Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have You Ever Wasted Your Professional Advice on a Friend?

by Milky Way Maid
Several years someone that I thought was a close friend asked when she should buy a car. (This falls under electional astrology.) It was early spring and I did not think the transits were so great, and so at first I told her to wait till July. There were going to be much better aspects to Uranus in July.
Oh no, I've got to buy it in May, she says. That's when I get my bonus check (or whatever it was). I just want to know which day I should sign the papers. And she gave me two or three days of a certain week to choose from.
Well there was not much to choose from, was there? It was like being under the gun. So I looked at which aspects were exact on each day. Let me see, I cannot recall now which aspects were on which day from so long ago. But it was something like a Mercury square Saturn on a Wednesday and a Mars square Uranus on Friday, so I split the difference and told her Thursday.
So fine, she buys the car and is very happy with it. ONE YEAR later, making the progressed chart activate the aspect on the following day, she had an accident. Her car was rammed by someone wanted on a warrant, and the crash pushed the engine further to the rear. Fortunately she was OK, but the car sustained over $4K damage at that time.
Yet what did she say to me years later? She blamed me for what happened to the car. You told me to buy it on this day, she whined. And I fired right back at her, I told you to wait till July, but nooo! You had the money in your hot little hands and couldn't wait.
She had no rejoinder to that, but this is what I mean about totally wasting your time trying to help people that you think are friends. No matter how happy they are with the purchase or whatever, they will blame YOU for everything that ever goes wrong with it. Life comes with ups and downs, and no house, car or marriage is absolutely perfect every day of its existence.

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