Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green “Comet of Cooperation” Lulin in Sign of Libra; How PERFECT is That?

How intriguing a year this is. A green comet is discovered and is brightening into an international superstar. Lulin is in the sign Libra, and appropriately enough it is dubbed the “comet of cooperation” because it was discovered in a cooperative effort between China and Taiwan. Stars are frequently colored, but I am not familiar with any other colored comets. What is the significance of this green comet passing thru Libra?

Green: Money. Ecology. Spring. Life. All of them apply when trying to assess the meaning of this comet and its course thru the sky.

The spot in the sky where it was placed was very close to the star Zubenelgenubi, whose Arabic name translates as “the price to be paid”, a karmic or societal price. (The Scales were formerly thought to be part of the constellation Scorpio, with the claws turned into the balances of Libra. Zubenelgenubi's companion star in the other claw is Zubeneschamali, the dharmic side of the equation. Together they mete out justice, represented by the Scales held by statues of Justice everywhere.)

According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza, “The theme suggested by Zubeneschamali is to create a new path that frees up / balances the karmic pattern of the past (discussed above with the Zubenelgenubi alignments). Karma (Zubenelgenubi) is not something to perpetuate, it simply indicates past scenarios, patterns or situations established from previous experience. Dharma (Zubeneschamali), Karma's counterpart, is how we resolve or balance those established patterns or life scenarios by creating new experience--to create equipoise. Hence the meaning of Libra's scale or balance; and as the Chelae of the Scorpion--indicating soul growth through the balance of incarnate experience, or otherwise stay perpetually entrapped in the claws of incarnate experience.” (from one of his webpages at

So my opinion is that the current economic crisis is the direct result of the fact that we let shakers and movers of Wall Street dictate how much or little oversight they would accept from government. Companies had begun chiseling fees from customers, and if some were assessed in error, so what; no one was around to force them to refund the unjust charges. Companies became ravening wolves, gobbling up resources, slashing American jobs, outsourcing as much work as possible, all in quest of ever rising profits. Buying up another company often meant raping the environment in order to generate revenues to pay off the leveraged debt (created by the buyout). Execs found ways to move revenues, real or faked, into their own golden parachute funds and outrageous bonuses.

What kind of economy can support that kind of economic rape for long? None.

Hence the arrival of a messenger signaling that the time has come for “the price that must be paid”. All those outrageous news items about bonuses, corporate retreats at luxury spas, company jets, and on and on, were to bring to the forefront the need for a re-ordered society.

I am not saying we have to kill all the execs and filthy rich. But I am saying that we are receiving a message to live in a more sustainable fashion, closer to our mother earth.

I do not have a crystal ball with which to see any details on what life in such a society might actually look like, but it is clear we have to accept changes to our lifestyle.

Included are a couple illustrations. The star-map showing the comet Lulin in Libra is from Credit goes to Elaine Meinel Supkis. It shows the view south on Feb. 6, 2009, with Virgo lying down, Spica at her apparent butt, her arms and head off to the right. The comet Lulin is indicated at the point of a triangle where Zubenelgenubi is its point. Scorpius is in the lower left.

The other illustration is another version of the skymap, with the outlines of Libra's Balance shown. It is an old illustration based on a 10th century Persian source, al-Sufi. It shows the two balances, the upper one has Zubeneschamali as its main star. The lower one has Zubenelgenubi, the name highlighted in reverse, as its main star. The constellations Ophiuchus (uper left), Virgo (upper right), Scorpius (lower left) and Hydra (lower right) help orient the reader.

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