mars in the sixth house. Sun-Mars is good for athletic performances so we'd expect them to play well. It is sextile Uranus-Jupiter in the eighth house; sextile is good but the eighth house is a house that belongs to the visiting team, so this is a bit odd. Maybe there is a “gift” from one team to another in the form of fumbles or something.

Descendant ruler for the Packers is Uranus (defense) conjunct Jupiter (great luck). It is sextile Sun-Mars in the sixth house. It is also square Mercury in the fifth house; the fifth house belongs to the home team so I think that the Falcons' game plan was a bit of a challenge to them, forcing them to play harder. Co-ruler Saturn has no aspects.

The Moon was at 6 degrees Gemini in the tenth house opposite Venus in the fourth house, and inconjunct Pluto (with Mercury and North Node nearby) in the fifth house. Inconjuncts force one to reconsider one's ranking of the players and teams involved. The less favored team often plays better than one expects, not necessarily winning but making a great show. The opposition to Venus focuses attention on a younger player, an attractive player. Both quarterbacks are about the same age so this does not help us too much.

Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers has Venus applying to his natal Sun, bringing some luck, favors, gifts. His Mercury is sextile Neptune, which often helps one know what the other person or team is going to do before they do it. Venus trine game Neptune, hmm. Mercury trine game Moon (orb two degrees); the public talks about you, or your words carry emotional power. Jupiter sextile game Saturn (orb 2 degrees); fortunate for matters where one is prepared and makes strong effort. Neptune square game Jupiter; given the other fortunate aspects, may give an aura of glamor or invincibility. Pluto sextile North Node; powerful for personal or professional advancement. North Node trine game Saturn can bring honors or awards; here I think it denotes his hard work being rewarded.

Falcons' quarterback Matt Ryan had Sun square game Neptune, a very difficult aspect; nothing you do is right. Sun is also trine game Sun so the spotlight was on him. Moon trine game North Node; he wanted this win very much. Mercury trine game Pluto; some things were outside his control altho he tried every target and did all he could. Venus widely opposite game Saturn; denial of the prize. Mars wide trine to game Saturn was disciplined effort and diligent preparation. Jupiter trine game Saturn brought some rewards for his efforts; they did score touchdowns. Saturn sextile game Sun; he worked very hard to win this game. Uranus sextile game Saturn, an upset of one's plans or goals. Neptune applying game North Node; victory slips through one's fingers. North Node inconjunct game Saturn; hmm, there will be a change of plans.

All in all it looks like the Falcons' quarterback had a frustrating day, astrologically. Mr. Rodgers, a very highly rated quarterback in the league, led the Packers to a surprising win over Atlanta, 48-21.

Now on to the Sunday playoffs of January 16, 2011.

First, at noon the Seattle Seahawks visit the Chicago Bears in Chicago.
The ascendant (denoting the home team Bears) is 16 Taurus inconjunct Saturn in the sixth house. It is also semisquare the South Node in the second house of resources.
The midheaven (final score, news) is 26 Capricorn consun the Sun exactly in the tenth house. Mars is near in the tenth house also. The MC is sextile Uranus and Jupiter on the cusp of the twelfth house, not a good placement. But the conjunction may denote that the result is a big (Jupiter) upset (Uranus).

Ascendant ruler for the Bears is Venus in the seventh, in the house of their opponent, and opposite the Moon on the second house cusp. Having your ruler in your opponent's house is not a good sign.

Descendant (Seattle) ruler Pluto is conjunct Mercury on the cusp of the ninth house. Also the North Node is nearby in the eighth house. Their quarterback may be the key power player of the day.

The moon, denoting the public, is 15 Gemini in the second house opposite Venus in the seventh house. It is also sesquiquadrate Mars exactly in the tenth house. It is also trine Saturn in the sixth house. The public will be pleased and entertained by the game, and especially charmed by the visiting team. I think that the public will feel that the outcome is deserved by the participants.

Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck
has his Sun square game North Node; this is generally quite fortunate for making personal and professional advances. The moon is possibly trine game MC, getting the fans on his side. Mercury is square game Sun (orb 2 degrees), making him the subject of the news or comment. Venus is inconjunct game Sun, tho, (also inconjunct game Uranus, making a yod aspect) probably indicating a change in fortunes. Saturn is inconjunct the game North Node, hmm. His hard work could alter the expected result of the game? Uranus sextile the game North Node can indicate an upset. Neptune conjunct game Venus adds glamor and gloss. Pluto sextile game Venus, hmm, possibly powerful influences add to his luck. Game MC is inconjunct his Venus; this can go either way, but the result is not what the experts expected. He may play better than they expect of him.

Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler has his Sun inconjunct game Venus; inconjuncts in general change one's game plan or one is forced to adjust. With Venus, maybe his luck changes. The moon is near game Venus if he was born near midday; same sign helps him be comfortable with the day's energies. Mercury is trine game MC-Sun conjunction; this says he may be the day's major news topic, for good or ill. Venus is trine game Saturn (orb 2 degrees); luck comes to those who work hard for it and are prepared. Mars is inconjunct game Saturn; a difficult aspect indeed; having to alter one's style? Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is conjunct game Venus, a very fortunate aspect. Pluto is square game Sun, adding power and helping him dig deep for all he's got. Pluto inconjunct game Uranus; hunh? His North Node is square game Uranus, suggesting a upset. It is also inconjunct game Sun, forcing him to adjust to changes in the game.

The Bears' ruler in the seventh house seems very negative, but their quarterback Cutler has a very good aspect in his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to game Venus. Hard to call, truly, but there are several aspects that show an upset by Seattle is very possible. I think that Seattle's quarterback Hasselbeck will be key to a Seattle win, if he can indeed pull it off.

The New York Jets visit the New England Patriots in Boston in a grudge match at 4:30 pm ET. The ascendant (Patriots) is at 25 degrees Cancer opposite the Sun exactly at the descendant in the seventh house. Mars is near the Sun also in the seventh. The ascendant is trine Uranus and Jupiter in the ninth house.

The midheaven (result, news) is 8 degrees Aries square Mercury-Pluto-North Node in the sixth house. It is also trine Venus in the fifth house, smiling on the Patriots' game plan.

The Moon (public) is at 17 Gemini in the eleventh house, opposite Venus in the fifth house, and trine Saturn exactly in the fourth house. Saturn can indicate the experts, the pundits, the oddsmakers and the fourth house is “the end of the matter.” But wait, Saturn can also indicate the ruler of the visiting team...
Ascendant ruler for the Pats is the Moon. See above regarding aspects. Venus in the fifth, as I said, can show luck smiling on their game plan. Trine Saturn can indicate their efforts rewarded, or they win the honors. But wait...

Descendant Capricorn's ruler is Saturn, at 17 degrees Libra in the fourth house, trine the Moon in the eleventh house (hopes and wishes, teams). The Jets are looking good at this point. But wait, we haven't looked at the quarterbacks yet.

The Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez has his Sun inconjunct game Moon; the public re-evaluates his worth or his ability. His Moon is possibly conjunct game Uranus, denoting an emotional upset or variable emotions. His Mars in Aquarius makes a grand trine with game air planets Moon in Gemini and Saturn in Libra; that sounds great. And you know what else? His Moon in Pisces is widely trine his Mercury in Scorpio, and both are trine game ascendant in Cancer. So there's is another, watery, trine for you, at least by sign (we do not know the exact degree of his natal Moon). His Neptune is conjunct game Mercury, so he could seem to know what the other side will do before they do it. Game MC is inconjunct his Venus-Pluto conjunction; he has the potential to change the outcome of the game.

The Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady has been playing tremendous this season. On Sunday, hi sMoon is square game Pluto, making him frustrated with things that are outside his control. Venus is opposite game North Node; he will be forced to play to his strengths, with what has worked before. Mars is in the same sign as game Moon, adding emotional intensity. Jupiter is square game Uranus, which can aid an upset OR can indicate lucky breaks in the game. Jupiter is trine game Neptune, adding glamor and making fans get behind him. His North Node is conjunct game Saturn (orb 1 degree); this honestly can be interpreted either way but it is possible his progress is blocked or frustrated. The other interpretation is that honors follow his career progress. His Moon is possibly conjunct game MC, and game MC is also widely trine his Sun. These aspects are positive for him and for a successful outcome of the game.

This is extremely difficult to make a call on this game. Sanchez has an incredible transit chart with possibly two grand trines working for him, so I gotta give him the edge for that. Also the fact that the Jets' ruler Saturn is in the fourth house, and that it trines the Moon, makes me think that it might be the Jets' day.

Whew, that was a long article. Hope you could follow it all. Enjoy the games!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Interesting Sports Astrology Charts Hinted at NFL Playoff Upsets

by Milky Way Maid
This past weekend saw both NFL teams that contested last year's Super Bowl both eliminated in the wild-card playoffs.

The Indianapolis Colts were edged by the NY Jets by a mere point on Saturday night, 17-16. Saturday afternoon saw the New Orleans Saints defeated by the Seattle Seahawks, 41-36.

Sunday's playoffs were generally more formful. Green Bay beat the Eagles, 21-16. And the Baltimore Ravens demolished the Kansas City Chiefs, 30-7.
Let's look at each of the 4 playoff game charts and at the quarterbacks to get some clues about the outcome.

On Saturday, Jan. 8, the Saints met the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle at 1:30 pm PT. The Ascendant was at 4.5 degrees Gemini, opposite Venus in the sixth house. It was also inconjunct Pluto in the eighth house. The Midheaven was at 5 degrees Aquarius and it was a bit odd that there were no major aspects to it at all. There was only a semisextile to Pluto.

The Seahawks' ruler as the home team was Mercury, which squared the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the eleventh house. Mercury was also sextile Neptune in the tenth house. So Seattle was very fortunate to have good aspects not only to the Ascendant, but also to its ruler Mercury.

Seattle benefited from the opposition to Venus, who shed her beneficial rays toward them, and also from the Mercury square to Jupiter-Uranus, which gave great luck and unexpected turns to the game. Mercury can be youthful players, good catches, agility, speedy play-calling or audible-calling, and footwork. Gemini is quick, lightning quick, and brings an exuberance to the way the game is played.

The Saints' ruler was Jupiter, which benefited from the conjunction to Uranus, too. It was also square Mercury (good agility and quickness of play), trine Venus (some luck, favorable calls from referees, etc), and sextile Mars (fine athletic skill and stamina).

I also like to look at the Moon, which represents the public. The Moon at 9 degrees Pisces in the eleventh house (hopes and wishes, teamwork) was semisquare Mars and square the Ascendant. The fan favorite was likely to disappoint the public, and not play up to expectations. The Sun was square Saturn, which tells me to look for players whose natal charts are afflicted by this.

Now look at the quarterbacks. The Saints' QB is Drew Brees. His transits were as follows (this will be confusing because I do not now have which was the natal planet and which was the transiting planet, but that is OK because we can still see the energies play out) --

Brees had Sun square Moon (possibly the fans were not happy with him, they booed, or whatever). Mercury squared the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which can be challenging but also made him put forth a great effort that day -- as we can by the fact the Saints put 36 points on the board. Uranus squared the Moon, which I interpret as feelings of being upset or having emotional ups and downs. Neptune squared the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also, which can signify snatching defeat from the mouth of victory -- or seeing a win slip away from you. However, the ascendant sextiled his Jupiter, and the midheaven was opposite his Jupiter, both very good aspects. He did perform well.

Now Hasselbeck had his Sun-Mercury conjunction sextile Venus, giving him some lucky breaks. Venus trined Mercury, very good for his teammates to catch his passes, etc. Saturn also trined Venus, which brings rewards for hard work and preparation. Neptune squared the Moon: maybe the fans did not come there expecting to root for him but they ended up being inspired by his performance. The game North Node sextiled his Mars, which is very significant as a career best performance.

So while both teams and quarterbacks had very strong aspects that day, the clues provided by the Moon square Ascendant, and Brees' own Sun square the Moon, were strong indicators that a possible upset could be in the making. And Hasselbeck's strong Venus contacts gave him just enough luck to lead his team to a win. The fact that the ascendant had an inconjunct to a planet (Pluto) also tends to produce an upset (though NOT always).

On to the Indy-Jets game, played at 8 pm in Indianapolis. I have 18 degrees Leo as the ascendant (representing the Colts), which was inconjunct the Sun at the cusp of the sixth house. It was also sextile Saturn in the third house. See, another inconjunct, signifying a chance of an upset.

The Midheaven was 9 Taurus, sextile the Moon in the eighth house, trine Pluto in the fifth house, and sesquiquadrate Mercury in the fifth house. The home team had powerhouse players and a great game plan, but I interpret the sesqui aspect as demanding some kind of adjustment or reassessment.

The Moon has moved forward two degrees to 11 degrees Pisces, and is sextile the midheaven. The public is satisfied that they saw a good game.

The Colts' ruler is the Sun, placed at the cusp of sixth house, and close to Mars also in the sixth. It is square Saturn, as we said, giving them great obstacles in their path to the Super Bowl. And it is also inconjunct the ascendant. We saw that aspect when looking at the ascendant, and now it is reinforced by the fact that one of the planets involved is the ruler of the ascendant. Bad.

The Jets' ruler Uranus is conjunct lucky Jupiter. It is square Mercury in the the fifth house, giving them some lucky catches, etc. if they make a determined effort to win. It is trine Venus, giving them some luck and favorable referees. And it is sextile Mars, giving some positive athletic energy there. Their co-ruler Saturn is square the sun and sextile the ascendant, but this afflicts the Colts more than it hurts or helps the Jets.

The Jets' QB Mark Sanchez has his North Node square the Sun, which is favorable, and may signify this is a key period for his development as a star quarterback. And the midheaven squares his Venus, giving Venus a chance to shower her favors on him as he stands in the spotlight.

The Colts' QB Manning had his Moon sextile the lucky Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Mars opposed his North Node; I think the opposition made him look back too much on past victories and perhaps he was not focusing on the here and now. Pluto was inconjunct his Moon, giving him frustration with things outside his control. The Midheaven was widely square his Uranus, probably making him upset and emotionally changeable.

Sanchez had much better aspects that day, and was able to lead the Jets to victory over the Colts.

The Baltimore Ravens met the Kansas City Chiefs at KC on Sunday, Jan. 9, at noon CT. The Ascendant (the Chiefs) was 23 Aries trine Mercury, square Mars, and sextile Neptune. Soft or hard aspects to Neptune can both see the game slip away from them. Neptune to the Moon or Mercury can sometimes inspire or give you the ability to know ahead of time what your opponent is going to do, but it is tricky to interpret.

The Midheaven is 13 degrees Capricorn square Saturn in the sixth house, which tends to depress the total number of points scored by one or both teams.
The Chiefs' ruler Mars is sextile the lucky Jupiter-Uranus conjunction but it is in their own twelfth house, where it can lead to overconfidence and therefore poor preparation. Mars is also square the ascendant, which can be either good or bad for a sports event.

Baltimore's ruler is sweet Venus; she is trine Jupiter-Uranus, semisquare Saturn, square Neptune (adding glamour), and inconjunct the South Node in the third house. A chance of an upset, but it did not come off, so we have to keep looking here.
The Moon at 19 Pisces is conjunct Jupiter-Uranus, and sextile the Sun exactly in the tenth house.

Baltimore QB Flacco has his Mars inconjunct Saturn, Jupiter conjunct Mars (an extremely fortunate aspect for an athlete), Neptune conjunct the North Node, the North Node trine Mars, and the game Midheaven inconjunct Venus. The aspects to both his and the game north nodes are very fortunate.

The Chiefs' QB Cassel had his Sun inconjunct Mercury, his Moon conjunct or in the same sign as the Moon, Jupiter sextile the North Node, Saturn conjunct Saturn, and Uranus conjunct Venus (a break in his lucky streak). The Saturn return was separating but I am thinking that his career may take another turn or two.
Flacco led the team to a lopsided 30-7 victory over the Chiefs.

The Green Bay Packers took on the Philadelphia Eagles at Philadelphia at 4:30 pm ET. The Ascendant was 15 Cancer (representing the Eagles), opposing the Sun in the seventh house (with Mars there also). It squared Saturn in the fourth house, the end of the matter. This was not favorable for the Eagles.

The Midheaven was 26 Pisces conjunct Jupiter-Uranus in the tenth house, square Mercury, and sextile Mars. This was likely to be the marquee game of the day if not the weekend, with the bright light of Jupiter and Uranus on the MC.

The Eagles' ruler was the Moon in the ninth house, also conjunct Jupiter-Uranus, square Mercury, and sextile the Sun in the seventh house. The fans seemed to favor them, they got behind the comeback story of Michael Vick, their quarterback, and were willing to see him redeem himself.

The Packers' ruler was Saturn, which squared the ascendant, and the Sun in the seventh, and semisquare Venus in the fifth. Saturn gives honors, at least if one has worked hard for them.

The Packer QB Rodgers had Moon sextile Sun, Mercury square Jupiter-Uranus (good passes, good play calling), Venus square Mars (can give high physical energy), Pluto sextile the North Node (good for the long-term strength of his career), and game midheaven square his Mercury.

The Eagles' QB Michael Vick had his Sun-Mercury opposite Pluto, Jupiter trine Pluto, Saturn opposite the Moon, Uranus trine the Moon, Neptune square the Moon, Pluto square the Sun (this is the most challenging aspect of all these), and Mercury trine the midheaven. Vick had good aspects but too many of them were to the Moon and not to athletic or fortunate planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter. He probably played an emotional game, and football is emotional, don't get me wrong. But he did not have quite enough toughness or determination, or just plain luck to get him past the Packers. The Sun-Pluto square can wipe one out; I am sure he gave his all.

Anyway, the Packers go on to the next playoff level after defeating the Eagles 21-16.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Venus to Cross Sun During 2012, Too

by Milky Way Maid

The year 2012
is not only the culmination of the Mayan calendar's Long Count, it is not only marked by the Neptune-Pluto square (discussed in a previous entry on this column), it is also the year that Venus makes another trip across the Sun. AND we will also see a solar eclipse within weeks of that Venus transit, one that aligns with the Pleiades star cluster in the sign Taurus.

The ancient Mayans (not to mention astrologer Barbara Hand Clow) believe that the Pleiades was a gateway for the ancients to come to earth or conversely, for shamans of several cultures to expand their minds.

Venus does not cross the Sun but rarely. She makes her visits in pairs, spaced eight years apart. But these paired visits may occur 105-130 years apart. So we are rather privileged to be able to view her transits in this decade with all the high-power telescopes trained on her progress across the Sun.

Venus made a transit of the Sun in June 8, 2004, at 17 degrees Gemini. Venus will make her return trip on June 6, 2012 at 15 degrees Gemini. Astrologer Susan Custer interprets the Gemini transits as presaging advances in communications and shrinking the 'global village.'

For example, the 1631 and 1639 transit was the year that mail service was first instituted, in Denmark and Sweden. In 1874, the Atlantic telegraph cable was completed. Magellan sailed around the globe during the Venus transits in the 1600s. You may read her article on the topic on her website, The Astrology Page dot com, at

The Mayans revered Venus, some might say they feared her even more. But they built temples and other observatories aligned to key phases in her cycle. Kukulkan was deemed a manifestation of Venus. Kukulkan, according to some, symbolized the return of the Christ energy, a time to rebalance the spiritual and material values we hold.

Some transits of Venus have been accompanied by the most dreadful events. The 2004 transit marked the year of the gigantic tsunami that killed 275,000 people. Yet this event triggered a spontaneous outpouring of concern and donations for the relief of the survivors rendered homeless and jobless. A previous transit marked the year that the Spanish conquistadores subjugated Mexico.

The fact that this second leg of the series occurs in Gemini may hold out some hope that we may see an advance in communications or internet capability, similar to the Sagittarius transits in the 1600s.

Let's look at what else happened in 2004 for more clues. On Jan. 4, 2004, Spirit, a NASA Mars Rover, lands on that planet. (It ceased communicating all too soon but was fixed remotely and resumed its chatter on Feb. 6.) The Queen Mary 2 is christened on Jan. 8. (She embarks on her first Trans-Atlantic crossing on April 16.)
On Feb. 12, the city of San Francisco began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples who wished to wed. Massachusetts legalizes same-sex marriage on May 17.
On March 15, the discovery of the farthest natural object in the solar system (so far) was announced with the naming of Sedna. On March 29, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia join NATO.
On April 1, Google introduced gmail.
On May 24, North Korea bans mobile phones. On May 26, the New York Times publishes a list of its journalistic failings, including flawed reporting about the buildup to the 2003 launch of the war in Iraq.
On June 11, the probe Cassini-Huygens makes its closest flyby of Phoebe.
On June 21 and Sept. 29, the first privately funded space plane achieves space flight, SpaceShipOne. On June 24, New York state declares capital punishment to be unconstitutional.
On Dec. 8, the Cuzco Declaration is signed in Cuzco, Peru, establishing the South American Community of Nations. On Dec. 25, Cassini orbiter releases Huygens probe which successfully landed on Saturn's moon Titan on January 14, 2005.
(Events listed above are from the webpages.)

So we can see that 2004 was not just about gloom and doom and disaster, although some terrible hurricanes, earthquakes, and of course the Dec. 26 tsunami occurred. The year was also marked by private space travel, solar system discoveries and exploration, gmail, gay marriage rights, and the expansion of international working groups (NATO, the South American Community of Nations).

In 2012, we may see more ordinary people embark on space flights, the scientific conclusions of some of the 2004 landings may be released, gay marriage may once again go forward, and greater international cooperation.

Let us hope so, anyway.
RE the solar eclipse of 2012, let me look in the ephemeris... NASA shows an Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 – actually May 21 in Asia. Its path skirts the edges of the East China Sea, Japan, the Aleutian Islands, then to California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Texas. It is at zero degrees Gemini, reinforcing the Venus transit later in the same sign. BTW there is a conjunction of Saturn with the star Spica on May 11, the second of a series of contacts between them.

A chart cast for Washington D.C. on May 20, at 7 pm shows Mars high and conjunct the MC at 10 degrees Virgo. The Ascendant is 27 degrees Scorpio. Venus is setting and the Sun and Moon are just above the horizon in the West. Jupiter and Mercury are just below the horizon. Pluto is in the second house, Neptune in the third near the IC, Uranus in the fourth, Saturn in the eleventh. The MC and Mars trine Pluto. Venus is trine Saturn. Mercury is semisquare Uranus. Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Pluto.

NASA reference page on 2004 and 2012 Transits of Venus:

NASA world map showing where we may view some or all of Venus' 2012 transit across the Sun:

NASA map of May 2012 track of Annular Solar Eclipse,

My prior article on the Neptune-Pluto square in 2011 and 2012 is at:

Friday, January 7, 2011

iPad Gets an Astronomy App

by Milky Way Maid

A new app for your iPad will put the planets at your fingertips. The app, unimaginatively dubbed 'Solar System', It's actually an electronic book written by former radio astronomer Marcus Chown. You can touch pictures of a planet, or Saturn's rings, for example, to find out more about it. The review in WSJ says the articles are well-written, the galleries have dozens of high-resolution images, plus animated sequences. Basic data is of course included (diameter, mass, volume, gravity, atmosphere). Priced at $13.99, it is more expensive than a lot of apps, but it manages to combine info with beauty.

(This is not a paid advertisement, paid endorsement, or anything like that.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Return to the 'Summer of Love'? The Uranus-Pluto square

By Milky Way Maid

As I have mentioned in my last weekly column, I have been re-reading a couple of Barbara Hand Clow's books, Catastrophobia and The Mayan Code. The latter book has some interesting things to say about the years 2011 and 2012, in regards to her astrological interpretation of the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square.

As some of you may recall -- and yes, I am aware of the joke that if you were really part of the '60's then you won't remember it at all -- there was a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 1960's.

To quote Ms. Clow at length in her notes about the '60s: Uranus came together with Pluto (conjunct within less than five degrees) during 1964 through 1968, which initiated a time-release depthcharge of radical transformation in culture and individuals. Uranus rules change and transformation, and Pluto rules processing our deepest and darkest emotions. In modern times, Uranus and Pluto are always in key angular aspects when radical shifts in consciousness occur. When they come together, the greatest forces of change are set in motion. Since Pluto was only sighted in 1930, the 1960s saw the first-known conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. Before this we had not been conscious of the human potential for enlightenment of all people, only of an occasional guru or saint.

Going back to the 1960s in your mind, do you remember the Summer of Love in San Francisco, the Beatles
(etc). The media and the previous generation have done everything possible to make it look like all that crazy behavior just went away, but it has not. Knowing how expanded consciousness feels has caused this cultural seed to germinate within the planetary mind ever since the 1960s...
According to astrology
(she continues) whatever happened during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the 1960s would manifest globally as soon as these two planets reached their first square (a 90-degree angle) to each other...
With Uranus and Pluto, when the first square comes, the creative explosion of the 1960s will release into the world. Guess what? (she asks) Uranus comes to its closest square in to Pluto during 2011, and then the exact squares are during 2012 on June 24 and September 19! Just coincidence? Well, the exact reading for the Uranus/Pluto squares in 2011 through 2012 is that “the enlightenment energy discovered by the Children of Love will manifest as a global force in 2011, and during 2012, no one who lives on the Earth will be able to resist melting into enlightenment.” You will live and breathe enlightenment. I can assure you that you will not be able to resist being swept into joy, creativity, and fusion with awesome cosmic forces; it will would be like resisting a tsunami.

She also says that “Saturn in Aquarius and Pisces from (1991 to 1996) was a practice run for Uranus in Aquarius (1996 to 2003) and in Pisces (2003 to 2011); and for Neptune in Aquarius (1998 to 2012)... Uranus rules radical transformation of self and cultures; Neptune rules enlightenment processes. Neptune dissolves our resistance to the spiritual forces in the universe and erodes egoic boundaries until we surrender to bliss. Actually, the most important planet to track from 1999 to 2012 is Neptune, since it rules all the processes of enlightenment. Neptune in Aquarius from 1998 to 2012 brings in the coming Aquarian age of human enlightenment.

[The above excerpt was from The Mayan Code, Barbara Hand Clow, 2007, Bear & Co., Appendix B, pp. 226-228.]

I have been seeing the peace-sign motif and daisy flower motif springing up the past couple years, usually worn by the younger generation (what are they now, Gen Y, or the Indigoes?). It is my heartfelt hope that the younger generation push aside the controlling mechanisms of the elite, and reject war as a solution to any problems.
And just as Eastern mysticism became a subject of intense interest and study in the 1960s, perhaps another MIDDLE-Eastern discipline will be brought home with the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan – perhaps Sufism? Perhaps the forgotten branch of Christianity called Manichaeism? Perhaps Islam itself? Perhaps the true roots of all of the three major religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) will send out another shoot, embracing all its branches in a truly ecumenical faith.
I do not think that drugs will be a major part of this Uranus-Pluto scene, although I do think that marijuana will eventually be legalized. I think that more of us may be sensitized to the subtle energies of these planets that perhaps drugs will not be necessary. In fact, it could be that the millions of Americans who are saddled with pharmaceutical prescriptions will be able to throw away their drugs, and latch onto natural healing and natural highs.

I can recall Time magazine in the 1980s or 1990s, wondering where the hippies went. Its answer was that they all put on suits and joined corporate life. The difference being that these former hippies started many companies whose intent was to create the better world they envisioned in the 1960s. Those who became lawyers, sued for protecting air and water quality, and for damages from chemical pollution. They remade the world by starting companies that produced products that were Earth-friendly, ecologically-sound, technologically advanced, and often socially egalitarian.

Many of these companies were later bought out by the large corporations, and the enlightened principles under which they were founded bit the dust. Now, I could see a new wave of startups (perhaps started by some of the long-term unemployed in these United States), founded once again on these enlightened principles.

And BTW, as a person who has been saddled with Neptune rising, and got tired of other budding astrologers looking at me askance when they saw my chart, I am finally glad to hear the truth about Neptune being clearly stated. I think my life has been about trying to get my head straight, without crutches like drugs or drink or whatever, and I have been plunging into reading about self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment topics since I was in my teens or earlier.

If the 1960s were “wild and crazy”, then Jesus Christ was a “wild and crazy” guy.