Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watch out for transits to your natal Chiron

by Milky Way Maid
If you recall, last December I mentioned that a transit to my natal Chiron may have been responsible for a rough fall on some ice. It really got me down and kept me from getting out more this winter. But it made me look back at other transits to Chiron. Wow, what an eye-opener that has been! I would have been a lot more cautious about making a decision when affected by those transits, because they generally did not work out at all.

First, my natal Chiron is in Aquarius. That explains why the fall raised a bump on my lower leg and sprained an ankle. Chiron also roughly squares both my Mercury and my Sun.

What set off this personal inquiry was failing miserably at a guessing game last weekend. Usually I am fairly good, so it was really frustrating to feel like I was jinxed! Looking back thru my ephemeris, I located times when major and minor planets were conjunct. As you know, Neptune has been in a long transit thru Aquarius, and the exchange between Neptune and Uranus (each in the other's ruling sign) has been good for Aquarians and Pisces.

Not until Neptune got about three degrees past my natal Chiron did my mood and mental abilities really start to feel more like normal. (although while it was retrograding back from the exact aspect, I again did pretty well)

Let's not go all the way back to the Uranus transit which was almost a decade ago; that too was a very painful period.

Let's just deal with the more recent observations and with the inner planets. It is useful for me to use my game-playing as one measure of how I am operating mentally. Transiting Venus does not seem as negative as the other planets. Still my game-playing went wacko December 23, when Venus made an exact conjunction to natal Chiron. Fortunately I was only playing for points that time because I knew I was a little off that day.

January, as I have now realized, is always a bit iffy for me when it comes to making decisions. All too often I have been unable to decide anything, and if forced to, I guess wrong. This has been quite damaging if making decisions about financial matters, altho if I merely handed things over to a planner or the like, that was OK.

This year (2009), both Jupiter and Mercury entered Aquarius early in January. They did not contact my Chiron, however, till the end of February for Mercury, and late March for Jupiter. Alas Jupiter retrogrades and again contacts Chiron in Sept.-Oct., and yet again when direct for the rest of October. Sheesh, it's enough to make you feel persecuted.

I am not out of the woods during other months, because I have now discovered that the Moon in Aquarius is just as bad or worse. It seems like nothing I do on those days is right, and I wind up feeling the jinx is on me.

So there you have it, another astrological contact to watch out for. Be very careful of making any decisions on days when any planet is contacting your natal Chiron, whether it is personal planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars – or outer planets like normally benefic Jupiter or troublesome Uranus and Neptune. You may really need to bounce things off a trusted friend before doing (or not doing) anything.

And for gosh sakes, don't go to Vegas when Sun or Moon is on your Chiron.

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