Monday, December 10, 2012

Event Chart for Picking up New Car

by Milky Way Maid

Over the years I have made astrological charts for the purchase (or in some cases, the title transfer) of new or used cars. I figure this is a topic of general interest to most astrologers who drive. We like to think that in addition to all the research on the mechanical attributes of the car we purchase, that we can also select a good time to buy a new/used car. 

The accompanying chart was dug out of my trunk of old astrology materials. It is – so far – the only such chart I could find of any of the ones I made for a car purchase. Sorry I do not find the one for the actual signing of the sales contract. I know that is a key (no pun intended) moment, too, but I just don't have it. 

Normally I now tell people that one of the transits to look for in buying any electronic or mechanical object is Mercury favorable to Uranus. Mercury because we want to travel in it, and Uranus because it is a mechanical, and electrical, and metal object. Mars can also be involved if it is a muscle car, a racing car, or red in color, or some other reasonable Mars-type use or function is attached to the particular car. 

Let me pause here to give the planet placements, because they are on not on the chart itself. Sun is at 5 Pisces. Moon is sextile the Sun, at 1 Taurus. Mercury is at 29 Aquarius. Venus is at 19 Aries. Mars is at 13 Taurus. Jupiter is at 15 Virgo, retrograde. Saturn is at 6 Cancer, retrograde. Uranus is at 3 Pisces. Neptune is at 13 Aquarius. Pluto is at 22 Sag. The North Node is at 14 Taurus. 
Chart courtesy of World of Wisdom.

In this instance, you will easily note that first, Jupiter is on the ascendant. That was deliberate, once it became apparent that I was not happy with the color of any of the ones on the lot. Everyone else it seems orders white or silver cars, but those were the colors I was least interested in. So at first they were going to drive a red one from another city to me – more about this later. 

Then I was getting a bit too antsy to wait for that car to arrive, so they made some ridiculous deal for the one with a deluxe package that was on the lot. But still I would have to come back since they wanted to prep it for the new owner – me. 

So anyway, I picked up this car and it has been fine. I have had from this date in 2004 to the present day in 2012, with no plans to replace it.
I do wonder about the square to Mars in this chart. If I had accepted the car that was being driven over here for me, would it have arrived overheated (Mars)? Or the victim of an accident – also Mars? 

And yes, I do realize now that Jupiter is viewed as rather weak in Virgo, since it much prefers to be in opposing Pisces. But sometimes a planet in a weak sign will act as if it has jumped to the opposite sign, a sign more hospitable to its energies. Maybe this is such a case?

You will also be struck by the stellium of Sun-Uranus-Mercury straddling the Aquarius-Pisces line. Ascendant ruler is Mercury, which is strong in a late degree. Late Aquarius gives rise to mental detectives, and Mercury here would also have favored starting a series of mystery novels. Alas, I had no such plans at that time for literary fame and fortune. Anyway, Mercury and Uranus, the two planets I mentioned above as favoring buying cars and other mechanical stuff, are conjunct in this chart. The fact that the car is still running and mechanically sound is a testament, I think, to the merit of using the aspect in buying cars. 

The only things I have had to replace were, in the first years of owning the car, both headlights – and in 2011, a starter. Oh, and in 2008 or 2009, a battery. Nothing else really. There were a couple very minor recalls which were completely covered by VW, so that cost me nothing out of pocket. 

Another astrologer wrote that the second house denotes what you keep having to spend money on for the car. The second house here is air sign Libra. Libra would normally denotes cosmetic fixes – and I could spend all my savings on fixing some body work but I just can't afford to do so now. With the car about to turn 9, I guess it isn't worth it to do, ever. 

It is a little disturbing now when I see that Mars and the nodes exactly square Neptune. I do not know what to make of that. Maybe if the car had been the red one, as was once proposed by the dealer, things might have worked out differently.

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