Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Charts for starting two different jobs

by Milky Way Maid

I have often made charts of the start of various jobs, trying to glean some clues as to how things might work out, or in the case of temp jobs, how long the job might last. 

Attached at charts for two different jobs from years past, dug out of the deep dark recesses of the archive. You may print out both charts, blowing them up on Paint or whatever you wish to use. 

First up, a job that started in June 1996 at 7 am. If I remember correctly, this was a job that lasted until about February or March of 1999, when I left due to what I felt was a repetitive motion injury. 
Start of 1996 job. Chart courtesy of the old Astro Communications.

The work involved detailed and very picky assembly of electrical components – I do not want to get into too much detail about it now. But it was rather interesting for a while, anyway, and the boss was a multi-talented person who also designed magic tricks. Wild, hunh? 

Saturn is high in the chart, possibly reflecting the fact that it was low-paid, though I was also able to work overtime (usually on a voluntary basis) to make a little more money. Venus is inconjunct Jupiter, which might reflect the fact that working conditions were not very good. There was no air conditioning in the summer heat, and I suffered because of that. Saturn might reflect the quality-control guy who was the immediate supervisor; Saturn is trine Pluto which might reflect that fact that he was solidly backed by the plant manager and I suppose the owner. This was true even though he was ill-informed on manufacturing safety issues or worker safety. I could throw more dirt on him but let's move on. 

The second chart was felt by many to be a “good job” – quote unquote. Maybe they thought it had more job security than a lot of companies offered, but that was not really true – and it is not true anywhere, anymore, anyway!

This job started training me in January of 2000, but the actual hiring date came after all the training was completed and I was supposedly up to speed on everything – that was in May of 2000. 
Start of "good job" in 2000. Chart courtesy of the old Astro Communications.

I have already mentioned to several readers that I once started a job on a void-of-course moon – this is the job! Well, now that I look at it again, actually the True Node was a scant 13 minutes later. Does that count? The North Node, I now note, was at 26 degrees Cancer, a critical degree and one that made a positive aspect to my natal Venus. 

I hesitate to describe the nature of the business because it engenders such hatred on the part of some readers. But it was a health insurance company, a quite large one, which at the time was part of a global company but was spun off as an independent American company again while I was there. 

I worked there for six years, and it was very stressful at times. There was always a push to do more in less time – but isn't that true everywhere? Yes, it is. We had a lot of IT tweaks (Informational Technology); our geeks made the system more user-friendly and automated a lot of stuff so all we had to do was use a shortcut key to instruct the system to direct the claim to another department, for example. 

It was a good experience to have with a large, modern office, and with computer software, and with working downtown in a medium-sized city. I only left for personal reasons which had to do with other, personal stuff going on in that town, necessitating a move to another state. 

As a Sun Taurus, the job and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus came about the same time and gave me an economic boost.

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