Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Stupid Thing Did I Do During Mercury Retrograde? Shop

by Milky Way Maid

Having written about Mercury retrograde does not keep me from doing stupid stuff while Mercury is in fact moving in retrograde motion.

Witness the fact that I went shopping a bit last Friday, April 15. I knew Mercury was retrograde. I knew that if one goes shopping during a Mercury retrograde, one ought to examine the merchandise pretty carefully for damage and make sure it fits. One cannot count on being able to return the item for a cash refund, you know.
I figure used items fit well into the Mercury retrograde theme, so I go to resale shops. So far, so good, because I find three pairs of shoes at the local Salvation Army store.

And I really needed shoes so I was happy to find anything that fit my wide feet. Maybe I was a bit too happy, because I did not lift the shoes up or flip them over.
Item Number One: One pair looked like it had never been worn. These were the Earth Shoe sandals in a mahogany color. Kind of like huaraches. Very nice, I'll take them.

Item Number Two: Another was a very simple pair of basic loafers. Gotta have some loafers, right? Only $5, worth every penny if they fit. I could get my feet into them at the store, so in the cart they went.

Item Number Three: The third pair was another pair of sandals in split leather or a lookalike, with a little rosette cut out near the toe and a T-strap. They seemed quite roomy in the toes and so I said to myself, hey this is my lucky day, girl. In the cart they went.

Item Number Four: The last item was a leather-look purse or portfolio with a Kathy Lee brand logo. Pretty good shape, a bit dirty but I can clean it up a bit. Will hold a lot and looks very sturdy. At $2.99 this is the steal of the day. And I only found this after about giving up looking for purses in another section of the store. This was hanging with the backpacks and above the luggage.

Now you get three guesses which item or items were the clunkers.

ANSWERS: Over the weekend, I tried to put on the basic loafers and I could not even get my feet into them. What?!? Well, they were obviously unworn so I put them back into a plastic bag and would return them Monday while on some errands. Had to hunt a bit for the receipt, but yes here it is, in the bag it went with the shoes. One of the hallmarks of Mercury retrograde is having to do things over again: go back to the store to make a return, tear out the floor you just did and start over, redo the document that you just lost to the cyber gods, etc.

I stop at the gas station while out on my errands. I am wearing sandals, Item Number Two. I feel kinda funny while standing there pumping gas into the tank, and bend over to examine the sandals. You know what? These are REALLY ventilated. The outer seam where the uppers attach to the base is ripped out from my little toes to the heel section. Wow. When did this happen? Before they were donated to S.A., or when I wore them while doing laundry over the weekend? I will never know. I do not want to make another trip home to put on other shoes, so I could take these back with the loafers.

I decide to tough it out and just take the loafers back for now. I go into the store with the bag and receipt and explain the problem with the loafers to the clerk at the checkout.

She stated that normally they only take clothes as returns, but would take back this pair this time only. I thank her. She asks if I want a store credit or would like to shop a bit today. I tell her I will look around and if I cannot find anything today, I will take the store credit, thanks.

So I wander back to the shoe section and lo and behold, I find a nice pair of white shoes, wide in the toes and properly snug in the heel. These are the kind that are cut low in back and I normally do not look twice at that style. These catch my eye because they look nice and summery and I sure need the toe room. They fit wonderfully well and I gladly take them back to the checkout lady. They are the exact same price as the loafers and so I do not have to cough up more nickels and dimes.

OK, I got an even exchange on the loafers for a nice pair of summer shoes. When I get home, I take off the tan sandals and look at them more closely. I had in mind that maybe these could be reglued by a cobbler or something.

But these are a disaster. Not only have the uppers come apart from the base all along the outer edge, but the soles have deep cracks if you bend them. Both shoes. Made in Spain, if that means anything. The rain in Spain gets your feet wet because the shoes are falling apart.

I decide that well, I did not do too badly. In the end, I got two pairs of shoes and a sturdy purse for a total of about $24. The purse alone was worth that. One pair of shoes in a mall would have cost me at least that much. So I did not cry too much over the lost $6.99 or whatever for the Spanish sandals. Except that I am so broke right now that I cannot easily spare that amount. But mustn't cry over spilt milk. Count myself lucky to find anything at all. Yep, life can be good sometimes. Even under a Mercury retrograde.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mars' redness may be due to natural nuclear explosion

by Milky Way Maid, from news reports

According to a new report from a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp., Mars' redness may be linked to a nuclear past. In a story that has been picked up by AOL news service, this hypothesis is supported by the presence of radioactive materials still found on the planet surface.


"A natural nuclear reaction could have occurred on our own planet -- and could happen again, said Dr. John Brandenburg, a senior propulsion scientist at Orbital Technologies Corp.

' "The Martian surface is covered with a thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium -- and this pattern radiates from a hot spot [on Mars],” Brandenburg told"

Very interesting article. Let's hope that funding is successfully sought for a mission to Mars to verify this hypothesis.
Article may be read at