Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Do the Stars Say About the 2009 Kentucky Derby??

by Milky Way Maid

Recently I posted an article predicting the first-round results for the March Madness college basketball tournament. I did pretty well considering I don't even follow basketball! It looks like I hit about 60 percent, which is about what all the other sports handicappers can accomplish.
But now the first Saturday in May beckons, with the most exciting two minutes of sports. The most exciting two minutes of ANY sport!! Millions who never watch any other horse race watch the Kentucky Derby.

Aspects referred to in the notes are between the horse's natal chart and the transits for the race, or vice versa. Interpretations are based on a finish-line race time of about 6:10 pm Eastern Time in Louisville, Kentucky. I have read that Churchill Downs is adding a race earlier in the day, so I do not know if that will affect the time that the Derby is actually run. If so, that can definitely affect my interpretations and choices.

So without too much further ado, here are my readings of the prospects for the 20 entrants of the Run for the Roses. They are more or less in alphabetical order. Actually, I have 21, because as of this writing, we do not know if Quality Road's second quarter crack (an injury to the hoof) will cause his owners to scratch him from the race.

Advice: A February foal, he has some very bad aspects. Both the transiting Moon squares his Mars, and transiting Mars squares his Moon. This usually produces a horse who tries to go to the front and won't relax. This is not the best style for trying to win the Derby. I would not even put him in my exotic bets. He also has Mars squaring the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction, which ordinarily would not be a bad thing.

Papa Clem: This is the other entry with the same bad aspect. Mars squares the Moon, which usually produces a rush to the front and nothing left in the stretch run. However, Papa Clem also has his Sun conjunct transiting Jupiter, which is extraordinarily lucky and could give him enough gas to get to the finish line. His aspects are mixed, shall we say. It will all depend on whether his jockey can control the pace of the race in the early going.

Chocolate Candy: He has a couple good aspects, but nothing major. Mars is squares Jupiter, which usually produces a good effort. And Saturn is trine Mars, for a disciplined and controlled effort, or perhaps a good jockey ride.

Desert Party: His Sun is squaring the nodes, and I am not sure what to make of that because I have never seen that before. Jupiter is also exactly sextile Saturn, which is sometimes a positive indicator. I read that he and his stablemate are blossoming in Kentucky and training well.

Dunkirk: His Sun is near the North Node, inconjunct Pluto. Plus Saturn is trine Mars, probably indicating a good job by the jockey. These aspects are fairly minor and do not have a strong aspect to his Mars or Sun or back them up. I do not see him making an impact on Saturday.

Flying Private: He has only a sextile between his natal and transiting Mars. This is a fairly minor aspect.

Friesan Fire: Mars is three degrees from an exact trine to Jupiter, which is a minor plus. It is also a couple days after his birthday, which usually produces a feeling of well-being in both people and animals.

General Quarters: He has only one strong aspect and that is an opposition between Sun and Saturn. I have not seen this in past Derbys, so I have little to go on. It is either very good or very bad; good, when Saturn awards honors (meaning he wins the roses), and bad when Saturn denies a thing.

Hold Me Back: His Sun is conjunct the descendant, which may indicate a third or fourth place finish. Mars squares the Venus-Mars conjunction, which produces a stubborn effort to hang on. It is also opposite Pluto, which generally means he goes all out. He also has his North Node closest to the exact sextile to the Derby's North Node, which has been an inconsistent indicator of a winner.

I Want Revenge: His Sun is conjunct the Mars-Venus conjunction, which will give him boundless energy. Whether it will be enough to get the distance, and overcome his hoof problems, is still open to debate. Plus a Saturn-South Node conjunction which is favorable.

Join in the Dance: Sun near Venus, just like I Want Revenge, with whom he shares a birthday. Also Saturn conjoins the South Node, a sign of good fortune.

Mr. Hot Stuff: Mars trines the North Node, which says to me that just being in the Derby may be the high point of his career. Trines do not generally produce victories; oppositions and squares produce victories.

Mine that Bird: He has the same birthday as Musket Man, so see those notes. He is however, the less capable entry, so even great transits will not help him win this thing.

Musket Man: Mixed transits. A square between Mars and Saturn indicates he will find traffic problems and be blocked. Jupiter opposes his Sun, which is quite energizing and lucky. And lastly, Saturn is conjunct the South Node, indicating a reward for hard work. He will be lucky to hit the board, but I do not see a win for him.

Pioneer of the Nile: A Sun-Saturn trine plus a Mars-Sun sextile are pretty minor aspects for a major race. I like this horse but a win does not seem to be in the cards. Or stars.

Quality Road: His Sun is near Venus, but Venus is not a factor in sports events; it is only because Venus and Mars are nearly conjunct that it is a factor this year. QR's birthday is only a few days apart form I Want Revenge's, but he has a closer contact. His Mars is also more closely square Saturn, which may indicate traffic problems. (Revenge's Mars-Saturn aspect is much looser, so it should not be a factor Saturday.)

Regal Ransom: This is Desert Party's stablemate. His Mars squares the Ascendant for the race. Mars trines Uranus, which might produce an upset or surprise if he does better than expected. He also has a Jupiter-Sun opposition, which gives a huge boost to one's fortunes and energies.

Square Eddie: He has a Sun-Saturn trine, indicating a disciplined effort and or a good ride by the jockey. Mars trines Jupiter, for abundant physical energy. Mars squares Uranus exactly, which gives concern for injury. I personally don't think he has been prepped adequately for this race, and hope that he does not suffer a career-ending injury because of it.

Summer Bird: Mars is trine the Jupiter-Neptune transiting conjunction. Gives good energy and luck. He could also make some dumb mistake (Neptune) that costs him all chance.

West Side Bernie: His Sun is past the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, so either he will improve or the second in the last prep race was the high point of the spring career. Mars is conjunct Mercury, which probably will produce a fast pace and a good time but is usually a minor aspect. His Sun is trine the ascendant for the race, producing a favorable effort. There is a Sun-Moon opposition, which tells me that the public will not be fond of him at all, and will probably let the odds rise on him. Saturn is widely trine Mars, but only exact aspects tend to figure in winning efforts.

Win Willy: Sun is widely conjunct Mars, but if it were closer like I Want Revenge's, it would produce a much stronger effect. Mars and Jupiter widely trine, which is also helpful. He just does not have strong personal energy aspects that will support a win.

To sum up, the horses with strong negative factors are: Advice, Papa Clem, Square Eddie, Musket Man and Mine that Bird.

Horse with minor positive factors are: West Side Bernie, Pioneer of the Nile, Flying Private, Mr. Hot Stuff, and Summer Bird.

Horses with strong indicators for a good athletic effort are: Chocolate Candy, Musket Man (altho he probably will not be able to win), Regal Ransom, Desert Party, Quality Road, I Want Revenge and Join in the Dance, Papa Clem, Friesan Fire, Hold Me Back (a possible third or fourth), and possibly General Quarters. Dunkirk is still a question mark, with his Sun near the North Node and also inconjunct Pluto; these are unusual aspects and hard to interpret. They can be highly favorable, but his lack of proper foundation for this race will be difficult to overcome. He will do well to make the superfecta.

Of the last group those with what I feel or suspect may be strongest indicators of a win are Hold Me Back, I Want Revenge, Quality Road, Musket Man, Desert Party, and possibly General Quarters. Even Papa Clem has positive factors that might overcome the negative indicators.

This has been a very hard Derby to interpret, with few of the major aspects that have indicated past winners. I have seen among past winners a transiting Jupiter conjunct Sun, a Sun square or opposite Mars or Jupiter, a Saturn opposite Jupiter, and the exact sextile between natal and transiting North Nodes, and similar aspects involving athletic planets Mars and Jupiter.

Those aspects have not presented themselves this year, except for Hold Me Back, whose birthday is the closest to the date of the North Node exactly sextile the transiting North Node for Derby Day. I am undecided about declaring him the winner, because his Sun is weakly placed at the descendant. But definitely include him in your exacta and trifecta tickets, because he has the kind of running style that people like to see in the Derby.

And if you have been following the pundits who noticed that a gray has won every four years for the last several series, the only grays entered in this year's edition are Dunkirk, General Quarters, and Win Willy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have You Ever Wasted Your Professional Advice on a Friend?

by Milky Way Maid
Several years someone that I thought was a close friend asked when she should buy a car. (This falls under electional astrology.) It was early spring and I did not think the transits were so great, and so at first I told her to wait till July. There were going to be much better aspects to Uranus in July.
Oh no, I've got to buy it in May, she says. That's when I get my bonus check (or whatever it was). I just want to know which day I should sign the papers. And she gave me two or three days of a certain week to choose from.
Well there was not much to choose from, was there? It was like being under the gun. So I looked at which aspects were exact on each day. Let me see, I cannot recall now which aspects were on which day from so long ago. But it was something like a Mercury square Saturn on a Wednesday and a Mars square Uranus on Friday, so I split the difference and told her Thursday.
So fine, she buys the car and is very happy with it. ONE YEAR later, making the progressed chart activate the aspect on the following day, she had an accident. Her car was rammed by someone wanted on a warrant, and the crash pushed the engine further to the rear. Fortunately she was OK, but the car sustained over $4K damage at that time.
Yet what did she say to me years later? She blamed me for what happened to the car. You told me to buy it on this day, she whined. And I fired right back at her, I told you to wait till July, but nooo! You had the money in your hot little hands and couldn't wait.
She had no rejoinder to that, but this is what I mean about totally wasting your time trying to help people that you think are friends. No matter how happy they are with the purchase or whatever, they will blame YOU for everything that ever goes wrong with it. Life comes with ups and downs, and no house, car or marriage is absolutely perfect every day of its existence.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs; Part 4 - Sag, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

by Milky Way Maid

How to Attract and Keep a Sag --
SAGITTARIUS: Are you sure you really want to settle down with a Sag? Sag is a rather footloose type, but he's always a great one for sharing great times and great adventures. Want someone to go sky-diving with? Get a Sag. Want someone to hit the casino, tour Europe, go skiing, or ballooning with? Sag is the one. Want someone to cheer you up? Get a Sag. Have a passport, and be ready to pack at a moment's notice for the next adventure. Get yourself on the alert list for last-minute travel deals so you can take off together. Sag will also go for outdoor sports like hiking, skiing, horseback riding. Never say that you just want to hang around the house. Never complain that you might break a leg doing whatever. And NEVER be pessimistic. Ask which they'd rather do: take a trip around the world or climb Mount Everest. They might say both.

How to Attract and Keep a Capricorn --
CAPRICORN: Cappy is one of the most requested signs in the astro-dating field. People want them because they are likely to be very successful in their own company or in a large corporation. But I tell ya, I knew a Cap who liked to spend a few weeks a year roughing it in a tiny cabin. He said it made him appreciate all the amenities of modern life more. So if you can tolerate camping, tenting, hiking on your vacations, or even mountain-climbing, go for it. Cappy also can be a bit insecure about taste in clothes so if you can gently advise him on what tie looks best with what shirt, that will go a long way with him. Help him to look terrific, help edit his presentations and reports so he looks brilliant, be his secret executive secretary, and especially be the kind of corporate wife who hosts perfect dinners with the boss and is a master of protocol. Know how to make the perfect martini, set the perfect table, and send the perfect invitations. Cap women are equally ambitious and will pare the budget to pay tuition for the best colleges, etc. NOTE: Moon in Capricorn is just as ambitious and corporate-minded.

How to Attract and Keep an Aquarian --
AQUARIUS: Aquarians do not live in the past although they can be great story-tellers about their growing-up years. You must have an active interest not only in technology but in humanity as well (technology as the servant of man, not its master). In other words, a computer is nice BUT Aquarians do not glue themselves to it. They get a lot of enjoyment out of belonging to groups, whether at work or otherwise, so do not begrudge his time away from you to be with them. Heck, you may as well join too if it is an open membership. Many astrologers make the mistake of thinking Aquarians are into offbeat stuff, but not in my experience! They are very conventional and committed in relationships, but they do hope for a better future for mankind thru progress and technological achievements. Of all signs, they are the most future-oriented. Try asking them what kind of future he or she sees for humanity.

How to Attract and Keep a Pisces --
PISCES: Pisces probably goes with their feelings more than just about any other sign, so ask what they feel like doing tonight; be prepared to scrap previous plans (don't buy tickets ahead). Find restaurants and malls that offer live music if possible. Take her to free summer concerts in the park. Hanging out at the beach is good, too, especially for younger Pisceans. This is one sign you can probably confess your escapades playing hooky from school to. Dates revolve around gaining experiences rather than shopping or eating; examples are travel to another city, amusement parks, camping or picnicking, or trying a new game. Attract them by asking how that photo or painting or song makes them feel; ask why they like it. You might get some very fascinating answers to that. Play with her cat, and feed her fish.

Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs; Part 3, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

by Milky Way Maid

How to Attract and Keep a Leo --
LEO: Has a large ego! If you're good at sucking up while being artful about it, you got it made. Likes to make a show of spending money so never, but never, protest that something is too expensive. Do not use coupons or be cheap when on dates; let your scrimping be a deep dark secret. Wear brand-name clothing, etc. on your dates or you are history UNLESS you can say you designed it yourself. Dates may be spent at theatre, cinema, gallery, or casino, or doing creative things like writing/composing/making puppets or staging a little show. Or painting -- with a bright, bold palette of colors. No point in asking “which he'd rather do: A or B” because he is probably doing everything he ever wanted.

How to Attract and Keep a Virgo --
VIRGO: Virgoes are not all dreadfully neat and picky. They can be lots of fun and very down to earth. Usually some part of their life is extremely neat and systematic, and they are working on applying that to more areas of their life. Show them some cool website where they can fill in their data and make a spreadsheet showing where they need to diversify their investments, etc. Dates may be spent golfing, viewing documentaries, visiting museums, attending lectures. It will almost be like school, but at least you can duck out of exams. You must show that you respect work and you must never confess to playing hooky. Never admit to periods of unemployment unless you used the time to write a book or nurse Aunt Agatha thru her last illness. Favorite word may be “perfect”. Be neat, clean and sanitary. Hope you like health foods and broccoli.

How to Attract and Keep a Libran --
LIBRA: Libra has a fixation on perfection, too. If you have a mole or the like, get rid of it. Attracting one is a bit easier if you wear a very artistically-colored tie or shirt, or are hanging around an art gallery. Libra women like to feel that they are treated as equals; so take turns picking the movie, restaurant, etc. Offer to go halves on an admission price or on a chance on a door prize. Likes to do things together, and that does not mean that you fix the leak while she makes lunch. It means she hands you the tools or reads the instructions to you on how to assemble the gazebo. Respect her intelligence, answer her questions, and she is a great partner in any project or business you have going. Needless to say, manners are important, so apologize if you forget to refill her wine glass. Ask which she'd rather do: write a best-selling novel or paint for the rest of her life.

How to Attract and Keep a Scorpio --
SCORPIO: A Scorpio is about total commitment. Do not think you are teasing him by pretending interest in another man/woman. That only tells him that you are not ready to commit to a life together. This commitment may also entail belonging to the same religion or church, so this is not something that you can easily fake for a few months till you get the wedding ring. A Scorpio is also more likely than some signs to believe in psychic or spiritual phenomena, so joining the same church or spiritual group organization is a good idea. Dates usually have plenty of time to talk and get acquainted, such as over dinner, a bottle of wine, even cribbage. Ask what they did in a past life. Ask which they'd rather do, take a long cruise or scuba dive the Caribbean.

Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs: Part 2, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

How to Attract and Keep an Aries --
ARIES: You gotta be fit to keep up with an Aries, so if you are not currently in an exercise regimen, you better start now. This applies to both male and female Arians. Aries likes to see a fit partner; I knew of a first-degree Aries woman who greatly admired her husband's tight butt. Dates may revolve around activities like dancing, bowling, etc. or around watching sporting events. Keep up with the local teams, know the terminology of a sport, and try to look like a cheerleader. Show off the trophy or medal you won as a kid in peewee league. Restaurant choices tend to favor Mexican or other spicy foods; find a place with jalapeno poppers. Aries sometimes likes to pick fights just for the fun of it, and boy is it fun making up. Also, keep in mind that Aries takes the lead, so while you can make suggestions and objections to details, you will probably not be able to veto the whole idea.

How to Attract and Keep a Taurus --
TAURUS: A Taurus likes to be comfortable! You might even find a depression in the carpet in front of his favorite easy chair, which also has an old but soft and comfy blanket tossed over across it to cuddle under on chilly nights. Of course it goes without saying that Taurus likes a good meal, so if you can cook, by all means offer to make supper for him every Sunday. (or if you know a nice reasonably-priced family restaurant nearby, suggest going there). Try to look like you know your way around the kitchen, and it is OK to try out recipes on him. Likes nature and gardens, and needs to be forced to exercise so try to get him or her in the habit of taking walks in the local nature center or arboretum. Ask what he or she would rather do if s/he had a whole month off from work and no concerns about cost.

How to Attract and Keep a Gemini --
GEMINI: While mastery of the full panoply of communication devices is pretty widespread among all signs nowadays, a Gemini is never far from a cellphone, a bluetooth, maybe a pager, and the iPhone -- communicating by email, voice, IM, and Twitter. Besides multi-tasking to the max, he or she may also be a compulsive writer, scribbling for a blog or website or other platform for sharing one's output. You may have to start writing each other on a social news website in order to get a word in edgewise with his dozens of other friends. Offer to swap comments on each other's articles. Gemini is also a huge flirt, and loves jokes and plays on words. Might spend the whole date talking and nothing else. Tickle the palm of the hands and watch the reaction.

How to Attract and Keep a Cancerian --
CANCER: Never insult their mother. Mom is probably very important to him or her, and that will not change. Spouses are more likely to be trophies in this sign than in any other; you are arm candy, so keep yourself youthful as possible and keep the phone number of a dandy plastic surgeon for when that day comes. Cancerians are often big babies which means you (or a waitress) will wait on them hand and foot. Chest is erogenous zone so find an excuse to run your fingers thru their chest hair. Dates may center on being near a body of water: pool, lake, ocean, even a fountain. (Hope you can swim.) Restaurant choices tend to seafood joints or family-owned establishments. Cancer women will be the boss at home so get used to letting her choose the movie, etc. And they are great executives, just like Capricorn, so they run the house like a well-oiled machine.

Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs, The Basics

by Milky Way Maid

One of the perennial questions that astrologers get is how to make someone of a given sign fall in love with them, or how to keep them. How do I attract a Capricorn man? How do I keep an Aries?

There are certain principles that apply to all signs, of course. Be honest, be his best friend, support each other emotionally as well as financially. Astrologically, your moon signs should be compatible also; moons that square each other or oppose each other warn you that you may have too much friction to live under the same roof! Masculine and feminine planets should be conjunct or in harmonious aspect; for example Mars should be sextile, trine or conjunct Venus; the Sun or Ascendant should be conjunct, sextile or trine the Moon.

Some astrologers use the Arabic Part of Marriage to find out more about the nature of the marriage and if it will be auspicious or not. Calculate the Part of Marriage by adding the Ascendant and Seventh House cusp, then subtract the placement of Venus. (You can read a nice, clear description of two ways to do that, at

And if you have read any of the books by the Magi Society, then you are probably also aware that there are often contacts between the Chiron of one, with planets in the other's chart. Chiron does not always guarantee happiness; the Diana and Prince Charles marriage featured Chiron contacts, and we all know how that turned out.

OK, let's go to the specifics of sign by sign. The following applies not only to the Sun in these signs but Moon, Mars, Venus or Ascendant. Mars will apply more to the sports and other activities while Venus applies more to their values and love nature. Sometimes the Ascendant really expresses itself in the physical appearance, and sometimes more strongly in the personality.

Go check out the second part of this article for notes on Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Another segment covers Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Then the last segment covers Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.