Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs; Part 4 - Sag, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

by Milky Way Maid

How to Attract and Keep a Sag --
SAGITTARIUS: Are you sure you really want to settle down with a Sag? Sag is a rather footloose type, but he's always a great one for sharing great times and great adventures. Want someone to go sky-diving with? Get a Sag. Want someone to hit the casino, tour Europe, go skiing, or ballooning with? Sag is the one. Want someone to cheer you up? Get a Sag. Have a passport, and be ready to pack at a moment's notice for the next adventure. Get yourself on the alert list for last-minute travel deals so you can take off together. Sag will also go for outdoor sports like hiking, skiing, horseback riding. Never say that you just want to hang around the house. Never complain that you might break a leg doing whatever. And NEVER be pessimistic. Ask which they'd rather do: take a trip around the world or climb Mount Everest. They might say both.

How to Attract and Keep a Capricorn --
CAPRICORN: Cappy is one of the most requested signs in the astro-dating field. People want them because they are likely to be very successful in their own company or in a large corporation. But I tell ya, I knew a Cap who liked to spend a few weeks a year roughing it in a tiny cabin. He said it made him appreciate all the amenities of modern life more. So if you can tolerate camping, tenting, hiking on your vacations, or even mountain-climbing, go for it. Cappy also can be a bit insecure about taste in clothes so if you can gently advise him on what tie looks best with what shirt, that will go a long way with him. Help him to look terrific, help edit his presentations and reports so he looks brilliant, be his secret executive secretary, and especially be the kind of corporate wife who hosts perfect dinners with the boss and is a master of protocol. Know how to make the perfect martini, set the perfect table, and send the perfect invitations. Cap women are equally ambitious and will pare the budget to pay tuition for the best colleges, etc. NOTE: Moon in Capricorn is just as ambitious and corporate-minded.

How to Attract and Keep an Aquarian --
AQUARIUS: Aquarians do not live in the past although they can be great story-tellers about their growing-up years. You must have an active interest not only in technology but in humanity as well (technology as the servant of man, not its master). In other words, a computer is nice BUT Aquarians do not glue themselves to it. They get a lot of enjoyment out of belonging to groups, whether at work or otherwise, so do not begrudge his time away from you to be with them. Heck, you may as well join too if it is an open membership. Many astrologers make the mistake of thinking Aquarians are into offbeat stuff, but not in my experience! They are very conventional and committed in relationships, but they do hope for a better future for mankind thru progress and technological achievements. Of all signs, they are the most future-oriented. Try asking them what kind of future he or she sees for humanity.

How to Attract and Keep a Pisces --
PISCES: Pisces probably goes with their feelings more than just about any other sign, so ask what they feel like doing tonight; be prepared to scrap previous plans (don't buy tickets ahead). Find restaurants and malls that offer live music if possible. Take her to free summer concerts in the park. Hanging out at the beach is good, too, especially for younger Pisceans. This is one sign you can probably confess your escapades playing hooky from school to. Dates revolve around gaining experiences rather than shopping or eating; examples are travel to another city, amusement parks, camping or picnicking, or trying a new game. Attract them by asking how that photo or painting or song makes them feel; ask why they like it. You might get some very fascinating answers to that. Play with her cat, and feed her fish.

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