Friday, March 13, 2009

Astrology and Colors

by Milky Way Maid
While there may be some differences of opinion on what colors are associated with what signs and planets, there is agreement on most issues. Here is a treatment of the color associations, which you may find helpful when drawing up horary charts to try to find lost objects.
Sun: The Sun rules colors of the sun, logically enough. From white to yellow to gold and orange. Some even include the blue at the center of a gas flame.
Moon: Soft white, and the metal silver. Milky white and frosted white. Everybody agrees on this.
Mercury: Two schools of thought on this. Yellow. Sunny yellow to orange. Then the other group gives him light blue or dove gray.
Venus: Two schools of thought on this one. Some say it rules the deep Madonna-blue as in religious paintings. Others say she rules white and purple. Other like her to have the traditional girly pink, too. I have been going with the white and purple; that seems to work for me.
Mars: Red, fire-engine red and cherry red and cardinal red and every shade of red. Some also include tints of red going into rose. Eh, I cannot see Mars in girly pink. Not even a pink shirt.
Jupiter: Sky blue, royal blue. Another school of thought gives him red and green, Christmasy colors, that inspire giving and gifting. Red and green have been working for me, while other planets and signs fight over blue shades.
Saturn: Dark somber colors like black of course, and charcoal and any dark muddy color. Some given him dark greens, but I don't know about that. I suppose olive and hunter greens would fit. Saturn is also metal in general, so a gunmetal gray or steel gray is probably Saturnian.
Uranus: Electric colors. Neon colors. But especially patterned colors like blocks and plaids and checks and so forth.
Neptune: Colors of the deep ocean: sapphire blue, teal blue, aquamarine, seafoam, and turquoise. Any watery blues and greens.
Pluto: Black again. Bold color combos like red and black. Dark hues in general like maroon.
Aries: White with red. Or red alone. Aries like at least a little bit on red on clothing or jewelry, or a red purse and shoes.
Taurus: White and/or lemon yellow. Some assign Taurus deep blues like the Madonna blue mentioned above. Lots of Taureans seem to feel more relaxed with blue in their homes and surroundings so humor them.
Gemini: White and/or orange.
Cancer: Green and russet. Colors of food, hmm?
Leo: Red and/or green again. Leo really likes strong colors, none of those wishy-washy pastels for him. Or her.
Virgo: Speckled patterns, including polka dots. Black and white only, like those smart-looking dresses at the Ascot races.
Libra: Pastels and all art tints. Light blues and rose.
Scorpio: Dark colors from black to charcoal to dark brown, plus maroon.
Sagittarius: Yellow and green, the colors of the fields and forest.
Capricorn: Black and dark brown. Power suit colors, you know?
Aquarius: Sky blue, baby blue, light turquoise. Also colors you would paint metal, the grayed tints and metallic silver. Metallic colors in general.
Pisces: Turquoise, but ocean colors in general.

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