Monday, November 26, 2018

What's Cooking for December 10 (or so) in Trump clan???

by Milky Way Maid
Maybe some of you have latched onto Robert Cosmar's Youtube videos already; if not, I recommend you sample them. The latest one says something is due to happen around December 10, 2018, possibly in connection with the Mueller investigation.

Cosmar points out that the transits are very serious around that time. Pluto will be conjunct Jared Kushner's Sun, while it also opposes Donald Jr's ascendant. I'd like to remind people that Pluto has been nicknamed the wipeout planet for good reason; it is possible that they will both be served indictments, or face arrest, seizure or freezing of accounts. Pluto can conceal or it can reveal the devastating truth. 

The Pluto transit over one's natal Sun can play out over the course of about a year and a half, so Kushner's exact transit may or may not show up in the December headlines. Pluto also governs generational issues from genetics to inheritance. It is thought that the transit points to finding out who one really is, what you really want to do with your life (as opposed to fulfilling a parent's ambition for you). It could be that Kushner has to give up his career as a developer or real estate baron, and carve out his own career somewhere else. 

Kushner in any case will make a drastic change in his life. It could take the form of a separation from his famous wife, Ivanka. While I have not seen rumors of any troubles in their house, the fact that they will incur heavy legal expenses could drive them apart so as not to be responsible for the other's debts as well as their own. Kushner has been investigated for some time for his involvement in deals and loans from foreign parties seeking to gain influence with his father, the current president. Ivanka will be scrutinized for using her private email account for government business. 

The Pluto transit regarding Donald Jr's seventh house probably signals the legal end of his marriage, since he and his wife separated some months ago. Long term, I see him becoming more determined to carve his own path in life, instead of seeking his father's approval by partnering with his dad in the family businesses. 

As for Donald Sr., Pluto is approaching an opposition to his natal Saturn at 23 degrees Cancer. I think this will be very karmic, and he will lose the rest of what's left of his empire. (This can take years to play out, though.) Already we have seen a couple of his towers take off the Trump name; also the Trump Soho was divested completely (as far as we know). 

See what you think. Donald Trump Jr. born December 31, 1977 in New York City. Jared Corey Kushner born January 10, 1981 in Livingston, New Jersey. The Robert Cosmar video mentioned can be viewed at

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Comparison of Trump Birth Chart to George Washington Inaugural

By Milky Way Maid
This is an article I should have written two years ago!
I’ve been meaning to do a comparison of the Donald Trump birth-chart to the George Washington Inaugural for a long time, but kept putting it off. Maybe I was scared of what I might find there. Then this week the info on the George Washington inaugural popped back into my hands, and I had no more excuse not to do this. I set about running out new charts and comparing them. There was nothing good, I can tell you that. 

Many people have run birth charts on Donald J. Trump in the past two years, also charts on his announcement he was running for president and on his own inauguration (which BTW was very poorly attended despite his protestations to the contrary). But I don’t think I have seen anyone compare his chart to the George Washington inaugural which I feel is a key chart for determining the merits of a candidate. The other charts I mentioned may show what kind of person he or she is, or what kind of candidate he or she is, but the GWI chart comparison should show what kind of president he or she will be, and whether he or she will be good for the country. 

The info on George Washington’s first inauguration is as follows: April 30, 1789, New York, NY, between 12:40 and 12:45 pm LMT, SOURCE- Campion, “Book of World Horoscopes,” #378. You can go to to print out a free chart if your software will not go that far back, or does not have an option for LMT (local mean time). 

Printing up the chart, we arrive at an ascendant of 27 or 28 degrees Leo. This is probably why so many of our presidents have had some planet or natal ascendant in the kingly sign – even though we consciously were rejecting the whole idea of a monarchy. 

From there the planets are arrayed as follows: Neptune at 21 degrees Libra in the second house, Part of Fortune at almost 4 degrees Scorpio in the third, North Node at 28 Scorpio in the fourth, Pluto at 19 Aquarius in the sixth, Saturn at 20 Pisces in the seventh, Mars at 13 Aries in the eighth, Mercury at 24 Aries in the ninth, Venus at 2 Taurus in the ninth, Sun at 10 Taurus in the ninth, South Node at 28 Taurus in the tenth, Moon at 16 Cancer in the eleventh, Jupiter at 22 Cancer in the eleventh, and Uranus at 1 Leo in the twelfth. 

In case you do not have the DJT chart handy, here it is again: birth info is June 14, 1946 in Queens, NY. The time is generally taken to be about 10:50 am but astrologer Alphee Lavoie (see Alphee dot com) has arrived at a rectified time of about 10:12 am. I am not going to quibble one way or the other over his birth time, since they are very close to each other and will work for our purposes. 

Donny has an ascendant of about 21 degrees Leo (using Alphee’s chart) with Mars at 26 Leo in the first house reflecting his sour temper. This Mars is very close to the GWI chart ascendant at 27 or 28 Leo (depending I suppose on the house system one uses). 

His Saturn is on the GWI Jupiter at 22 degrees Cancer. His Part of Fortune is on GWI Pluto at 19 degrees Aquarius, reflecting his glee at creating destruction and chaos. And his Moon-South Node at 20 degrees Sagittarius are square the GWI Saturn at 20 degrees Pisces; his weak and injured Moon lashes out whenever he feels threatened or criticized. 

In every case, the contacts between the two charts involve a malefic. Doesn’t that tell you everything right there?
Donny is not having an easy time of it at present. The asteroid Nemesis is now at 17 degrees Gemini, right on his natal Uranus in the tenth house of career and reputation; a showdown with Mr Mueller looms no matter what he does to try to avoid it. Hard to tell what a combination of Nemesis and Uranus will do, but it sure sounds explosive. 

(BTW I may as well address the idea that many people have put forth that Donny will be forced to leave office very early in his term, even in his first year. I have always doubted that due to the fact that his own inaugural chart has the Moon in a fixed sign, indicating he will try to stick it out as long as possible! The Moon is at 9 degrees Scorpio in the sixth house.)

Donny cannot expect anything better from a re-election run in 2020, in my view. 2020 is another Jupiter-Saturn conjunction year, setting the tone for the next two decades until the next one. 

According to the Vedic system, we have been in a cycle of conjunctions in Fire signs, with the 2020 conjunction signaling a long-term changeover to Earth signs. (NOTE: in the Western system, the conjunctions have been in the earth signs and will move to the air signs in 2020.) 

The Vedic people believe that the 2020 Great Conjunction signals a return to respect and reverence for the Earth and nature; that people will work in harmony with the ecology and give up burning fossil fuels. For a look at the Vedic perspective on the Great Conjunction, perhaps you could take a few minutes to read Gordon Brennan’s article at  

An article on the upcoming Great Conjunction from the Western perspective can be located at Astrology King’s webpage at   I am surprised that no one else has written about this topic – yet – what with the date coming up fast on the calendar!! 

At any rate, I cannot think of anyone less in sync with a vaunted New Age, in Aquarius or any other sign, than Donald Trump. His closest natal aspect is Neptune at 5 degrees Libra, yes a lovely trine, but Neptune for him is just about lethal, since he appears to express it chiefly through unrestrained self-indulgence and other forms of shooting himself in the foot. Nope, in my opinion, he’s gonna dig a hole so deep for himself that he can never climb out of it.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Da Vinci’s Astrological Zodiac Secret in his ‘Last Supper’ Masterpiece

By Milky Way Maid
Probably everyone has seen or heard something about da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper supposedly providing proof that Mary Magdalene was his wife. While I am not going to get into that discussion right now, I would like to point out an unexpected proof that that the fifth Apostle from the left really is Mary Magdalene, and it involves astrology.
First go to this web page and copy the image of the painting that appears there:  Keep it handy for reference.
That image is of the Last Supper with the names of the Apostles above each one, plus Jesus.
Now, you may not know that you can read the Zodiac in the painting from left to right, skipping over Jesus; start with Bartholomew (Aries)  on the left and end with Simon Pisces) on the right. 

It is interesting that some of the saints are associated with, or are in some kind of pose, that in some way evokes that sign of the zodiac.
The third Apostle from the left is Andrew, representing Gemini. He is in a pose with his hands up, palms forward. Gemini rules the hands.
The fourth Apostle is Judas (going by where the head is, not the body), who represents Cancer. He holds a bag of silver, and Cancer is associated with acquisitiveness and saving money.
Fifth is Peter, as Leo. Leo is often a boss in the office setting, like Peter was boss of the Apostles after Jesus departed.
Now here’s the surprise – Sixth is Virgo, which happens to be the only female in the zodiac. So the Apostle, supposedly John the Beloved, is really Mary Magdalene after all.
Seventh is James Major, representing Libra, the Scales. His arms are outstretched to either side like the arms on a balance.
Eighth is Thomas, whose finger is pointing up like the stinger on the Scorpion.
Tenth is Matthew, whose former occupation was as a tax collector. Matthew is the patron saint of civil servants, among other things, and Capricorn is the sign of government.
Last is Simon the Zealot, representing Pisces. Simon is sometimes identified with two fish. Also one tradition about him says he was martyred by being sawn in half lengthwise.
This article is just the result of a quick bit of research after finding a reference to the apostles representing the signs of the zodiac, and that da Vinci incorporated that information into his famous painting. Sorry I did not find specific links between all of the apostles to every sign. But perhaps at the time it was painted, there were associations between the signs and certain careers or attributes that have fallen by the wayside. For example, the second Apostle was James Minor, who had been a fuller before joining up with Jesus. (A fuller is someone who softens and sometimes dyes cloth.) Perhaps Taurus was once thought to rule clothing or haberdashers.
Some of the oldest Christian churches had representations of the zodiac with the apostles going around a central image of Jesus, with Jesus sometimes represented as Sol Invictus (the Sun). Very rarely, Jesus as the Sun was accompanied by Mary Magdalene as the Moon. For the former, see images of the Beit Alpha church (mistakenly called a synagogue) and the church at Hamat Tiberius in Galilee.  For the latter, check out images of the central panel in the church of “Our Lady Mary” in Galilee, Israel.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Notes on Natal and Solar Return Charts for Katharine Graham, former publisher of the Washington Post

By Milky Way Maid
(I started this article several weeks ago and finally hurried up to finish and post it now, in August. Well, now the movie is rather old news, but I thought it’d be fun to look at the main character, Mrs. Graham.)
I have been enjoying repeated viewings of the new film “The Post” starring Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradley. Probably because the film covered a pivotal year in the lives of Graham and the newspaper, I decided to run a natal chart for Graham plus a solar return chart for the year 1971, when the issues surrounding the hunt for and publishing of the Pentagon Papers determined whether the Washington Post would grow or shut down.
Lacking an exact time of birth, I ran a noon chart for Graham. Her birth data is on record as June 16, 1917 in New York, New York. I ran a Placidus chart.
Mars-Mercury at 1-2 deg. Gemini
Venus at 5 deg. Gemini
Neptune at 1 deg. Sagittarius
Sun at 24 Gemini
(trine Uranus at 23 Aquarius)
Mars at 18 Aquarius
Jupiter at 27 Taurus
Saturn  at 29 Taurus
Jupiter at 28 Scorpio
Pluto at 29 Virgo
Saturn at 29 Cancer

Saturn  at 29 Taurus
Jupiter at 28 Scorpio
Juno at 26 Cancer
North Node at 10 Capricorn
(opp. Venus at 8 Cancer)
Uranus at 9 Libra

If you have read my article on late degrees, you will quickly recognize the placement of the planet Saturn in late Cancer as an indicator of a family business, inherited by the subject. In this case, Graham’s father Eugene Meyer owned the Washington Post and handed over the business to Graham’s husband, Philip Graham. Not until Philip’s untimely death did Katharine take over the business that really was rightfully her – and which in my opinion she was born to run.
[By the way, Eugene Meyer bought the newspaper in a bankruptcy auction in 1933. The presence of Jupiter in late Taurus might be a family signature of a benefit from a bankruptcy action, which winning the auction certainly was. ]
The film portrays Katharine as having great difficulty speaking up for herself until when amid the pressures not to publish the Pentagon Papers, she finally finds her own voice in time to order their publication. So it is a bit surprising to see an argumentative Mars-Mercury conjunction (in Gemini) in her natal chart!! Perhaps that energy was channeled into her early reporting career. The conjunction is opposed by Neptune, which makes me suspect that Neptune might be near her Ascendant. Neptune placed near the Ascendant can make one very quiet, nearly mute, especially in childhood.

  • The solar return Venus and Neptune activate issues of expanding (Neptune) the financial support of a more aggressive and active journalistic presence (Mars conjunct Mercury).  
  • Solar Return Mars trined Katharine’s Sun, making her dig in her heels in the legal fight to print the Pentagon Papers. This became more exact with the later controversy over the Watergate investigation.
  • Solar Return Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all aspected Katharine’s natal Jupiter, expanding the paper’s influence nationally and greatly raising its prominence. 
  • Solar Return Saturn, Jupiter and Juno all aspected her natal Saturn, which also tended to give her the ambition (Saturn) to invest in and assign the many man-hours of investigative work to cover the stories that begged to be told. 
  • And Solar Return Uranus helped throw light on those stories in unexpected way, helping the paper (and Katharine) grow into the major voice that it became in national news.

The movie “The Post” is not only a good film about journalism history; it also shows a pivotal slice of time in the personal and professional growth of one brave lady, Katharine Graham.