Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What the July 2009 Solar Eclipse (or any eclipse) Will Mean to You, by Houses

by Milky Way Maid

The July 21 Solar Eclipse occurred at 10:35 pm Eastern Time at 29 degrees 27 minutes of Cancer. It was quite a spectacle in Asia, the only region where it was visible. People turned out in droves to view it in China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, India and Korea. It was also one of the longest lasting eclipses ever, at over six minutes in ideal viewing areas.

What will the eclipse mean for you? If you have natal planets in late degrees of Cancer, you will be most affected. The notes are applicable to any solar eclipse, but do not use this for lunar eclipses because the meanings are slightly different. Also bear in mind the nature of the sign that the eclipse occurs in. Cardinal signs will be the fastest acting, fixed signs will be the slowest, and mutable signs in-between.

Below I give interpretations by sign, but this is most accurate if using one's ascendant, not one's sun sign. If you still have not had a chart done, you can find a couple web sites that will give you a limited number of free charts. Very nice charts are offered by Astrodienst at (You can even find out where your asteroids are.)

If the Solar Eclipse occurs in your:
First House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on one-to-one interactions. You encourage others to set goals and learn to act independently. You teach assertiveness (not aggressiveness) and self-esteem. You force others to deal with the effect of their acts; this means accountability for the result of their impulsive actions. Aries makes great camp leaders and counselors as they help young people to find their real identity.

Second House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on values. You help others get in touch with their deepest values, either through a positive or negative encounter with you. You help others find the weak points in their inner foundation, and shore up those areas. Try to help build up others' feelings of self-worth (as well as your own) so that we all can attract what we feel we deserve. You might be working with others in assessing their material assets (insurance, accounting), too.

Third House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on information, especially verbal information. You keep the conversation moving, you introduce people with common interests, you keep everyone in the loop. The third house keeps everything circulating so that all can benefit. You illustrate the modern notion that “information wants to be free”. By sharing what we know, and what our concerns are, we increase the total information available to all.

Fourth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on home, of course, but also related issues like security and comfort. By making home a comfortable place, you also help make people comfortable with themselves. (read that sentence twice) By nurturing others, you help develop not only their sense of physical comfort but also their sense that the world is a welcoming place. You nurture others' self-esteem, too, so be careful the words that you dish out along with supper.

Fifth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on Play and Having Fun. You have already given yourself permission to have fun, and now you are called upon to teach others that skill. You are creative, and help others unlock their own creative potential. You break down defensive walls around others so that they can accept love and kindness. You especially enjoy being with children, and may organize or chaperon an outing.

Sixth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on Teaching and on helping others to organize their lives. Virgos are quite good at instructing others on how to put ones personal 'business plan' together, complete with goals, mission statement, and spreadsheets. You are able to help others get a better overview of their own weaknesses and shore up those deficiencies. You also help people to balance the needs of mind and body with a moderate health regimen.

Seventh House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on helping others learn how to Relate. You may become a marriage counselor or mediate a legal dispute. Aside from the legal issues, you impress on others the importance of the social contract which may not be written down. This obligates us to honor our commitments. Establishing true harmony can only be done with mutual respect and a sense of equality. “Do unto others” may sound corny, but it is after all the foundation of civilization.

Eighth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on the Metaphysical. You become a teacher of the universal laws that govern our relations with each other and the Universe. You may act as a healer or as a metaphysician. Morality, finances, and the spiritual are all intertwined, with money as a tool to express one's higher values.

Ninth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on Exploration. You give others permission to explore beyond the boundaries of their birthplace, and seek adventure in life. You're a world traveler even if only in your own mind, and you give others the gift of multicultural riches. Or on another level, you explain how they can think globally and act locally.

Tenth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on Ethics and Responsibility. You may be engaged in training others for a career, but our real obligation is to the profession and to the community. Those who rise to a position of prominence with a company have an obligation to reach out to the community which made it possible to exist, to share its good fortune with the greater metro area. Maybe you are involved in the humble PTA or school board, or with a charity drive.

Eleventh House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on Group Consciousness. You teach others to be more aware of the needs of the have-nots. You lead humanitarian efforts. And you espouse high ideals as you inspire others to reach for a better tomorrow. You encourage others in their dreams and aspirations for a better future.

Twelfth House: A solar eclipse here puts the emphasis on Faith. I do not mean mere dogma of a particular religion, but rather the trust that the Universe will unfold according to a greater plan, for the greater good. You help people deal with the ups and downs of life, to deal with disappointments, and to find the strength to keep going in the face of adversity. You help others learn how to meditate or pray or attain serenity with other techniques. You counsel and encourage.

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