Monday, January 10, 2011

Interesting Sports Astrology Charts Hinted at NFL Playoff Upsets

by Milky Way Maid
This past weekend saw both NFL teams that contested last year's Super Bowl both eliminated in the wild-card playoffs.

The Indianapolis Colts were edged by the NY Jets by a mere point on Saturday night, 17-16. Saturday afternoon saw the New Orleans Saints defeated by the Seattle Seahawks, 41-36.

Sunday's playoffs were generally more formful. Green Bay beat the Eagles, 21-16. And the Baltimore Ravens demolished the Kansas City Chiefs, 30-7.
Let's look at each of the 4 playoff game charts and at the quarterbacks to get some clues about the outcome.

On Saturday, Jan. 8, the Saints met the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle at 1:30 pm PT. The Ascendant was at 4.5 degrees Gemini, opposite Venus in the sixth house. It was also inconjunct Pluto in the eighth house. The Midheaven was at 5 degrees Aquarius and it was a bit odd that there were no major aspects to it at all. There was only a semisextile to Pluto.

The Seahawks' ruler as the home team was Mercury, which squared the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the eleventh house. Mercury was also sextile Neptune in the tenth house. So Seattle was very fortunate to have good aspects not only to the Ascendant, but also to its ruler Mercury.

Seattle benefited from the opposition to Venus, who shed her beneficial rays toward them, and also from the Mercury square to Jupiter-Uranus, which gave great luck and unexpected turns to the game. Mercury can be youthful players, good catches, agility, speedy play-calling or audible-calling, and footwork. Gemini is quick, lightning quick, and brings an exuberance to the way the game is played.

The Saints' ruler was Jupiter, which benefited from the conjunction to Uranus, too. It was also square Mercury (good agility and quickness of play), trine Venus (some luck, favorable calls from referees, etc), and sextile Mars (fine athletic skill and stamina).

I also like to look at the Moon, which represents the public. The Moon at 9 degrees Pisces in the eleventh house (hopes and wishes, teamwork) was semisquare Mars and square the Ascendant. The fan favorite was likely to disappoint the public, and not play up to expectations. The Sun was square Saturn, which tells me to look for players whose natal charts are afflicted by this.

Now look at the quarterbacks. The Saints' QB is Drew Brees. His transits were as follows (this will be confusing because I do not now have which was the natal planet and which was the transiting planet, but that is OK because we can still see the energies play out) --

Brees had Sun square Moon (possibly the fans were not happy with him, they booed, or whatever). Mercury squared the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which can be challenging but also made him put forth a great effort that day -- as we can by the fact the Saints put 36 points on the board. Uranus squared the Moon, which I interpret as feelings of being upset or having emotional ups and downs. Neptune squared the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction also, which can signify snatching defeat from the mouth of victory -- or seeing a win slip away from you. However, the ascendant sextiled his Jupiter, and the midheaven was opposite his Jupiter, both very good aspects. He did perform well.

Now Hasselbeck had his Sun-Mercury conjunction sextile Venus, giving him some lucky breaks. Venus trined Mercury, very good for his teammates to catch his passes, etc. Saturn also trined Venus, which brings rewards for hard work and preparation. Neptune squared the Moon: maybe the fans did not come there expecting to root for him but they ended up being inspired by his performance. The game North Node sextiled his Mars, which is very significant as a career best performance.

So while both teams and quarterbacks had very strong aspects that day, the clues provided by the Moon square Ascendant, and Brees' own Sun square the Moon, were strong indicators that a possible upset could be in the making. And Hasselbeck's strong Venus contacts gave him just enough luck to lead his team to a win. The fact that the ascendant had an inconjunct to a planet (Pluto) also tends to produce an upset (though NOT always).

On to the Indy-Jets game, played at 8 pm in Indianapolis. I have 18 degrees Leo as the ascendant (representing the Colts), which was inconjunct the Sun at the cusp of the sixth house. It was also sextile Saturn in the third house. See, another inconjunct, signifying a chance of an upset.

The Midheaven was 9 Taurus, sextile the Moon in the eighth house, trine Pluto in the fifth house, and sesquiquadrate Mercury in the fifth house. The home team had powerhouse players and a great game plan, but I interpret the sesqui aspect as demanding some kind of adjustment or reassessment.

The Moon has moved forward two degrees to 11 degrees Pisces, and is sextile the midheaven. The public is satisfied that they saw a good game.

The Colts' ruler is the Sun, placed at the cusp of sixth house, and close to Mars also in the sixth. It is square Saturn, as we said, giving them great obstacles in their path to the Super Bowl. And it is also inconjunct the ascendant. We saw that aspect when looking at the ascendant, and now it is reinforced by the fact that one of the planets involved is the ruler of the ascendant. Bad.

The Jets' ruler Uranus is conjunct lucky Jupiter. It is square Mercury in the the fifth house, giving them some lucky catches, etc. if they make a determined effort to win. It is trine Venus, giving them some luck and favorable referees. And it is sextile Mars, giving some positive athletic energy there. Their co-ruler Saturn is square the sun and sextile the ascendant, but this afflicts the Colts more than it hurts or helps the Jets.

The Jets' QB Mark Sanchez has his North Node square the Sun, which is favorable, and may signify this is a key period for his development as a star quarterback. And the midheaven squares his Venus, giving Venus a chance to shower her favors on him as he stands in the spotlight.

The Colts' QB Manning had his Moon sextile the lucky Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Mars opposed his North Node; I think the opposition made him look back too much on past victories and perhaps he was not focusing on the here and now. Pluto was inconjunct his Moon, giving him frustration with things outside his control. The Midheaven was widely square his Uranus, probably making him upset and emotionally changeable.

Sanchez had much better aspects that day, and was able to lead the Jets to victory over the Colts.

The Baltimore Ravens met the Kansas City Chiefs at KC on Sunday, Jan. 9, at noon CT. The Ascendant (the Chiefs) was 23 Aries trine Mercury, square Mars, and sextile Neptune. Soft or hard aspects to Neptune can both see the game slip away from them. Neptune to the Moon or Mercury can sometimes inspire or give you the ability to know ahead of time what your opponent is going to do, but it is tricky to interpret.

The Midheaven is 13 degrees Capricorn square Saturn in the sixth house, which tends to depress the total number of points scored by one or both teams.
The Chiefs' ruler Mars is sextile the lucky Jupiter-Uranus conjunction but it is in their own twelfth house, where it can lead to overconfidence and therefore poor preparation. Mars is also square the ascendant, which can be either good or bad for a sports event.

Baltimore's ruler is sweet Venus; she is trine Jupiter-Uranus, semisquare Saturn, square Neptune (adding glamour), and inconjunct the South Node in the third house. A chance of an upset, but it did not come off, so we have to keep looking here.
The Moon at 19 Pisces is conjunct Jupiter-Uranus, and sextile the Sun exactly in the tenth house.

Baltimore QB Flacco has his Mars inconjunct Saturn, Jupiter conjunct Mars (an extremely fortunate aspect for an athlete), Neptune conjunct the North Node, the North Node trine Mars, and the game Midheaven inconjunct Venus. The aspects to both his and the game north nodes are very fortunate.

The Chiefs' QB Cassel had his Sun inconjunct Mercury, his Moon conjunct or in the same sign as the Moon, Jupiter sextile the North Node, Saturn conjunct Saturn, and Uranus conjunct Venus (a break in his lucky streak). The Saturn return was separating but I am thinking that his career may take another turn or two.
Flacco led the team to a lopsided 30-7 victory over the Chiefs.

The Green Bay Packers took on the Philadelphia Eagles at Philadelphia at 4:30 pm ET. The Ascendant was 15 Cancer (representing the Eagles), opposing the Sun in the seventh house (with Mars there also). It squared Saturn in the fourth house, the end of the matter. This was not favorable for the Eagles.

The Midheaven was 26 Pisces conjunct Jupiter-Uranus in the tenth house, square Mercury, and sextile Mars. This was likely to be the marquee game of the day if not the weekend, with the bright light of Jupiter and Uranus on the MC.

The Eagles' ruler was the Moon in the ninth house, also conjunct Jupiter-Uranus, square Mercury, and sextile the Sun in the seventh house. The fans seemed to favor them, they got behind the comeback story of Michael Vick, their quarterback, and were willing to see him redeem himself.

The Packers' ruler was Saturn, which squared the ascendant, and the Sun in the seventh, and semisquare Venus in the fifth. Saturn gives honors, at least if one has worked hard for them.

The Packer QB Rodgers had Moon sextile Sun, Mercury square Jupiter-Uranus (good passes, good play calling), Venus square Mars (can give high physical energy), Pluto sextile the North Node (good for the long-term strength of his career), and game midheaven square his Mercury.

The Eagles' QB Michael Vick had his Sun-Mercury opposite Pluto, Jupiter trine Pluto, Saturn opposite the Moon, Uranus trine the Moon, Neptune square the Moon, Pluto square the Sun (this is the most challenging aspect of all these), and Mercury trine the midheaven. Vick had good aspects but too many of them were to the Moon and not to athletic or fortunate planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter. He probably played an emotional game, and football is emotional, don't get me wrong. But he did not have quite enough toughness or determination, or just plain luck to get him past the Packers. The Sun-Pluto square can wipe one out; I am sure he gave his all.

Anyway, the Packers go on to the next playoff level after defeating the Eagles 21-16.

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