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January 15, 2010 A Very Eventful Day in Astrology: Mercury Direct and a Solar Eclipse with Venus

by Milky Way Maid

I had to send out this bulletin because I hardly touched on the Annular Solar Eclipse of Jan. 15 in my regular weekly column. This will serve as the “What Will 2010 Bring to You?” article that I promised at the end of 2009. Not only does it kick off the first month of the new year and new decade, the eclipse is conjunct Venus, and the day also sees Mercury go direct. Talk about multi-tasking! There are portents affecting love, business (especially Big Business), government, transit, mail and email and all the other communications and tele-communications that tie our world together, and probably all the transfers of money that go on every second from one bank on one side of the world to another bank on the opposite side of the world. This is reiterated by the fact that the chart has Capricorn straddling the second and third houses in a chart set for Washington DC or even for a midwest location.

The eclipse is at 25 degrees 2 minutes CAPRICORN. It is the longest annular eclipse to occur this century with a duration of 11 minutes 08 seconds. The eclipse point is at one degree Capricorn, in the Vedic or sidereal system. The eclipse will begin at 05:14 Universal Time (UT) and end at 08:59 UT. This is about 2 hours and 45 minutes, and by some rules of thumb, that means that this eclipse's immediate effects will last nearly three months; its long-term effects may last nearly three years. And because Capricorn is a cardinal sign, you may actually start having 'events' in your life as much as six weeks ahead of the eclipse.

Those with planets conjunct the eclipse may feel a 'stop' signal in their lives. They may get a message from the Universe that they are not on the right track to getting what it is they want, or rather what is the best thing for them. Capricorn, as a very practical sign anyway, and at 25 degrees it is a very practical, here-and-now phase of that or any sign, and the conclusion I make is that this eclipse carries messages about what is actually working or going to work for you -- not what you wish would work, or what ought to work according to some textbook.

BTW according to another astrologer, the ascendant of the Federal Reserve is 24 degrees Capricorn. So we ought to keep an eye on any hints in the news about whether the role of this institution is in for a shakeup or alteration in any way. Has having a Federal Reserve actually worked for the United States?? Are we better off with it or without it? Those are questions that require a hard look and honest answers.

Much is being made of the fact that this eclipse contacts President Obama's Saturn exactly, which is positioned in the twelfth house. It is also widely conjunct his Jupiter a zero degrees Aquarius. In addition, the eclipse also contacts the 26 Capricorn Midheaven of the Jan. 2009 inauguration chart. He may have to deliver some bad-tasting medicine, you might say, to the American public. He may have to make some hard choices that he wished he did not have to make. And he may have to come clean about some sweetheart deals to Big Business or Big Banks in last year's bailout bills. These are all going to bring him down to the level of mere mortals instead of Chosen Ones, but hey, we are being called to deal with practical realities not textbook examples by this eclipse in practical Capricorn.

Mercury, which goes direct the same day, is conjunct Pluto in the second house and square Saturn in the eleventh house. Delays and misunderstandings may rule the day, so postpone signing contracts or holding important meetings or speeches. We are not saying you should stay home and hide under your blanket, but be aware this is a better day for bringing up matters for clarification rather than uttering final pronouncements.

And many of those matters will certainly be related to money and/or love, since Venus is standing at the side of the Sun-Moon wedding. Let you and your honey have a real heart-to-heart over what is really important to both of you. It is much more important, for example, to have a low-key date every week (say, at the local soda shop over a nice ice cream sundae) rather than a big, expensive vacation once a year. And maybe if you are able to meet each other at the soul level, all those other mis-communications will resolve themselves.

Readers may go to http://www.shadowandsubstance.com/ to view a nice animation of the eclipse path as it begins over the Congo basin of Africa, progresses to Nairobi, crosses the Indian Ocean to touch the southern tip of India, then goes on to Mandalay and China.

What does an eclipse in Capricorn and conjunct Venus portend? Most of the answer to that question will come from your natal chart and which house is affected, and whether there are any natal planets affected by conjunction or other aspects.

ARIES: The eclipse falls in your solar tenth house of career and reputation. Venus high in your chart certainly gives you a very good chance at earning more cash this year. The North Node is also very near the eclipse, and promises that the events that transpire in 2010 will be favorable to your soul development. Mercury and Pluto in your solar ninth house are incredibly favorable for publishing or telecom ventures. Do you have a book project in the works? This is a good year to promote your book using the internet, social media, word-of-mouth campaigns, and other mass communication media.
TAURUS: The eclipse falls in your solar ninth house of travel, college, publishing and law. Where have you failed to follow through on any of these issues? With Venus conjunct the eclipse, love or cash are somehow tied in with these areas. Do you have a book project? You may finally find a publisher who extends a handsome advance. Prospective college students may locate loans and grants. Legal cases may finally come to a conclusion where you are awarded a just sum in compensation. But you did not have the right information or contact info until now, and so you can finally move forward on commissioning the right attorney, writers' agent, or whatever to represent you in your ventures.
GEMINI: The eclipse falls in your solar eighth house of wills, estates, insurance, taxes, loans and debt. Geminis will have a great opportunity to clear their financial decks of the burden of debt. If you are deeply in debt, get the proper help you need and listen, it should not cost you anything. Look up your state online, and there will be state offices with a list of bona-fide counselors to help you learn to manage your finances. Go online also to find info on what you need to know in order to contest an insurance denial, or refile your taxes, or any of a million things related to these financial issues. The eighth house also covers generational matters, which means that families may see a new addition, elders may come to live with an adult child, and adult children may come boomeranging back to their parents' home.
CANCER: The eclipse falls in your solar seventh house of partnerships and marriage. You will have cleared up the communications difficulties with your prospective partner, and can now move forward with drawing up contracts specifying your division of responsibilities. You may have been stymied in finding a counselor or other help in ironing out any difficulties in your marriage, but now you finally locate a book, counselor, or program that works for you. You might look up the book, “The 5 Love Languages”, which is probably available at your library.
LEO: The eclipse falls in your solar sixth house of health and occupation, as well as hobbies. Here again, one's hobby or avocation may become a second source of income for you, if you are able to figure out how to communicate your skills to the public. Learning a few marketing skills would benefit you now. Perhaps you can share ad space with a related service company, or simply put an ad on Craigslist like everyone else. Guard your health, and control your intake of sweets (Venus rules sugar). You can greatly improve your health over the year to come if you are diligent about taking painless baby steps to improve your diet and exercise regimen.
VIRGO: The eclipse falls in your solar fifth house of children, sports and risk-taking. Venus smiles on you for 2010 if you are hazarding the stock market or other investments, or if you gamble on sports events, or take other calculated risks. Be very careful that you understand the game, tho. Venus may bring another child into the family, or at least a house guest who is quite charming and attractive. If you have been trying to conceive or adopt, you should finally find out what agency or clinic can be of the most help to you in achieving your goal. Virgo athletes may win scholarships.
LIBRA: The eclipse falls in your solar fourth house of house and family. Perhaps you finally manage to get your home loan adjusted in the mortgage relief program signed by Pres. Obama. Your home is very, very important to you Librans, and you have fought tooth and nail to save it all through this horrible mortgage crisis. Now at last some light shines at the end of the tunnel. You find out what info was missing from prior applications for relief, and your request sails through. Family matters brighten, and you are able to express the love that you really feel for one another. Perhaps you are able to live in some kind of extended family arrangement, possibly with one family living upstairs and one downstairs.
SCORPIO: The eclipse falls in your solar third house of siblings, neighbors, local schools, automobiles and transit, and your own community. You may be able to mend fences with estranged siblings (or with problem neighbors), and finally express the love that you feel for each other. Repairing and opening the lines of communication will be paramount in the following months and long-term.
SAGITTARIUS: The eclipse falls in your solar second house of money and personal resources. This does not promise lottery wins, Sag, this is just a promising indicator that your efforts at work will continue to be recognized and compensated accordingly. But it also could indicate a change in jobs, with the new job paying more than your present position. Make sure you understand all the details of the compensation package, because employers are not throwing money at employees for nothing. Check out the manager's or president's record with the company or prior companies.
CAPRICORN: The eclipse falls in your solar first house of self and appearance. This eclipse affects you the most personally, not just in your material needs but also your innermost emotional needs for love and affection and acceptance. Capricorn often is treated as Mr. Mealticket because they are quite good at making money, but they really need to know that they are loved for themselves as well as for how well they provide for their wives and families. I think that this eclipse will bring you a special someone who does love you for yourself, although the communication part of the relationship may well need ironing out first.
AQUARIUS: The eclipse falls in your solar twelfth house of privacy and retreat and hospitals. This eclipse may bring you an opportunity to withdraw and concentrate on developing a special talent or project. Writers may finally get the chance to attend a writers workshop or retreat, or musicians may get invited to a Chautauqua music camp. And if any of you have unfortunate drug habits that you wish to be rid of, then a stay at a progressive detox facility may help you to finally shake off a self-destructive lifestyle.
PISCES: The eclipse falls in your solar eleventh house of hopes and wishes, as well as friends, groups and social and charitable organizations. You may join a charitable organization or one that provides grants or special events such as Make-A-Wish. OR you and your significant other may join a club together, hoping that the shared experiences will help keep you together.

In addition you may try looking at which house is touched by this eclipse in your NATAL chart. Use the list that follows here. My thanks to Kaye Shinker for this list.

1.The appearance you present to the world -- personality/persona, image, appearance.
2. The income you acquire one dollar at a time
3. The vehicles in your life, siblings and neighbors, community, local schools, how-to.
4. The home, your house, where you start and finish your day. Family matters too.
5. Entertainment and your ability to take a risk; children, games and sports, stock market.
6. The actual work you accomplish; hobbies, health.
7. Your partnerships: business, and otherwise
8. Insurance and taxes, loans, debts.
9. Travel and higher education
10. Career, reputation, honors and rank.
11. Earnings and dividends resulting from career; friends, charities, organizations, all groups
12. Chronic problems, enemies, retreats, hospitals.

Then, one may take note of which planets are near or are aspecting the eclipse point. If the eclipse contacts your Sun, you may experience a milestone and find new ways to make money. Your work increases your income, and you find intelligent ways to set aside the extra money you have earned. If the eclipse contacts the Moon, you may take great risks with your money, and it may actually pay off. Income can be volatile. And the biggest impact on your life is that you may move to a new home.

Eclipses that contact Mercury improve your chances for success in schooling and other intellectually demanding programs. You may be in transit a lot, either driving on the road or piling up the frequent-flyer miles. Eclipses that contact Venus improve your chances of winning money, prizes, and other bonuses during the years following the eclipse. Business partnerships formed now can be very successful, and you enjoy the pleasures that money can bring you. Eclipses that contact your Mars may bring a desire to take risks, so be careful. It is great for buckling down to outline your goals and taking steps to achieve them!

Eclipses that contact Jupiter increase your income and returns on investments, but also you may decide to spend on capital improvements, hopefully ones that will increase your income in years to come. Eclipses that contact Saturn help you learn to drive a good bargain, and thrift becomes an ingrained habit. There is nothing wrong with buying on sale, after all. You tally up your accounts and analyze where your best profits are coming from.

Eclipses that contact Uranus may bring sudden opportunities in whatever house is affected. It may be a business or travel opportunity, for example, but it may carry some risk which you need to research how to manage successfully. But it will probably be worth taking that risk.

Eclipses that contact Neptune revitalizes your creativity; your avocation may become your vocation. Your hobby may become your business if you can finally figure out how to present it to the paying public. Eclipses that contact Pluto serve to close a chapter of your life. Maybe you need to scale down possessions in order to move into a smaller place; Pluto will give you the strength to consign items to the trash or the Goodwill box. You may have a household or a business where you have to prune the payroll; Pluto will give your the strength to make these hard decisions.

And a final note: If you have a relationship that is troubled, or that you wish to resume, you might try the 40-day prayer. It is a very simple ritual that requires only that you repeat the following words at least once a day: “(name of other person), I am praying to you. Thank you, (name) for everything you have done for me. I am sorry for anything I have done to you.” Many stories of reunions or phone calls out of the blue could be related here.

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