Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Astrology of Love by the Sun Signs; Part 3, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

by Milky Way Maid

How to Attract and Keep a Leo --
LEO: Has a large ego! If you're good at sucking up while being artful about it, you got it made. Likes to make a show of spending money so never, but never, protest that something is too expensive. Do not use coupons or be cheap when on dates; let your scrimping be a deep dark secret. Wear brand-name clothing, etc. on your dates or you are history UNLESS you can say you designed it yourself. Dates may be spent at theatre, cinema, gallery, or casino, or doing creative things like writing/composing/making puppets or staging a little show. Or painting -- with a bright, bold palette of colors. No point in asking “which he'd rather do: A or B” because he is probably doing everything he ever wanted.

How to Attract and Keep a Virgo --
VIRGO: Virgoes are not all dreadfully neat and picky. They can be lots of fun and very down to earth. Usually some part of their life is extremely neat and systematic, and they are working on applying that to more areas of their life. Show them some cool website where they can fill in their data and make a spreadsheet showing where they need to diversify their investments, etc. Dates may be spent golfing, viewing documentaries, visiting museums, attending lectures. It will almost be like school, but at least you can duck out of exams. You must show that you respect work and you must never confess to playing hooky. Never admit to periods of unemployment unless you used the time to write a book or nurse Aunt Agatha thru her last illness. Favorite word may be “perfect”. Be neat, clean and sanitary. Hope you like health foods and broccoli.

How to Attract and Keep a Libran --
LIBRA: Libra has a fixation on perfection, too. If you have a mole or the like, get rid of it. Attracting one is a bit easier if you wear a very artistically-colored tie or shirt, or are hanging around an art gallery. Libra women like to feel that they are treated as equals; so take turns picking the movie, restaurant, etc. Offer to go halves on an admission price or on a chance on a door prize. Likes to do things together, and that does not mean that you fix the leak while she makes lunch. It means she hands you the tools or reads the instructions to you on how to assemble the gazebo. Respect her intelligence, answer her questions, and she is a great partner in any project or business you have going. Needless to say, manners are important, so apologize if you forget to refill her wine glass. Ask which she'd rather do: write a best-selling novel or paint for the rest of her life.

How to Attract and Keep a Scorpio --
SCORPIO: A Scorpio is about total commitment. Do not think you are teasing him by pretending interest in another man/woman. That only tells him that you are not ready to commit to a life together. This commitment may also entail belonging to the same religion or church, so this is not something that you can easily fake for a few months till you get the wedding ring. A Scorpio is also more likely than some signs to believe in psychic or spiritual phenomena, so joining the same church or spiritual group organization is a good idea. Dates usually have plenty of time to talk and get acquainted, such as over dinner, a bottle of wine, even cribbage. Ask what they did in a past life. Ask which they'd rather do, take a long cruise or scuba dive the Caribbean.

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